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Charter flight: what is so different and dangerous?

charternyj rejs - chto eto?

When traveling abroad people have the opportunity of flights regular and Charter flights. Some are more expensive and reliable in terms of schedule, others are more prone to shifts and changes, but with them you can save much. Charter - what is it? Let's face it.

What does this mean?

kak ponyat?

With Charter flights is familiar to many holidaymakers who prefer to plan their holidays via travel agencies.

Unlike regular flights significant, with regard to both price and quality.

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That means a Charter flight?

When a person buys a ticket on a scheduled flight, and the carrier, and is responsible one airline. Charter flight becomes when a third party accesses the carrier and takes awasuno in the so-called rent, that is charters.

Often do major travel companyselling tours to the same region a large number of people. Them beneficial to their customers flew from point A to point B as quickly and with fewer transfers.

To purchase a ticket on a regular flight you can use this search form. Specify the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

chto znachit charter?

It can also be an external company that wants to earn on seasonal flights. For example, in the summer season from many regional centers are Charter flights to Turkey and Egypt, whereby passengers do not need to transfer at other airports, and sarahtalalay the Board of the company will be able to earn due to the high popularity of such a flight.

Different from regular?

To distinguish from the usual Charter flights at first glance is not so simple. Regular flights are carried out with great comfort, have a number of different tariffs, customers often participate in the bonus programs.

The Charter flights often to save, the level of service may be much lower than regular.

Sometimes it happens that no allocation of seats in classes for traktovki the carrier may provide an aircraft of the legacy Park less comfortable for passengers in the cabin. The flights will still be safe, but less convenient.

Another feature is that a Charter flight often fly people who will rest in the same hotel or in one area. The regular services used by those passengers who upon arrival can go to other cities for work or personal reasons.

To learn and understand, a Charter flight or regular only at the point of purchase. People buy a ticket on a Charter flight not be able. As a rule, the tickets included in the tour package and are purchased through a tour operator. Buy Charter tickets through the airline's website is impossible.

otlichiya ot obychnogo

In addition, even if the carriage performs a certain airline, but the flight is chartered by a third party, on the website of the airline. To know the time of departure only the tour operator or to the electronic scoreboard airport the day before departure.

Features of the Charter

Charter flights will appeal to those who makes short flights and prefer to save, even to the detriment of other factors. Make sure you weigh all the pros and cons, to decide on the suitability of the Charter to a specific traveler or not.


Advantages of Charter flights are:

  • The lowest price on tickets, the closer to the departure, the lower the cost;
  • Why air Charter is cheaper?Regular flights are carried out and half filled the cabin, and the Charter only with a maximum sale of tickets, so in the last days before departure, the price may fall heavily.

  • Additional maximum convenient routes. Regular flights will require a more serious negotiation, while the Charter is often open for one season or just for some movement, but avoid any direct;
  • If a Charter flight is severely delayed, the operator will be able to shift the days of tour.


Minuses much more:

  1. The active transport stream, if the flight is delayed for technical or other reasons, then the next time the aircraft can take off in the last turn. The air traffic controller will miss the first regular flights, which are subject to a strict schedule;
  2. For traktovki often used by salons only with economic class and with a minimum amount of free space in the legs;
  3. Departure and arrival of Charter flights are regularly delayed, more often regular;
  4. The passenger himself must specify the time of departure and change of schedule or to rely on the integrity of the tour operator.



Charter flights are carried out by a dedicated small airlines and major carriers. To test the departure of such a flight the day before departure on the airport's website or by phone from a tour operator.

What are the services run?

Charter flights can perform any airlines depending on how they agree with third parties. Individual vessel can be chartered from:

  • Air France;
  • Belavia;
  • Aeroflot;
  • S7;
  • Transaero;
  • Lot;
  • Finn Air .

There are airlines that only carry out Charter flights. The Russians are most known I FLY, which works with the largest domestic tour operator TEZ TOUR. Flights carried out in the most popular for Russians, directions: Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Italy and Thailand.

Another major carrier is a Charter airline Red Wings Airlines, which specializiruetsya on the Mediterranean and black sea regions.

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How to register and verify your departure?

registraciya i proverka

The departure of the Charter flight in advance, you can check only travel company, where people purchased tickets or ticket. To do this the day before the date of departure necessary to call the Manager and find out the exact time of departure.

Another way is to go to the airport website and check the electronic scoreboard, but the person must know at least the flight number. Registration for Charter online usually are not available. In order to register, it is necessary to arrive at the airport and go to the front Desk.

There are exceptions, when small carriers are allowed to register their passengers online.

Algorithm online check-in for Charter flights:

  1. go to the website of the airline;
  2. select the tab "online registration";
  3. enter booking code or ticket number and passenger surname in the Latin alphabet, which was used to purchase the ticket;
  4. choose a place on Board the aircraft in the window that appears (if the booking was carried out by one person, but for multiple passengers, you can take several seats);
  5. you then need to confirm the choice and get your boarding pass by e-mail;
  6. boarding pass it is necessary to independently print to the printer.

At the airport, it is sufficient to register the Luggage at the reception and boarding pass to present before boarding the plane. Method of electronic registration is quite easy, but only some airlines that are engaged in Charter transportations allow to use it. In most cases, electronic registration is not available.

Watch video about the peculiarities of Charter flights: