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What you can and cannot bring on the plane in hand Luggage?

CHto nelzya provozit v samolete?

For those who are going to travel the world using air transport, will be valuable information that you can not carry on the plane. First of all, you need to decide what items should be placed in carry-on baggage, what to take in Luggage and which with you and is not worth taking.

What can and should be take in hand Luggage

The first thing you need to take with you to the salon, are items of particular value:

  • documents
  • money
  • keys
  • precious jewelry

Also as hand Luggage permitted items of value e.g. musical instruments. But the weight of such things should not exceed 32 kilograms. To bring on Board also advisable foods and delicate utensils like glasses. But piercing and cutting items, even children's toy guns in the cabin to carry is strictly forbidden.

Things that you can't take flight

There is a whole list of items and substances, which carry by means of air transport is strictly prohibited. First of all, it concerns explosive substances and articles, in particular gunpowder, ammunition, pyrotechnics, and other explosives. A particular danger during the flight can provide liquefied and compressed gases, so take them on a flight is impossible.

Not allowed to carry on Board the air vehicle flammable liquids and solids. Therefore, the Luggage should not be tanks with acetone, benzene, ether, methanol and similar content as well as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and other potentially hazardous substances.

It is forbidden to take the plane also poisonous, toxic, radioactive materials, particularly strychnine, nicotine, antifreeze, brake fluid, ethylene glycol, mercury, cyanide agents, the preparations of hydrocyanic acid and other similar substances.

Transport of weapons on Board the aircraft transport is allowed only in cases stipulated by the legislation.

To potentially dangerous in-flight are oxidizing substances, such as nitrocellulose. To secure the management of the air transport is prohibited to take as Luggage of various kinds of magnetized objects.

See in this video, what you can and cannot bring on the plane: