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Outlets in Rimini how to reach, address, reviews

Autlety v Rimini

Shopaholics from all over the world flock to the Sunny Italian town of Rimini in search of branded items with crazy discounts. Numerous outlets you can find the bag-the dream, the perfect pair of Italian boots, distressed coat of yesteryear, in a word, you can replenish your wardrobe for the whole family good things. Not for nothing outlets in Rimini are the most attractive in the world for those who care about their own style. Only in this city you will find a unique mix of fashion, architecture and entertainment!

The main advantages of shopping outlets Rimini

Italian clothes and shoes at all times been synonymous of the highest quality. Unfortunately, mass-market and Chinese manufacturers began shamelessly copy well-known brands, with an emphasis on external identity but not on quality. In Rimini you will never find a counterfeit: all the goods are originals.

Another advantage of shopping outlets - an opportunity to get the desired things from the collections of past seasons. It is important that in Rimini you will be able to find clothing in non-standard sizes that are generally not sold so well in the season.

Of course, in Italian outlets you can buy many of the children's goods at good prices, and leather goods. In Rimini there are many factories that sew clothes and accessories from a genuine leather. Therefore, only here you can purchase stylish leather jacket worth up to 200 Euro or a great purse for 50 Euro. By the way, Rimini is famous for the fact that it can directly purchase products from manufacturers, without intermediaries.

Many tourists are attracted by the fact that in Rimini you can combine absolutely all tourist attractions. The morning is devoted to the beach or jog along the sea. Go shopping the best day pervasis for a delicious dinner with pasta or cool carpaccio. Well, the evening is the best time for a glass of PROSECO and "range" of the brand new things purchased by the day. Tired from shopping, you can enjoy sightseeing and explore the beautiful architecture and attractions of the city, which was created for long walks and romantic dates.

The most popular outlets of Rimini

Walking through the historic center of Rimini, you will see the queue at Bluerain up Outlet. The secret of its popularity lies in the year-round discounts on women's and men's branded clothing. If you are interested in the addresses of the outlets in Rimini, this boutique is located on the street 79, Via G. Garibaldi.

Address: Via Coriano, 58, a half hour drive from Rimini's centre, is a shopping town called Gros Rimini. You can come here for a day, wander through a huge number of shops, cafes and restaurants. Here chopada not only tourists, but also entrepreneurs who make bulk purchases. Fans of the brands Prada, Alexander McQueen, Dior, Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Bikkembergs and many others will be amazed by huge selection of and loyal prices. To get to this Paradise by bus, plying from the railway station.

Located in the Gros Rimini, don't forget to visit the two-storey outlet Justmode. You can dress up for adults and kids, and buy a home textiles and accessories. Popular brands represented here:

  • Blumarine
  • Pinko
  • Blugirl
  • Gucci
  • D&G
  • Burberry
  • Moschino
  • Versace
  • Galliano

It is important that Justmode have Russian speaking staff who will always help to find the right size.

If you are interested in luxury outlets - welcome to Veneto Designer Outlet. However, to be reached either by car or public transport (train or bus). The territory of the outlet is a luxury Palace in the classic Italian style, with intricate mosaics and exquisite frescoes. Among all this beauty and luxury of hiding about 200 boutiques world's most famous brands. Sales here reach values of -70%. Conveniently, in the "Palace" you can eat and leave the kids in the playroom.

kak dobratsya do autletov v Rimini

In search of fine lingerie and fashionable swimwear don't forget to pop into the Outlet Malizia (Viale Mantegazza,1/d).

Large selection of women's clothing from Max Mara, Max & Co, Marina Rinaldi and other brands are presented in an outlet store Diffusione Tessile (180, Via Al Mare S. Giovanni in Marignano). It is the world's largest company that sells branded products for women, ranging from underwear and socks to the top and sportswear. Discounts reach 50%.

If you pull in from Rimini is only 10 km away you will find yourself in another fashion Paradise - Queen. On 7000 sqm of shops of luxury brands and the mass market. Here you can find unique products of European brands, for example, Scervino Street, Sonia Fortuna, Roberta Scarpa, Laura Biagiotti, Principe and many others. Shoppers appreciate this outlet for diversity. Looking for the promised outlet in Serravalle, Tre Settembre, 3.

Lovers of extraordinary clothing is well worth a visit Fuzzi Factory Outlet (Via al Mare, 167). Brand Fuzzi was founded in 1954, has always been craving for extravagant images. So here is a straight road to all who are willing to experiment with images. There is also a men's clothing and sportswear collection.

Hello Kitty KicKers, Ciao Bimbi, Barbie and otherbrand is presented in La Coccinella Outlet (Via Pascoli, 27). It is possible to find goods for babies and Teens up to 16 years. The original prices in it are divided into two, moreover, often held additional shares.

Shoe outlets

Vicini Outlet, which is located at Via Dell'artigianato, 28, strike Shoe "maniacs". Here you can choose an exclusive pair from Vicini, Ferre, Roberto Cavalli, Escada.
Lovers of shoes and accessories from Baldinini will be able to meet the demand for new products from the brand Baldinini Outlet in Rio Salto Tratto, 24.

Many fashionistas love shoes and leather goods from Furla. Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 83, you can visit the Outlet Calzaturificio Pollini.

How to get to the promised outlets

Having studied the list of the most popular retail outlets, defined with the end goal of shopping, you will need to decide how to get to the outlets in Rimini. The most convenient option is to rent a small compact car and to travel around the city by any route. For convenience, you will need an offline map of Rimini and the surrounding area, which will prompt the road without Internet connection. You will need to drive there and create a convenient "map shopping". You can also make it more detailed, specifying not only boutiques, but the place for lunch, a Cup of coffee or a beach holiday.

If it is not possible to rent a car or you prefer to spend all the money on shopping, you should not abandon public transport. Almost any outlet can be reached by bus, tram or train, moving in a comfortable environment.

Another option is to contact a specialist travel company that organize shopping tours. By choosing this option, you will solve two problems: with movement in Rimini, with a choice of outlets. As a rule, the program of these tours includes a visit to the most popular places for shopping.

Also, many companies offer the opportunity to hire a personal shopper, who will not only show the most interesting shops, but will advise you and help to create stylish images. Over, it costs a lot, but it is worth the money spent.

Tax Free - system features

In addition to saving outlets, you can save even a little money if you know the intricacies of the system Tax Free. For this you need to keep the receipt from the shop that works on this system, as well as a special check Tax-Free, which is filled by the seller. On the way home you have to show the purchased goods at the customs office along with a cheque and passport.

Please note that the item must be packaged and not to be in operation, and its cost should be not less than 156 euros.

If all rules are met, you will be refunded the VAT (10-12% of the goods value) in cash, or the amount will be transferred to the card.

Since many tourists are taking advantage of this system, you should arrive at the airport or train station for a couple of hours early to catch all draw.

Tips shopping

Planning a shopping spree in Rimini, be sure to perform a little "work". Find out in advance which outlets are represented in this city. Visit each of them to find out what brands there are realized, at which time the outlet is working and when it is closed for a break. Don't forget that on public holidays and during Christmas and New year outlets closed. Another important point to consider: in very hot summer days, the stores can work on a reduced schedule

adresa autletov v Rimini

Two perfect months for inexpensive shopping in Rimini - January and August (by the way, about where to go in August can be read here). Winter sales start here before the New year and can last until the first weeks of spring. Summer sales cover the last two months of the summer and a bit of September. Remember that the hottest months in Rimini is the real madness. Here you can watch the endless queues and the crush in the changing rooms, and the popular sizes fly directly in the face.

The cheapest goods without tax can be purchased at outlets of the Republic of San Marino, which is located a 40-minute drive from Rimini. Here can be inexpensive to buy Italian cheeses, wines and other gastronomic delights of this picturesque country.

Going to Rimini, remember that here it is most advantageous to buy:

  • brand glasses;
  • leather jackets;
  • leather goods;
  • shoes;
  • fur;
  • baby products.

On specialized sites and forums you can read numerous reviews about outlet shopping in Rimini, take advantage of insider tips for shopping, and then to share their experiences. You will not find negative reviews because shopping in Rimini turns into a celebration of fashion that every tourist remembers with warmth and confident with a desire to repeat this experience again and again.