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Disease travellers: the symptoms of acclimatization in children of the sea and mountains in a hot climate.

Akklimatizaciya - simptomy

What is acclimatization, not everyone knows. But almost all managed to feel the symptoms of this condition.

In fact, according to experts and scientists, don't need to go far beyond their country, to become the victim of such a complex process in the body. You just need to go to the country - and you can feel the first sensations and changes.

But, in the case when you are going on a long journey, the symptoms of acclimatization can have different manifestation.

You definitely need to understand that this concept has no precise definition, because every body has his personal perception of change.

To know why, you need to be informed

To understand the issue, you should know the definition of, symptoms and possible ways of acceleration of all chemical processes and how to deal with the problem.

So, acclimatization, each person may be somewhat peculiar, it all depends on what you're used to. For example, in some there are clear indicators that the other reaction is quite slow.

The concept, the meaning of the term

The total value of the word following... acclimatization is a physical process that occurs in humans when changes occur in the environment. The parameters which effect can be given water, sun and even air.

For example, the child's body these impacts are more noticeable in an adult – they can be felt only on the external level. Symptoms in different ways, each of them are unique.

If earlier the person could not feel any impact – but now they appear more often. Bad environment, emissions, radioactive substances in the air – all this only aggravates the situation. Especially serious, they are visible when a person falls into a completely different country.

Frequent flights, travel, gastronomy preference – all in varying degrees affects the body, and therefore you always and in all conditions should be in control of their own health.

Therefore, we offer you a list of symptomsthat will show you that you are in a state of acclimatization.

Full information list:

  1. The desire to sleep and felt tired the day of your arrival or the arrival doesn't always mean something's upset. In fact it appears not because you are tired for a long flight or road. It is the primary manifestation of the changes that the body feels.

    Many try to keep awake, and immediately go on the tour so to do.

    It is forbidden to ignore the first signal of discomfort, you need to give the body and the body as a whole to relax. The invalid and sea baths at this time, which can provoke undesirable and more complex consequences.

  2. Reduction, slow reactions. During this period, the General condition is reminiscent of easy alcoholic intoxication. You may experience slight dizziness, it can be almost invisible.

    You perceive reality, but to react sufficiently can't. This condition is due to the fact that the brain slows down all processes, so you need to give yourself some time to adapt.

    Exists, and the so-called different phase, which has a number of distinctive features of the initial symptoms. I must say that everyone was feeling fit and healthy after some time after long loads.

    Similar is observed today, if you decided to resist fatigue , then you have to wait a acclimatization show some unusual symptoms.

  3. Sudden activity. One of the signs that the body cannot resist the change. This phase is complicated by the fact that people due to the lack of information suggests that this is his normal state.

    If we are talking about the adult, the differences may manifest in inappropriate behavior, emotional statements that are not typical for you as a person.

    Very often this stage is observed then, when the acclimatization of the children of the sea, when they are cheerful and unmanageable. All this is important to remember and know.

  4. But remember that there are times when this state lasted almost the whole vacation, not just two or three days as it happens. Therefore, in these cases, it is better to go home early to avoid consequences.

    But this rule applies only to those under whose Constitution the climate is not suitable at all. There are also options when the above symptoms are accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain – in this case without the help of doctors and medicines to do is difficult.

    A few words about the children of preschool and school age

    As you know, the organism which grows and develops, it is not only faster, but with big problems. Therefore, going on vacation with children, remember that for them climate change is a serious problem.

    Almost every second child, feels all that adult, but to a greater extent. So, you need to consider the needs of your child.

    If you went to the mountain some symptoms will be one, acclimatisation in children, the sea will look different.Sea air original. There are a lot of vapors of salt.

    In these latitudes is different and drinkable water – so some changes can not be avoided. Indigestion in babies younger is normal, so experience is not necessary.

    More serious is the significance of vomiting, but it is more common in children with allergies. All individually, so it is better to have in your first aid kit necessary medications and drugs.

    On the nature and on the mountains

    Everyone knows that mountain air is different, here, and other symptoms. If, for example, to take winter sports, downhill skiing - that most people feel stuffy ears.

    In summer, a clear sign of shortness of breath. Not recommended similar territory to those who have diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and those who suffer from constant headaches.

    In this case, acclimatization is unpredictable symptoms, so you need to choose more moderate latitudes and continents.

    For ordinary people acclimatization in the mountains is much faster than the sea. It is connected with different height, temperature and influence of microclimate at different altitudes.

    Hot country beckon and attract

    One of the most difficult akklimatizatsii considered acclimatization in a hot climate, which affects 90% of the population. The problem is that hot country entails. But this creates not few problems for travelers.

    It is important to say that Egypt, Turkey, Morocco is the country where the physical process has been very noticeable.

    Not only that, the water is completely different, the food is much different from those accustomed to tourists, but the dry air plays a role. Constant thirst, the desire to dive into the sea, bath tub or shower – causes a person to seek salvation in it.

    But I hasten to note that this will not alleviate the difficulty. Scientists have observed that once a person crosses a continent, it is already on the plane feels the change, so acclimatization begins in the way.

    This scientific fact has thousands of examples, so scared never worth it. Your body quickly get used to the change and will give you the opportunity to completely surrender to rest.

    Useful tips for those who want to relax without problems

    Doctors have created a special list of tipsthat can save you from difficulties, so you should study it.

    It is first important to prepare the body for the trip for earlier. Make it simple, if we consider, for example, the time difference.

    If you have a trip abroad – it is better, at least a week to adjust to the schedule of the visited country. Go to bed early, and Wake up (if possible) later.

    Of course, to be able to make such a systematic will not work, but it makes sense to try. After all, you do it to your benefit.

    Proper diet can also help. We remind you that vegetables, fruits and vitamins to support all the necessary chemical reactions in the body, so at least a week you need to replenish their stocks of trace elements.

    For children you can create a menu that will present citrus, they compensate for the lack of vitamin C.

    The ideal option to help the body is to register for the evening time. You will gain strength, filled with energy and vigor foot on the new continent. The body will be relaxed, so all will be perceived easier.

    Being on the territory of the new country on the first day, do not:

    • to drink alcohol;
    • trying new exotic food (fruits, vegetables), all this can be done a day or two;
    • sunbathe and swim a lot.

    Now the scary part...

    All holidaymakers have their own sickness and diseases, they are important to remember. After all, you will be able to choose the holiday that will suit you more. Each has its own disease, but remember that there are those diseases travellers, which is not recommended to neglect.

    Remember, all are acute in this period, so you need to think not only about the wonderful vacation, sea travel, tours, but also about health. So consider all the factors, pay attention to all aspects.

    To stay was memorable and took place without problems, illnesses, difficulties, complexities urge to visit those countries that suit you, which you recommends a therapist or family doctor.

    The main thing is not to fear challenges and to prepare for the trip in advance. Do not think that everything will be smooth, but keep information about what to expect.