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Renting a car in Europe cheap: a how to rent a rental in Europcar?

arenda mashiny v Evrope

The lack of borders between EU countries and the Schengen visa allows you to travel around Europe using the car. This method of travel provides travelers the opportunity to visit places far from tourist routes.

To organize a rally in EU countries is not difficult. Renting a car in Europe is one of the most popular services.

Auto Europe's rental

transport naprokat

Terms of car rental may vary not only in different countries, but also in working in the territory of one state companies. But they also have common features.

Mandatory conditions: the presence of the tenant's driver's license of international standard, the driving experience should be not less than 1 year.

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Best car rental company

Working in Europe , the company provides rental vehicles are classified according to the direction of its activities on:

  • local;
  • international.

Local companies working on the domestic market of hire of the country. Their conditions are always more profitable offers of international distributors, from whom you can rent a car to travel across Europe. The disadvantages local companies can be attributed to the lack of information about their activities. This does not preclude the likelihood of fraud even in Europe.

odna iz luchshih kompanij - Hertz

One of the advantages of international companies is that they work according to common standards. They value their reputation.

The disadvantages of international distributors can be attributed to higher prices for rental cars. Among the most popular and reliable companies in Europe:

  1. Hertz. Established in 1918 in the U.S. the company currently has branches around the world, including Europe. In order to take the car to the rental company is sufficient to apply on its website indicating the start point of the trip. Checkout the rental car does not require prepayment. Among the advantages of Hertz:

    • a large selection of vehicles of a different class;
    • the opportunity to get discounts up to 75%.

    Booking can be made 24 hours prior to required time of delivery;

  2. Europcar. A French company, has some 200 thousand workers in Europe, cars and offices on all continents of the world. The disadvantages of the company include the high cost of the cost of services. Among the advantages:

    • the choice of any brand of car;
    • a wide network of offices of the company in Europe.

    In Europcar has its own discount program. You can read it on the website of the company;

  3. otlichnyj prokatchik - Europcar

  4. Avis. Founded in 1946 in the U.S. the company successfully operates on the European market. The Avis fleet consists of mostly American cars, and Toyota;
  5. Sixt. The company was founded in Munich in 1912. Currently, its offices are open in 105 countries. Sixt is actively working with airlines and hotels;
  6. It is important to know that prices on a car rental Sixt is always lower than the competition.

  7. Budget. The third major U.S. company operating on the European market. Was founded in the 50-ies of the last century. European subsidiaries operate under license from BUDGET Rent-A-Car. According to the program of discounts the company can save up to 20%.

All these companies have offices in different countries of the world. It allows travelers to take a car in one location and return it in another.

How cheap is it to rent a car?

A rational approach to rentcar can help to reduce planned her expenses. In addition to choosing companies with lower rates on vehicle rentals, you can save on the proper planning of the routes.

Largely the costs of car rental vary depending on the countryin which will start a trip to Europe. Total cost is cheaper making machine rentals in Rome, Italy and Cyprus, more expensive in Geneva, nice and Vienna.

The rental price depends on the car class, as well as additional options. Greatly reduce the sum of the costs of opt-out GPS. The cost of renting a car with automatic transmission 20% higher than the manual transmission. When driving on the roads of Europe always need to remember two things:

  • on all roads installed surveillance cameras;
  • for traffic violations charged large fines.

deshevoe bronirovanie

The penalty for transportation of children without a special seat will be in Spain 200 euros (about 14000 RUB), Germany — EUR 60 (about 4200 rubles), and in Greece - 80 Euro (5500 RUB.). When you stop in the major cities a car is better to leave them on the outskirts.

Should travel inside the city by public transport, this will save you in the Parking lot.

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How to book a car?

Rent a car in Europe, the owners of a driving license of the international sample. Each country has its own age limit and requirements to the period of driving experience.

Conditions and cost

pravila i rascenki

In Austria, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia and Slovenia can issue a lease to the driver, under the age of 18 years. With 19 years it can be done in Estonia and Norway, with 20 years in Switzerland, Bulgaria and Finland. A year older than the minimum age of the renter of the car must be in Belgium, Italy and other European countries.

In the period of holding the shares to rent cars in Europe and over 4 cents a day. The cost of such services is no exception. In high season it is always 10-15% higher. For a car of economy class will need to pay, depending on the country of registration services, from 19 to 25 euros a day (1350-1750 RUB).

Besides the rent you will have to pay for insurance. All the costs included in the rent determined by conditions of the contract concluded between the parties.


The extra charge on car hire is VAT. It is 19%. The tenant will have to pay extra for exceeding the mileage specified in the rental agreement a car, extra vehicle reservation and return it to another city and country.

In some cases, the rental fee for travel outside of the country of registration of the lease.


The key required for car rental documents:

  1. passport;
  2. driver's license of international standard;
  3. Bank card of any international payment system.

The full list of documents can be found on the websites of the companies involved in the delivery of cars to rent.

The receipt and return of vehicles

priem i sdacha

Available to rent a car is taken by the tenant under the acceptance report-transfers. It describes all visible and hidden defects, as well as the amount of fuel in the tank. To return the machine can not only rental services, in which it was taken. The return of the car:

  • at the airport;
  • in the office of the company in a different country or city;
  • parked marked Car Return.

The car rental company using standard acceptance certificate. Upon delivery the renter must ensure that the landlord put down a mark about absence emerged during the rental car damage. In the absence of claims of the company to the tenant, it gives him a receipt which should be kept for at least 1 month after the end of the lease.

Features of booking

Terms and conditions booking of car companies determine on their own. To order a car by phone or on the website. In most cases only required making pre-payment.

Deposit when renting a car frozen on the card of the renter for the rental period of the car. To reduce the amount of the Deposit can be made by additional insurance.

Insurance and deductible

To get acquainted with conditions of insurance and registration of the franchise is required even when choosing a rental. This will help to avoid possibleproblems. The lower the deductible, the less compensation in case of damage to the car in an accident or breakdown. There are different types of franchise:

  1. Fixed (Collision Damage Waiver). The average cost of this type of franchise is at the level of 800 euros (about 56,000 roubles). It covers the renter's liability to the amount of insurance.
  2. Zero (Super Collision Damage Waiver). Insurance fully covers the damage.
  3. Limited (Theft Protection – TP). Covers damage when stealing cars.
  4. Medical (Personal Accident Insurance). The insurance policy is in the injury while the tenant's car, or when entering or exiting.

Additional services

In the list of additional services of car rental are:

  • the fee for making rental cars for 2 drivers;
  • rent a car in one place and letting in another;
  • car insurance against theft of the franchise.

More useful information about renting a car in Europe, you can learn from this video: