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Traditions for the New year in France: when we celebrate and how to celebrate - photo

kak vo Francii prazdnuut Novyj god?

As the New year is celebrated in France? Colourful and fun! The holidays do not leave indifferent neither residents, nor her guests with amazing decorations, dramatic events and memorable atmosphere of celebration that prevails in every city.

The French revere their traditions. For them it is a special day, full of pleasant emotions and rituals.

New year holidays in France - photos

novogodnie torzhestva s foto

Most of the French love New year more than any other red days in the calendar. They believe that the richer and more diverse new year's menu, the more prosperity they promise the next 365 days. Therefore, they try to set the table, rich treats and culinary delights.

When's the party?

In the Gregorian calendar new year greetings to the French begin to take in the midnight of December 31. The celebration lasts until January 5, and gradually becomes the day of Epiphany, which is celebrated on 6 January. Christmas is an important festival of Catholics and Protestants adopted to meet 25 Dec.

Some areas of the country, Christmas celebrations start on that date – since December 6, when the feast of St. Nicholas.

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Delve into the history of

nemnogo istorii

Historical roots in ancient ritual the pagan burning of the Yule log at Christmas. Already in the XII century the inhabitants of France on the eve of Christmas it became the custom to make the whole family a special piece of wood. For this purpose we used only fresh cherry wood. After making him solemnly brought to the home.

Then the head of the family, thoroughly washing hands, poured him a olive oil and warm wine. All members of the family prayed, and then a younger daughter or granddaughter set fire to the wood, using chips from last year. All this time the hands had to be clean. Since then many years have passed, the tradition of burning it turned into a imitation piece of chocolate or dough.

Weather forecast for winter celebrations

Weather conditions in December is changeable – drizzling rain suddenly turns to falling snow grits, and soft thaw gives way to a sharp frost. Indicators humidity reach 90%, far above the norm, but you will not be disturbed strong wind for France is a rarity.

At night the temperature falls to -3 degrees, so the bridge by morning reveals a thin layer of icy crust. Day it increases from +3 to +15. Warmest on the French Riviera, and precipitation falls here a little. The Alps and the Pyrenees at this time covered with thick snow cap.

The celebration

Even overcast or changeable weather can not stop the powerful flow of positive emotions that evokes the atmosphere of new year celebrations in France. The holidays here are bright, happy and unforgettable.

It has everything – warmth, beauty and entertainment extravaganzas, sophistication and diversity of French cuisine, the magic of fancy dress and spiritual traditions.

How does one celebrate Christmas?

kak spravlyaut Rozhdestvo?

It is a family celebration that unites the whole family at one table. Christmas dinner, serious for the French event, preparing a month before him. It is called Reveillon, which means "awakening". By tradition, the festive menu may vary depending on belonging to a particular region.

At any table you'll find roast poultry, cheese and fruit plate, dishes from oysters and fish, desserts, chocolate and cakes.

The national symbol of the triumph is considered a Christmas goose. Meals from this bird is so popular that the French brought a special breed of geese – Toulouse, a representative of which is up to 12 kg weight. Apart from him, stuffed and baked Turkey or chicken. To cook the bird on the holidaydinner as usual is not accepted:

  • The Turkey is sure to be filled with stuffed mushrooms, meat and liver, and then-marinated in wine or brandy solution;
  • The duck is soaked in a sauce of citrus with the addition of anise, and the chicken is baked with walnuts, bacon and celery;
  • Goose stuffed with apples, mushrooms, tangerines, liver.

The members of the family gather for a gala dinner in the parental home. Each participates in its preparation, because most traditional dishes require a lot of energy. We will need the experience of the mistress, and time. While women are busy preparing culinary delights, girls and boys help to lay the table, and men are intrusted with raskurivanie wine and opening oysters.

After a rich and exquisite cuisine, the French communicate with each other over a glass of wine. In France, they care not only about their own welfare – especially in this day of celebration. All must be fed up at Christmas and the people and our smaller brethren. Especially try not to leave hungry cats and birds, making feeders for them.

How to celebrate New year?

Compared to Christmas, this holiday is usually celebrated with friends at fun parties, in restaurants or clubs. The triumph is more friendly and convivial characterthan family.

On Christmas dinner you can taste dishes from the same menu as on the Reveillon, once they are decorated modestly. At midnight of children attending Pere Noel – the local Santa Claus, who enters the house through the fireplace. He lays out his gifts in children's shoes, which they leave near the hearth.

vstrecha prazdnikov

The guys on the eve of new year's eve put in his shoes treats for a donkey, which carries a good grandfather.

Adult French prefer to celebrate Christmas holidays with a large scale and fun. They are proud of the wines produced in their country. The people of France love to clink glasses with a barrel of wine with wishes for a great harvest of grapes for each other in the coming year.

Mistress on the eve of the feast, make a cake with a surprise in the middle baked bean. The one who will get it, proclaimed "bean king" on new year's eve. The rest of the guests are obliged to fulfill his requests.

Every year in Paris satisfied new year parade, which attracts participants from all corners of the planet. Actors of different genres are doing on the streets of the capital colorful performances that are going on in the next couple of days. Their procession starts from the street Chantilly, stopping on the first day of the year at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

In the southern and Western regions of the residents are found in the square, holding blazing torches, and move in the direction of the vineyards. There they break 2-3 bunches of happiness. The celebration continues in the form of walks, socializing with friends under the bright flashes of fireworks and the clink of champagne glasses.

What traditions honor the French?

New year and Christmas are favorite holidays of the inhabitants of France. These days they are generous on the food, do not skimp on the good drinks and fine food. The French are able to create a festive atmosphere, respect their customs.

francuzskie tradicii

New year's rituals

Traditions are somewhat similar to the conventional new year's rites of other Nations and peoples – a magnificent feast with an abundance of delicious food, colorful fireworks and a lot of occasions for fun, but there are exclusively French rituals, which are repeated by the people of France from year to year:

  1. Symbolizes the holiday arrangement of the manger of Jesus. It is set in every city on the Central square. Christmas tree decorating, too, but they are of secondary importance. Around decorated trees, it is customary to put the figures of saints made of wood or clay;
  2. Children on the eve of new year's eve prepare shoes for giftsthat leave by the fireplace;
  3. Adult French 1 January exchange gifts. They give each other cards, toys, jewelry, books;
  4. After the burning of the Christmas log the ashes from his store for a year, believing in his miraculous power and ability to protect from failure.

Decorations and Halloween costumes

Bright atmosphere of celebration in France is thanks to the abundance of Christmas paraphernalia in the homes and on the streets. On Windows, the townspeople draw snowflakes, the walls are decorated with flashing lights. They are very fond of flowers. The bouquets and floral arrangements everywhere – in homes, in offices, in shops.

The house have to be the mistletoe, which, in the opinion of the French,symbolizes wealth.

On the street the French appear in beautiful carnival costumes. Especially the popular image of Pere Noel. In appearance he resembles Santa Claus – a red dress, belted with a belt. Dressed residents attract the attention of passers-by, trying to cheer them up.

Features table

The French have developed certain traditions in serving dishes for a festive dinner on New year or Christmas. They firmly comply with them:

  • Roasted bird served with spices, along with chestnuts, apples, pears;
  • To the meat, make a salad of fresh vegetables and greens;
  • Oysters have to be hot;
  • Black caviar served with pancakes and truffles with meat and fish dishes;
  • Cheese is considered a separate feast. Guests can enjoy their meals with wine. First eat the soft varieties, and then hard;
  • Select the wine for each dish. Eat oysters with white wine and meat with red. Open champagne at midnight;
  • In conclusion, drink your morning coffee with cognac.

New year's table, the French have a bountiful and hearty, so it is difficult to get to the dessert. It's usually finish it in 2-3 days after the celebration.

Christmas holiday in France - a great opportunity not only to get acquainted with local traditions, but to explore the sights, fantastically embellished at this time.

Watch the video about the celebration of Christmas and New year in Paris: