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Traditions and customs in Germany: how to celebrate New year and Christmas photos

kak prazdnuut Novyj god v Germanii?

Each country has its own favorite holidays and traditions associated with them. If for most Russians, the main holiday of the year — New year in Europe the main celebrations fall on Christmas. However, the night of December 31 to January 1 is a holiday all over the world. And how to celebrate New year in Germany?

Winter celebrations in Germany - photos

nemeckie torzhestva

Winter holidays in Europe start Christmas. The new year follows this holiday.

When you start the holidays?

What number celebrate the holidays in Germany and how is the Christmas eve? Preparing for Christmas begins a month before the holiday. This time is called advent.

25 December is celebrated Christmas, and in the night from December 31 to January 1 the New year starts.

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istoricheskie svedeniya

The first advent is mentioned in the year 524. Then the time was banned all wedding ceremonies so that people could prepare for Christmas. It was a time of repentance, when all Catholics were to attend the Church and waited for the appearance of Jesus Christ. The word itself, "advent" means "coming", "arrival".

New year's eve in Germany is called Silvester. There is a legend that in the distant 314, Pope Sylvester killed the serpent Leviathan and saved our world from destruction. The Holy died December 31, 335 and in memory of him the night of 31 December to 1 January is a public holiday.

The scale of the festivities

Christmas for the Germans – the most favorite holiday and preparing for it in a big way. New year the majority of Europeans said modestly.

How does one celebrate Christmas?

With the beginning of advent in the homes of many of the Germans appears the advent calendarcreated for counting days until Christmas. The simplest version of this calendar — large box with little Windows, which are small chocolates, 24 the number of days until Christmas. Every day it is necessary to open one window and eat a chocolate.

Typically, these sweet gifts are given to children. Adult advent calendars more complex. Behind every window is hiding a small gift or poem.

There are even advent calendars for Pets with bags of food.

In all the cities and villages of Germany are opening Christmas markets, where you can ride the carousel, buy crafts made by artisans, Christmas decorations or ingredients for Christmas dishes, and, of course, to enjoy a festive meal. Here is everything:

  • punch;
  • mulled wine;
  • caramelized fruit;
  • a variety of sausages, which is famous for Germany;
  • traditional gingerbread.

prazdnovanie Rozhdestva

December 24 — Christmas Eve. On this day the Germans go to Church on vigil, and the children act out scenes of biblical subjects. Christmas is a family holiday and 25 December, all going home for a big festive table, and the next day paying visits to their relatives.

How to celebrate New year?

In contrast to the family-Christmas, New year spend time together with friends, fun and noisy. In Germany is not a night to sit in the square and the streets, bars and restaurants are filled with people having a good time. Even if You have no company, You will never feel alone in the night.


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The streets run numerous fireworks. This practice is associated with the medieval legend on which it was believed that the noise will scare away evil spirits.

The traditions and rituals of celebration

Of course, any holiday is not without its traditions and customs.

New year and Christmas symbols

During the winter holidays almost every house in Germany flourishes Christmas star – the poinsettia. This bright red flower blooms in December, so the Germans traditionally decorate their homes for Christmas.

At every Christmas market Germany among a large number of various Souvenirs special place is a wooden Nutcracker. This toy for cracking nuts appeared more than three hundred years ago in the town of Seiffen and became very popular long before Goffman wrote his famous work.

Just after the appearance of tale and Tchaikovsky's ballet, the Nutcracker has become one of the symbols of Christmas.

In Germany there is a funny tradition — vprygivanie in the New year. In the last seconds of the outgoing year, the Germans climb on any elevation, sofas or chairs, and with the last kick together jump down. Then they all congratulate each other and go out to celebrate on the street.

Decorations and attributes

dekorirovanie i atributika

On the first day of advent, which begins four Sundays before Christmas, the Germans decorate their homes with special wreaths of fir branches with four candles. Every Sunday of advent the candles are lit. The first Sunday one, second — two. In the last, fourth Sunday lit all four candles, symbolizing the approach of the festive season.

The third Sunday of advent in the house there is not only the Christmas wreath, but also the tree. Not many people know that the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree came to us from Germany. In this country, since ancient times, it was the custom to go for New year in the forest and decorate it spruce colored rags and sweets.

Eventually the tree began to cut down and bring home. In written sources of the 16th century, the first found mention of the fact that in German Strasbourg in the winter I put a Christmas tree in their homes. Gradually this tradition spread around the world. Germans love to decorate their homes in anticipation of the winter holidays.

Residential neighborhoods at this time, the glow from thousands of colored lights and glowing Christmas figures.

What is presented, and who brings the presents?

German children get two gifts at once, which brings them to two fantastic character. December 6 marks the day of St. Nicholas. The children put home socks and stockings and Nikolaus fills them with gifts. Attire St. Nikolaus is different headdress. It is cap wearing a red mitre, like the Pope.

On the day of Christmas to give something to have another wizard - Weinachtsmann or Christmas. He is dressed in a fur coat turned inside out, tied with a chain and carries a sack of gifts. Accompanies Weinachtsmann beautiful Christkind that brings good kids candy.

Features of tableware and serving dishes: what to cook and eat?

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At Christmas, in all German houses, eating goose, baked with apples. Another traditional German Christmas dish — Stollen.

Stollen is a cheese cake with nuts and candied fruits that is baked in the first days of advent, for three or four weeks before serving.

In addition to stolen the culinary symbol of Christmas in Germany is a shortbread Plätzchen. It is made in the form of stars, trees, Crescent rolls or gingerbread men. There are several varieties of this baking. The most popular cookies with almond, cinnamon and orange zest.

Christmas table in Germany is characterized by its traditional cuisine. German housewife must serve:

  1. pork;
  2. potato salad;
  3. braised cabbage;
  4. sausages;
  5. cookies.

A special place is the carp. The scales of this fish is similar in shape to coins, so it is believed that this dish will bring financial prosperity in the coming year. The decoration of the Christmas table is a festive dish decorated with apples, cakes, nuts and dried fruits.

It is believed that anyone who ate the Apple, he learns the essence of good and evil. Nuts, with their hard shells and sweet kernels symbolize overcoming obstacles that life presents, and the reward in the form of the goal achieved.

Christmas vacation

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Germany is one of the most interesting European countries. A country where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Christmas stories.

Where to go?

Thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this country before Christmas to visit the most interesting Christmas markets.

  • The oldest Christmas market in Germany — Dresden Striezelmarkt. For the first time it was opened in 1434, and his name got the word "stritzel". So in Dresden called the traditional Christmas pastry, Stollen.
  • Now Stollen Dresden to bake a special patented recipe and try them, you can visit Striezelmarkt.

  • Age second after Dresden is the market in Leipzig. This fair is famous for its music. On the balcony of the town hall pipers piping, and in the Church of St. Thomas choir boys. This famous group has existed since 1212.
  • Christmas markets of Regensburg offers its guests unique drinks which you can taste only in this city. Here must try the mulled wine, brewed with local blueberries and apples, or unusual hot beer "spitalsky".
  • The most famous fair is held in Germany, Nuremberg. It is distinguished by its size, about two hundred of the market of tents set in the city. It is important to pay attention to the unusual decoration, which is characteristic only for Nuremberg. This figurines made of prunes, beautifully carved boxes, gilded angels and glass products.

But there is in Germany, the city where the atmosphere of winter holidays you can experience at any time. It's a city of endless Christmas — Rothenburg. It is a small town that has preserved the atmosphere of medieval Germany.

The main local attraction is the Christmas Museum. Here you can see a variety of Christmas toys and traditional decorations, some of which are more than a hundred years. Also this Museum has the largest collection of Nutcrackers.

kuda otpravitsya?

And not far from the Museum is the Christmas village. Every day, regardless of the season, they sell Christmas trees and Christmas decorations from the famous factory of Christmas toys Kathe Wohlfahrt. In this magical village, you can see the snow-white five-meter Christmas tree, decorated with thousands of beautiful balls, a huge Christmas pyramid with a height of 5.5 meters and weighing 2 tons, and the world's largest Nutcracker, height is 3.8 meters.

What to see?

All Christmas markets in Germany end up working on Christmas, so New year is better to go to Berlin. The day of December 31 here is the pancake race, where participants start in carnival costumes. The winner of the race as a prize gets a huge pancake.

In the square at the Brandenburg gate throwing the large-scale meeting of the New year with a light show and concerts.

Interesting facts

  1. Christmas markets in Germany open exactly on 11 November at 11 hours 11 minutes.
  2. In Germany it is allowed to launch fireworks only on new year's eve in the rest of the time it's fun is banned.
  3. If on ordinary days the people of this country are known for their thrift and prefer to save electricity, during the Christmas period the festive lights will not turn off all night.
  4. Adults traditionally receive a gift of a book, Germany is one of the most reading countries. And the most desired gift is the journey.
  5. In the 18th century, the leader of the choir boys in the Church of St. Thomas himself was Johann Sebastian Bach.
  6. Regensburg fair at the Palace of Thurn and taxis is included in the top ten most beautiful Christmas markets in the world.

We encourage you to watch the video about how to celebrate Christmas in Germany: