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What to do if you miss your connecting flight, return the money?

chto delat, esli opozdal na samolet?

In life no one is immune from unplanned force majeure, and delay his flight home is just such a case.

He missed the plane, you should not panic and be nervous, and quietly follow the following tips, and then soon this nuisance will be remembered with a laugh. Let's find out what to do if late for a plane.

Late for the flight

zaderzhka na rejs

The delay of the aircraft can be triggered by a number of reasons, which can be to blame the circumstances or the man himself.

Each gathering in flight you must make every effort to prevent being late.

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The most common causes

The main reason for the late arrival of passengers is that he does not have time to register the plane. Usually, the person stays too late at the airport for the following reasons:

  • wakes time out of the house;
  • confuses the date or the exact time of departure;
  • delayed in traffic on the way to the airport.

Passengers can also catch the registration, but being late for a connecting flight. This may be due to a delay of the first flight, which flew, or disorientation in an unfamiliar airport and the inability to find the right exit to Board the plane.

What to take to get there in time?

dejstviya, chtoby pribyt vovremya

Not to be late for your flight, it is necessary to observe preventive measures and check everything in advance. So, here are some tips for those who do not want to be late for your flight:

  1. carefully check the exact date and time of departure for a few days before the flight, especially if the ticket was bought in advance;
  2. count your time with the stock, and don't leave the house at the last moment, it is not excluded that the taxi will rise in the tube or check on Board will be delayed;
  3. Better to arrive at the airport early and read a book or drink an extra Cup of coffee than frantically rush to spend their nerve cells.

  4. avoid purchasing tickets with frequent or short transfers every 40-60 minutes. Here, the probability of delay of any flight and rush for registration;
  5. when purchasing an inexpensive ticket in advance, review the terms of its refund or exchange and how much will cost this change;
  6. when transplanting pre-read all information about terminals and airportswhere you'll be, and also about the average time of movement in the airport.

chto predprinyat, daby uspet v srok?

Following these simple recommendations you can protect yourself from delays and worries about ticket exchange. Those who fly for the first time, it is best to arrive three hours before departureto have time to understand.

Action in case of delay

Actions with a delay of passengers on your flight are different depending on where it does not manage people: to register, to the airport for a connecting flight or boarding.

To the airport

Along the way you can call the airline, describe the situation and learn about the rules of the ticket exchange. The road is also possible to register online, if a passenger travels only with hand Luggage. This will save about 15-20 minutes.

On arrival at the airport you must contact the representative of thethe airline in which the ticket was purchased. The employee will select the appropriate ticket in accordance with the terms of the tariff for the next flight.

Will have to take already existing ticket for him to receive compensation, the amount of which does not exceed 70-75% of the original cost.

For registration

At many airports there is a stand for latecomers passengers, where you can get paid an Express check in 20-30 minutes before the actual departure of the aircraft.

If such counter at the airport is not observed, it is necessary to consult a specialist of the airline – in this case, only he can allow passengers to check-in.

On the connecting flight

rejs s peresadkoj

Being late for a connecting flight may occur as the fault of the passenger, and the airline's fault. It often happens that the first flight was delayed, so people do not have time to get on the second flight. In this case, if both a ticket purchased in one of the company, its representatives accept any responsibility for late full responsibility and will help latecomers to Board the next plane departing to the destination.

If the tickets were purchased separately, the responsibility fully lies on passenger.

If the tickets for connecting flights have been bought in different airlines, usually between organizations there is a cooperation agreement, passengers do not have to worry about anything.

In any case, you must contact the organizationresponsible for the flight, to explain the circumstances and try to find a way out of the situation. If at the airport there is a company representative, contact should be directly to him.


How much is a plane waiting for late passengers? Time of boarding stop for 10-20 minutes before departure (the exact time specified in the ticket coupon).

Of those registered, but not present themselves for boarding a few times will be announced and asked to come to a specific terminal. But no one will wait for a person indefinitely, so chances to get on Board after the closure of the terminal is very small.

If the boarding has been completed, the passenger can contact the airline representative and ask him to help. If the company and the airport authority agree, the latecomers can take on Board in an exceptional manner, but this happens rarely. Usually passengers just recognized late with all the consequences.

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If the plane had already departed

esli vozdushnoe sudno uletelo

The most unpleasant and hopeless situation of unintentional delay is already a runaway plane, on which man had the tickets. What to do in this situation and is it possible to somehow repair the damage?

What you can do with the tickets?

The ticket can be exchanged for another ticket for the next flight, if on Board will be Unallocated space. For passengers of business class, such an exchange is free, the passengers of the middle and economy classes will have to pay a certain penalty for being late, according to the present rates.

If the ticket was purchased at the minimum price for a certain condition, then the passenger will have to buy a new one.

The ticket can also throw, or pass, and to demand for it payment.

Can I return the money?

Unnecessary ticket you can also donate and receive compensation for it under the terms of the exchange. The cheaper cost of the ticket, the less compensation for it. There's also the possibility that the refund the passenger will be denied. If the delay was caused by the airline, you must contact the administration of the organization, and the funds will be returned in full.

If was a case of voluntary ticket refund because of your own delays, then the payment return in the amount of 70-100% of the original cost of the ticket. To do this you must write a written request and attach receipts and tickets – representatives of the company explain in detail how to undergo such a procedure.

Compensation may be denied if the cause of delay the company deems disrespectful, and payments are not subject to cheap tickets purchased at certain rates. There will have to pay the full price of the new ticket.

The refund of the ticket price is similar to how it was purchased:

  • by credit card;
  • through electronic means;
  • cash.

What to do with the ticket?

If you missed the plane as tourists, it is necessary to contact the Agency and clarify the situation. The Agency will order you a new ticket and explain the conditions for such exchange. Depending on the organization for such a substitution will have to pay or it will cost free.

See video instructions on what to do if you are late for a flight: