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What to bring from Bulgaria of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto mozhno privezti iz Bolgarii?

Before the trip many tourists are beginning to worry thinking what to bring from home.

Favors should be inexpensive, but colorful and original.

Going to Bulgaria, take a suitcase bigger – this country can not be leaving empty handed.

What gifts and Souvenirs to bring from Bulgaria?

In each country a tourist destination has its own unique assortment of gifts, creating the atmosphere of life and cultural traditions of the region.

In Bulgaria also there is a set of Souvenirs that will help travelers to preserve the memories of the vacation and share them with loved ones.

Alcoholic beverages

What to bring from Bulgaria? Wine! But what wine?

Bulgaria is famous for its delicious wines, both white and red. Bright, intense drink with a long finish characterize this country is a bustling, spicy, colorful.

Of the red wines recommended to try the "Hamza-Suhindol", "Khan Krum", "Cherga", and "Mavrud".

Lovers of white wines will taste "Sungularity Misket", "Keratsuda", "Karlovski Misket" and "Traminer".

For those who like stronger drinks, like rakia – Bulgarian kind of fruit vodka.

Among tourists popular grape "Burgas 63" and plum "Slivenska pearl." We also need to taste mass – a heady drink with a strong anise flavor.

If you want to buy quality alcohol, here is valuable advice: go to specialized shops or directly on the plants.

Street stalls with a cold drink is a substitute that has nothing to do with the traditional wines of Bulgaria.

Shopping in Bulgaria, wallets and silver


Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful rose gardens and products made from rose oil. Cosmetics based on rose water makes a wonderful gift for mom, sister or girlfriend, and will occupy a worthy place on your dressing table.

In addition to the traditional rose water, in stores you can find a soap with the scent of rose petals, creams, shampoos, lip balms and various lotions with the addition of rose oil.

These funds not only have a magical flavor, but also really beneficial for the skin. Pay attention to such well-known brandslike Rose of Bulgaria and Refan.

Locals popular cosmetics on the basis of Bulgarian yogurt. It is suitable even for sensitive skin, so it may be a universal souvenir from vacation.

Creams and foams with yogurt can be found in the line of Yoghurt of Bulgaria from the company Bio Fresh.

Kakie podarki i suveniry privezti iz Bolgarii: kosmetika


In the fields of Bulgaria grows a huge amount of herbs. Based on them are teas that you can find in any shop.

A drink that locals call "billowy tea", not only quenches thirst but also heals the body. Bulgarians often drink herbal infusions instead of the usual black tea – they have so pleasant taste.


Bulgarian is a unique blend of Slavic and Turkic traditions. Symbol of Bulgaria can rightly be considered as milk products, yogurt and katika to the cheese.

Local cheese siren, reminiscent of cheese, excellent road and transfers would be a delicious reminder of the holidays.

Definitely need to try flavored jam, and jam from rose petals. It is eaten as a separate delicacy, spread on bread or served with Bulgarian cheese.

Small glass jars of candied roses will be appreciated by any foodie.

Sweet is also popular with Turkish delight, which is often brought as a souvenir. Among the variety of flavors is particularly notable Turkish delight with nuts and rose petals.

Friends, the meat eaters can bring the Bulgarian national sausage, the flavor of which awakens the appetite of every visitor to the butcher shop.

These smoked sausages are cooked with the addition ofunique Bulgarian spices and the observance of ancient technologies. The most popular varieties of equipment, lukanka and cottonweed.

Kakie podarki i suveniry privezti iz Bolgarii: produkty


Spice – a necessary element of any Bulgarian cuisine. The resorts shops with spices located on every corner, and past them is impossible. Among the blossoms of flavors and aromas is easy to get confused.

The first thing to try:

  • chubritsa, or savory Bulgarian traditional spice, a part of virtually every meal;
  • Sereno Sol or colorful salt – mixture of salt and mixed spices (including savory) gives any product a touch of typical Bulgarian;
  • sendoh, or fenugreek – flavored seasoning for stuffed dishes and soups.

You can buy not only individual spices, but ready-made seasonings for a particular event – for example, fish, meat or sweet pastries.


Bulgaria is famous not only for its Golden beaches and ancient architecture but also attractive for tourists prices.

In Bulgaria you can find plenty of authentic Souvenirs in every price category:

  1. Potterypainted in bright colors and decorated with national patterns will satisfy fans of the interior in ethnic style. A variety of utyatnitsu, vases, pots for honey and other household items will delight as a beloved grandmother and a young family couple.
  2. They put on masksmade by local craftsmen from leather, wood and colorful feathers. Since ancient times, the Bulgarians worshipped the kukeri are the spirits of the defenders and patrons of fertility. According to tradition, these masks protect the house from interference of evil forces.
  3. National costumes, decorated with traditional embroidery. For girls you can buy sundress "sumkin" or blouse with shirt "saya". Men from buy "belodreshna" and "cernatescu", which differ only in colour.
  4. Homespun textiles – napkins, tablecloths and runners made by hand, bring home a bit of comfort to be every day to remind you of noisy and colourful Bulgaria.
  5. Paintings by local artistsdepicting Bulgarian landscapes – a great gift for close friends. A great solution if you are looking for a unique souvenir in one piece.

And of course, every step you are waiting for colorful magnets, Souvenirs made of shells and crabs, towels, and wooden planks with the symbols of the resort.

Kakie podarki i suveniry privezti iz Bolgarii: suveniry

For the lovely, dear, only, favorite

For shopping better to go with a ready list of ideas. A gift chosen with love and care, better than any words will convey your warm feelings. In the Bulgarian souvenir shops you will find products for every taste.

The girl in the gift can bring:

  • large silver jewelry popular among women in Bulgaria;
  • flavored liqueur of rose petals, in addition to the spirits of rose oil;
  • spectacular bag-sack with national embroidery.

A man of any age will appreciate:

  • cast-iron skillet for frying meat or create brave interior;
  • the famous Bulgarian brandy Pliska;
  • copper Turk for coffee is made to order.

What to buy a child? Baby will be happy to receive as a souvenir:

  • children's cosmetics based on rose water (in the line Rose of Bulgaria Kid's presents creams, Soaps and perfumes for a young lady);
  • adorable string dolls in national costumes;
  • delicious local sweets, for example, Fig jam, or chocolate cake "garash" with walnuts.

When choosing gifts, do not rush to buy: stroll through the different areas of the city and compare the prices. The cost of the same gift can vary by half.

And don't forget to bargain with the seller: it is not only the opportunity to buy things cheaper, but also a great way to experience authentic Bulgarian culture.