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New year in China: traditions, customs, how to meet, celebrate, celebrate?

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The new year is a holiday that is a big meet around the world. In this respect, China is no exception.

But the feature of this country is that this celebration is celebrated twice, as according to Western standards and local ancient traditions. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see how New year is celebrated in China.

Winter celebrations in China - photos

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Western and Chinese New year and Christmas in China is celebrated in a completely different time.

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When you step and what the numbers say?

Christmas in China is celebrated on 25 December and the date of the Western New year (tribute to RMB) - 1 Jan. But the celebration of the national New year (Chun Jie), or the spring Festival has no fixed date but usually occur in the late winter. Its celebration begins on the first day of the second new moon after the winter solstice (21 December).


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Christmas and Western New year are for this country is quite new, unusual and to some extent incomprehensible. They don't have in China no historical roots and traditions.

The Western celebration is usually celebrated only in business or in youth circles, only to meet Western standards.

Chinese New year has been celebrated for over two millennia and has a huge historical heritage that includes a large number of traditions and rituals. The Chinese are very honored them and try to make new year celebrations are in full compliance with them.

How are the holidays?

The celebration of Christmas, Chinese and Western New year in China is very different from each other.


Christmas in China began to celebrate recently. Unlike other countries, it is the Chinese is not considered a family holiday. For most people it is romantic, exotic ritual, the essence of which is poorly understood.

People Christmas gave the name, which translates as "night of goodness and peace."

On this day, as a rule, the fun is just youth. They are going in the company of friends, visit the café and give each other gifts. Very often people exchange apples that national traditions are considered to be a symbol of peace.

European new year's eve

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Before the onset of Western New year in China, supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment centers in major cities adorn:

  • small trees;
  • illumination;
  • figures of Santa Claus and other Christmas attributes.

But this is done just in order to conform to Western standard, because currently the state is actively involved in world politics and Economics.

Special celebrations and magnificent family feasts 1 January, not arranged, although it is a public holiday. About the holiday reminds broadcast on national television, a large recital and debauchery westernized Chinese youth.

Meeting Chinese New year: traditions and customs

But Chinese New year is one of the main and beloved family holidays of the country. Besides, he lasts long enough.

A few weeks beforethe onset of the holiday, the Chinese begin a thorough cleaning of your home and yard. While the dust and debris need revenge from the door to the center. After all will be cleaned, rags, brushes, sponges and other equipment are hiding, and that someone from the household would not think to use them during the new year holidays.

It is believed that during this period, the gods handed out the luck, which is scattered everywhere in the form of dust. If swept them out of the house in the first days of the holiday, then good luck will leave tenants for the entire coming year.

On the eve of the holiday it is customary to buy new clothes, which for the first time dressed in new year's eve, it is desirable that it was red hue. It is believed that if a person comes in the coming year clean and with new clothes, he will be successful and prosperity.

It is believed that red will ward off from homes in a variety of ways to attract prosperity.

After the pre-holiday chores are completed and all new year's dishes, all family members gather at a large table. Young people who are working or studying in other cities, whenever possible, tries to bring in the New year to the parents.

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According to folk beliefs on new year's night you can't sleep. On the first day of the new year is also forbidden to wash my hair and cry recommended after festive dinner to go to the guests and give family and friends gifts that are defined by traditions.

The second day of the New year, the Chinese devote diligent prayer in which they ask about the health, happiness, longevity and prosperity both for themselves and for their loved ones. They also honored the memory of deceased relatives.

During the third and fourth day I go to visit family and friends and give gifts. The fifth and sixth day of the new year holiday in China meant to appease the God in charge of wealth. During this period, it is necessary to run fireworks.

The seventh day is considered the moment of creation of man, and like the previous one, is dedicated to increasing the well-being. For this purpose it is customary to prepare special dishes, contributing to long life and prosperity. These include, for example, long noodles, and national salad with raw fish. To attain longevity use the juice, which must include seven types of vegetables.

On the eighth day for the majority of Chinese workers are coming days. But, they are still a week evening holiday family dinners, pray and attend Church. Also at this time preparations for the main event of the Christmas holidays, which is called the lantern Festival. People buy lanterns, canopies for them and other attributes, and starting with the twelfth day, they go on a special diet, which excludes meat dishes.

The fifteenth day marks the opening of the stunning lantern Festival, which concludes the celebration of the Chinese New year. During the event organized:

  1. concerts;
  2. mass celebrations;
  3. costumed presentation.

Nightfall everywhere lit many lights and runs a large number of fireworks.

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In China it is not accepted to dress up in homes a Christmas tree. By tradition the main new year's decoration are the trays, which are stacked around eight oranges or tangerines, as this number means longevity and prosperity.

Some Chinese replace the Christmas tree small artificial trees, which are used for decoration of dried fruits, garlands and lanterns. This ornament is called "tree of light". The door paste traditional pair of labels, and on the walls hang a picture of the paper patterns.

What do you get?

By tradition, Chinese New year, it is recommended to bestow relatives and friends following things:

  • red envelopes with money;
  • special types of wine, wrapped in silk red color;
  • talismans and amulets;
  • sweets;
  • expensive tea.

Also at the meeting made the exchange of two Mandarin oranges, which are associated with gold and are considered a symbol of wealth.

Features table layout: what to cook and eat?

Christmas table in China should be designed in red or Golden colours. Not permitted items white or blue color. It is advisable to lay the table expensive dishes and Cutlery. Gala dinner should be accompanied by the light of red candles.

Chinese new year's table should represent the abundance of various dishes. But he can't do without traditional dishes:

  1. dumplings Jiaozuo, having a rectangular shape, resembling gold bars (the stuffing for them is made from seafood, vegetables or meat);
  2. the whole fish, which is associated with strongfamily;
  3. baked chicken or duck, which is a symbol of a successful life and loyalty;
  4. long and smooth noodles, symbolizing a long life, as well as the dumpling soup;
  5. wine party, which is a drink designed for family feasts.

Rest in the holidays

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Going to China on new year's day, is to find out which resort reigns best weather, and where would be the best.


If you've decided to celebrate European new year in China, it would be worthwhile to know about the weather conditions in a given period of time. Temperature in January in cities across the country will be as follows:

  • Beijing - 0°C during the day and -7°C at night;
  • Lhasa - -3°C during the day and -10°C at night;
  • Hong Kong - 19°C day and 14°C at night;
  • Sanya - +24°C day and 18°C night;
  • Macau - +18°C day and 15°C at night.

Where to go?

Of course, the main place of celebrating the New year is Beijing. There are the most ambitious and exciting shows and performances.

Not lag far behind Beijing and other major cities - Guangzhou, Macau, Hong Kong.

Fans of a more peaceful China offers holidays in the famous resort of Sanya on the island of Hainan with its magnificent mountains, lakes and the sea. Currently he is gaining immense popularity, thanks to the gorgeous hotels and high quality service.

Those who decided to rest in China in the New year, it is recommended to do reservations in the hotel of a large city or buy a ticket to the resort about two months before the holiday. At a later time will make it much more difficult as each year more and more people want to visit China at this time.

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