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The world and the international day of tourism - September 27

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Tourism as an international phenomenon has long been part of our daily life. Any one of us at least once in his life was travelling, visited various areas, studied the peculiarities of life and culture, and the sights of the States. Exactly promotion of this phenomenon and is dedicated to world tourism day.

International day of tourism

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This event is widely celebrated in more than thirty countries around the world, particularly in the Russian Federation.

When is celebrated?

The official date of the celebration on 27 September. At the same number in 1987 was approved the Statute of the international tourism organization.

This date is chosen not by chance – it was during this period nearing the end of tourist season in the Northern hemisphere and just beginning in the South.

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Historical note

The holiday was established by the Commission of the world tourism organization in 1979. In Russia the event has grown into an event later in 1983. Every year a country, part of the tourism organization, hosted all participants of the festival. In 2003, the host country was Russia.

What's the point?

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As with any festive event, this holiday has its own traditions and goals.

The purpose of the event

The main purpose of the event is promotion of tourism, development of tourism between the different countries of the world. This event would strengthen relations between the two countries and strengthen the economy of state, because let's not forget that tourism brings some money to the Treasury and supports cultural and social sphere of society.

Tourism needs to be not only fascinating but also accessible to all segments of the population – for the poor, the disabled, families with children, the elderly.

The occasion serves as a reminder of how awesome and important to travel, to broaden their interests, to join the culture and history of another country and their homeland.

Established traditions

Every year the festive event held under a special motto:

  • in 2017 year the motto of the event is "Tourism and water: protecting our common future";
  • in 2016 - "Tourism for all — Promoting universal access to tourism";
  • in 2015 - "One billion tourists - one billion opportunities".

The celebration

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The celebration is usually held with a special scale – in the city, where the world tourism day, attended by people connected with tourism.

Where can you celebrate?

The venue of the celebration is largely determined by the motto. Events are usually held also in the cities, where well-developed tourism industry and there are abundant natural resources.

For example, in Tahiti, there are national festivals and competitions, and fairs on international issues. In Paris, hosts various events that appeal to people's benevolence refers to the phenomenon of tourism. In the Maldives conferences and seminars designed to study the effects of tourist activities on water resources.

With the largest scale international tourism day carried out in Spain – the birthplace of this holiday, directly in Torremolinos. It organizes carnivals, everywhere the music plays, and hosts a variety of theatrical and dance shows.


In many countries about this holiday are differentprocedure:

  1. gatherings of the famous tourists and travelers;
  2. festivals and concert events;
  3. conferences and seminarsdevoted to this industry;
  4. trips to nature and Hiking;
  5. the collection of employees, or otherwise involved in the tourist area;
  6. stream TV shows and educational films of travel;
  7. stories of tourists about their travels.

All these activities aim to motivate people to stay active, travelling and getting to know the culture of other countries.

This day the people of Russia also carried out using active holiday: rafting on the river, go Hiking, climb mountains.

In Sochi attracts all the heads of the tourist organizations, festivals and concerts and awards honoring outstanding employees of travel companies and travelers.

See in this videohow to celebrate the Day of tourism in the Russian Federation: