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What can you bring from Spain of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto mozhno privezti iz Ispanii iz suvenirov?

Spain – the world famous birthplace of bullfighters and bullfighting, guitar strums and knocking castanets, flamenco dancers and charming, the country beautiful sea and Golden beaches. Every person who has visited here, think that it is possible to bring from Spain from Souvenirs to create physical memories of the holidays or to present as a gift to your relatives and friends. And if man's imagination comes a few more of the usual magnet to the fridge, he could bring me a souvenir, imbued with the primordial, the true Spanish flavor.

Of course, the most common in Spain is the subject of bullfighting. However, in addition to all kinds of figures of bulls, bullfighters and posters of bullfights, this Iberian country can bring many national Souvenirs, imbued with the ambiance and spirit of the country. All the Souvenirs from Spain can be divided into two large categories: food and inedible.

To grocery gifts include:

  • Spanish wine and brandy
  • sangria
  • cheese hard and semi-hard varieties
  • pork ham jamon
  • Spanish halva bakeries
  • spices and tea
  • olive oil

Spanish wine

The traditions of Spanish winemaking than a century. Because of micro-climatic conditions and different soil composition, variety of wine selection is very large, therefore, the question of what to bring from Spain of the products of the wine industry, can lead to a deadlock. The most popular among alcoholic gifts are Jerez, Spanish brandy and cava, Catalan sparkling wine. World renowned fortified white wines as well as brandy de Jerez different from French best quality, you can freely buy in hypermarkets. But the Spanish "champagne" to find a few more difficult.


Sold very widely, in a variety of gift bottles for all tastes, but as a rule, with very predictable topics: bulls, castanets, flamenco, etc. can Also meet teabags packaging.

When buying sangria it is worth remembering that bottles and packages involves not the drink itself, and the basis for it, with slightly higher alcohol content.


Each region of Spain boasts an original, typical only for this region, a variety of cheese. The most famous is a semi-hard sheep of the "Manchego" from the province of La Mancha. However, the final choice of what to bring from Spain a gift of dairy products, depends on the taste preferences of the guest.


This jamon (cured ham) can be purchased in almost any grocery store. There are two varieties of this product: jamon Serrano and jamon Iberico. The second is more palatable and therefore more expensive, as it is prepared from meat of pigs that are kept on the acorn diet, and aging of the finished product is 2 years. Serrano make regular pork and cooking time does not exceed the delicacy of the year. To distinguish the varieties by the color of the hoof, he is white and black at Serrano from Iberico.

CHto privezti iz Ispanii v podarok?

As a rule, the main disadvantage are the dimensions and weight of ham (about 3 kg), and for cutting it requires a special knife.

Therefore, it is best to buy already sliced and packaged ham, and the best option when slicing and packing produces the same store.

The bakeries

The most common halva, with the exception of the duro. This is a very solid variety of Goodies made from whole almonds, filled with a special compound, and wrapped in edible rice paper.

Spices and tea

Nothing unusual in a Spanish sort of drink and spices no. You should pay attention, probably only to saffron. This is the most expensive and rare spice in the world, has a beneficial healing effect on the whole body. So if there is a question what to bring from Spain as a gift to a person, health conscious, saffron is the perfect option.

Olive oil

The climate of Spain is conducive to the cultivation of olives, so the oil production is widespread in almost every corner of the country. The best oil is obtained by the method of first cold extraction, with respect to taste, the choice depends on the preferences of a particular person. In every specialty store you can try any variety of product, choose your favorite and not worrying about quality as well as olive oil in Spain is not bad.

Thus, from Spain you can bring your own food, can lead to awe the most demanding gourmet, but when it comes to long-term memory, food, Souvenirs are not the most convenient option. So the question is, what can you buy of the things that can fit into the interior, to serve as a gift to a partner or family member, or become a decoration. For this kind of Spanish gifts include:

  • Various Souvenirs;
  • Fans;
  • Valencia porcelain;
  • Leather goods;
  • The arms of Toledo;
  • Clothes;
  • Cosmetics and medicines.


The most common are figurines, keychains andother small things on the subject of bullfighting and flamenco (cm. photo). Materials, dimensions, and performance styles of images of animals, bullfighters, and dancers can be very diverse. You can buy them anywhere, some places offer to buy the poster of bullfighting, where the names of the matadors and toreros extra charge fits any brand name.

Suveniry iz Ispanii

Traditional Spanish souvenir to serve as castanets or, somewhat more cumbersome, but more valuable for musical aesthetes, real Spanish guitar with a distinct, soft and high-quality sound. Very popular products made of colored glass and imitation pearls (Majorca), basketry (the Mediterranean), boxes (Granada), lace (Galicia) and many more, virtually every region is deservedly proud of in any industry.


An essential attribute of a wealthy Spaniard. Probably the most coveted Souvenirs from Spain for women, except for cosmetics. The cost of the product depends on the operation (manual or not), as well as material, which can be quite varied, from paper to silk, and sizes.

Valencia porcelain

Porcelain products famous company, founded by the Lladro brothers in the 50-ies of the 20th century, permeated with sentimentality, deservedly takes its place on the shelves of expensive stores, as well as in museums and collections of famous people such as Elizabeth II, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra.


A perfect gift for serious established people. Purses, wallets, belts, pads are shoes of Spanish leather, don't know to itself equal in the world for quality, durability and workmanship-made material. Also a good solution, what to bring from Spain of Souvenirs can be a leather wineskin for the wine, filled with noble Iberian drink.

The arms of Toledo

Beautiful swords, their forging valuable, moreover, richly decorated with inlaid precious metals. The range of goods is very large, ranging from swords and ending with knives for opening envelopes. As for knives, they get better on the South-East of the country.


Barcelona and Madrid – a true Paradise for shopaholics. A lot of boutiques, shops and outlets will allow you to purchase clothing from leading brandssuch as Gucci, Armani, Calvin Klein and many others at very reasonable prices. The presence of chain stores Tax Free allows you to return the funds spent on the purchase of money, you only need to ask the seller to fill out a check of the funds return upon leaving the country.

About the choice of shops to buy clothes we recently wrote the article "Shopping in Barcelona".

Cosmetics and medicines

One of the most exciting women's questions, what to bring from Spain of cosmetics, does not cause any problems. In stores are widely represented are Spanish brands like Belnatur (lotions, masks and other means on care of a skin), Natura Bisse (natural cosmetics, which are popular among the movie stars and singers), Kerastase (products for hair care), Bruno Vassari (professional cosmetics for problem skin care), Ninelle (cosmetics) etc. of the drugs most attract tourists protivovirusnye ointment akrilovym and ibuprofen, which, in the opinion of tourists, of a higher quality than domestic counterparts.

In addition to these gifts, which are traditional, there are a few extravagant Souvenirs from Spain, who will appreciate people with a sense of humor and, oddly enough, with a stable psyche.

So, fans of bullfighting, not suffering from excessive disgust, instead of the banal figures of the animal or the bullfighter can buy the tail of the bull, who participated in the most famous Spanish entertainment and Umarsultanov there. This part of the body properly prepared, and the exclusive right to possession has only the owner of the restaurant Casa Toribio in Madrid, which, however, does not prevent him to sell the tails to tourists.

One of the most popular gifts in Catalonia is Cagney – a figure of a pooping man. Traditionally, it was placed in the manger of Christ in Christmas mystery, and she portrayed a shepherd. But the imagination of the Spaniards did not stop, and now, the shepherd can see the stars of sport, cinema, prominent world figures and politicians of all stripes. A mandatory element of the composition – a pile of feces. To establish such a sculpture needs in the place of honor, according to the beliefs she will bring home luck and happiness. So the question what to bring from Spain as a gift, can be treated and humorous.

Figurka cheloveka

Another souvenir from Catalonia – red woolen hat, a barretina, Vermelha. Original shape and color if can not serve the owner as an everyday headgear, you will become an indispensable attribute of the Christmas holidays and carnivals.

To please the sweet tooth of the original rolls, which make only in Mallorca. The centuries-old tradition of making Goodies make it an unforgettable taste, and the abundance of toppings can cause the appetite of any person. Another sweet Spanishsouvenir – candied violets, which can only be purchased in Madrid. This is an exclusive dessert made by monks, especially growing flowers and sugaring. Though it costs more than 100 euros per kilogram.

Thus, options what souvenir to bring from Spain, quite a lot, the country ranks 3rd in Europe in popularity among vacationers and tourists will always be able to bring from the Iberian state gifts for every taste and purse, and along the way and appreciate the sights.