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What you can bring from Vietnam of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Vetnama

Returning from a tourist trip, we are always striving to keep her warm memories to bring different things and Souvenirs to surprise your friends and relatives or to leave a memory.

Vietnam is a surprisingly large country with its culture, life and history.

What can you buy from Vietnam?

If you list all sorts of Souvenirs, gift ideas, not enough and the whole article to make a list. Therefore, let us consider the most interesting and popular ideas.


In Vietnam produce light and strong alcoholic drinks. Wine occupies a special place. It started to do in the days of the French colonial system.

Widely used red and white local winesthat are produced in Dalat.

A well-known firm "Vang Dalat" and "Dalat Superior", produces luxury red wine, which guests are treated to a representative. It is prepared on grapes "Cardinal" and strawberries.

Ninh Thuan is the second province of good wines. "Vang Phan Rang" is one of the famous local producers.

Tourists need to remember that buying a drink is better tested in large stores and supermarkets. On the market, especially near popular tourist destinations, it is possible to buy poor quality fake drinks.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Vtnama: vino


The advantage of such cosmetics in the natural ingredients and hypoallergenic properties.

In our country the Vietnamese cosmetics as well comes. It can be purchased online or themed fairs, but the choice is very limited compared to what is presented in the Windows of a local beauty shops.

Very popular mask for face, hair and body, various scrubs, Soaps and peelings. Often tourists buy coconut oilto add to homemade cosmetics or use in its pure form.

Local firms produce special cream, the main ingredient is Cobra venom.


Medical products are favorable price and high quality.

What drugs you can bring from Vietnam? Very popular drugs based on snake venom and animal fats. They are purchased to treat back problems, joints ("cobratec", "white tiger").

Men demand natural remedies to increase potency. Eastern medicine has achieved in this field to greater heights.

And who does not know the famous Vietnamese "the asterisk"? Even our mothers and grandmothers have appreciated her efficiency and best price.

Currently there are several similar properties ointments, more modern. They are made from natural herbs.

What can you buy? In selling, there are local balms, alcohol tinctures. They are made by special technology of the ninth military factory. It is a good General tonic and for a feast not a bad addition.

Remember that the tourist should be careful when selecting medicines and medical equipment. You need to buy them in pharmacies. On the street you can buy a fake and unknowingly buy something prohibited for export.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Vtnama: lekarstva


From Vietnam you can bring your own coconut candy, candied fruits or dried in the form of chips.

Popular Oriental sweet - Lotus seeds in caramel. Appearance and taste reminiscent of peanuts and caramel, not brown and yellow.

Many bring local fruits. It is better to buy on the day of departure (or the day before). To make it better in shops and supermarkets with fixed prices. In the markets of rich assortment, but for tourists often overcharge.

As a gift you can buy delicious Vietnamese coffee or tea. Local coffee is as good as the Brazilian. By the way, coffee exports, this country ranks second in the world.

What kind of coffee to bring back from Vietnam? Here it is made more than thirty different varieties. Often tourists buy coffee next to the large plantations. It is not only a guarantee of quality, but also saves money.

Specialdemand green tea. By the way, it costs much more expensive high quality coffee.

Night market in Nha Trang (Vietnam) through the eyes of a tourist.


Those who are vacationing on the island of Fucuk, could not help but notice the abundance of fields with pepper. On this island spices special qualities. There are not only shops where a wide selection of spices.

They can be purchased on the farm. Moreover, you not only buy a quality product, but also be able to learn a little culture of growing many herbs.


Local market stalls just full of various Souvenirs.

You can buy wooden boxes, frames, porcelain, national dolls, masks and more. Here you can choose a gift for every taste and price.

Friends can surprise a hat made of palm leaves. This is a famous souvenir and it costs only about $ 10. Some tourists buy local musical instruments.

The markets sell local costumes and Slippers flip flops. What to buy in Vietnam? Different clothes! Sellers are traded in local markets, so buy things you can not just good quality, but at a bargain price.

Vsyakaya vsyachina

What can you bring as a gift?

Let's look at some options of gifts that you can bring as a gift to a particular person.


If you don't know what gift to bring to the man, pay attention to products from crocodile, ostrich and Python. It can be an original souvenir, a strict belt or purse is handcrafted.

Such accessories have a decent appearance and long service life, look elegant and expensive.

Can be purchased in the gift technique, electronics. By the way, it is much cheaper than in our country.

Modern fashionable phones now have no problems with the firmware as it was before. Russian language is displayed correctly.

Special demand of exotic alcohol infusions. They are sold in glass bottles, and the basis used snakes, Scorpions or lizards. These drinks can be prepared even in the presence of the tourist.

The girl

All girls love jewelry, jewelry. Therefore, immediately call attention to the pearls. In Vietnam it is possible to buy good quality and at a bargain price.

Sell it at almost every corner, so approach the choice very carefully. It is better to purchase jewelry in the famous shops - HungVuong, TranPhu, Nguyen Thien Thuat.

Here you can provide a certificate for the products, but will have to pay more. In the tourist area the prices are cheaper, but the figure to buy a fake increases.

When choosing a gift for girls is once again back to brand Vietnamese cosmetics, sweets, fruits and clothes. They dwell shall be.

CHto privezti v podarok: devushke?


What Souvenirs to bring back from Vietnam? For children often bring different national Souvenirs and toysmade of wood and fabric, as well as fruits, sweets, tea, clothes. In the markets for sale many quality children's clothes at competitive prices.

Vietnam is an amazing country with a rich culture, a special life and a long history.

There are so many interesting things and Souvenirs that you can bring from this country. They still long time will be able to delight and remind of a warm trip.