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What to see in Helsinki for 1 day with the kids and without?

CHto posmotret v Helsinki za 1 den?

Helsinki – a beautiful city, washed by the waters of the Baltic sea. In the Finnish capital's many attractions, worthy the attention of tourists. But what of the guest who came here just for one day? What to see in Helsinki for 1 day to for touch, and modern appearance of the city to see?

Senate square

Classic square European style. On the Senate square has changed little since its bookmarks century. The main decorations of the square, as 400 years ago, are the town hall, Church and market. In the centre – monument to Alexander II. It was Alexander II in 1863 gave Finland the Constitution than contributed to the expansion of the autonomy of the region.

Since the construction of the Senate square was conducted the times when Finland was part of Russian Empire architecture, located on the square of the buildings resembles the architecture of the buildings of St. Petersburg. Reigns over an area of magnificent, snow-white Cathedral of the Lutheran Church. To the left of the Cathedral is the University, the right is the building that now houses the Finnish Council of State.

Walk to city tram

Family travelling with children, it will be interesting to ride a tram in Helsinki. Walk on trams, and from long marches will save, and will save nerves. Driving through the streets on tram line 3, you can choose what to see in Helsinki with a child. In Helsinki, as in most European States, payment for transportation public transport is provided on a flexible system. This system provides the possibility of buying a ticket for a certain time, for example, on the hour. By purchasing a ticket for an hour, the traveler can enter the tram in and out of it many times within the hour.

Close to tram line is full of museums, galleries, shops that you can visit during transplants.

The tram tracks are laid so that tram passengers can enjoy the sights from the comfort of your seats.

Getting lost is impossible: the tram goes in a circle. Of course, to thoroughly explore Helsinki from the Windows of the tram does not succeed, but to outline a program of future travel this way.


CHto posmotret v Helsinki s rebenkom

To visit the historic Suomenlinna Maritime fortress (alternative name: Sveaborg), will take a few hours. While the lion's share of time will have to explore the sights, as to get into Suomenlinna quite easily. The ancient Suomenlinna is, in fact, not a fortress, and a chain of fortifications, a city located on six Islands.

On one of the Islands of Suomenlinna is a Maritime school, at other exhibition centers built in which are exhibited historical photographs, videotapes, plans and paintings depicting the history of the fortress. On the Islands you can see:

  • the building of Shore barracks,
  • Church with lighthouse cupola
  • submarine
  • Museum of artillery, military, customs, puppet museums.

To relax and grab a bite to eat at the table of a restaurant or cafe.

To get into Suomenlinna one of the following:

  • By ferry from the square Kauppatiri.
  • On the river tram. The water tram stop is located in Piazza Korela-allas.

Science center "Eureka"

Evrika is a modern scientific center, the main concept that goes something like this: "science to the masses". In this center science comes alive and reminds us that its purpose is to study nature. In the walls of the building are open experimental lab, aircraft simulators, a variety of mechanisms. The visitor center can go as an airline pilot, to feel the "charm" of the earthquake, to take the helm of the trees.

Scientific complex consists of three buildings and a Park. In the main, cylindrical pavilion are laboratories, children's science center, the main exhibition theatre. In the pavilion with columns – classic exhibits: illusions created with the use of modern technical knowledge. In the Park Galilei are "miracles" in the open air: the screw of Archimedes, bridges and swings.

Maritime Museum

On the street Hylkysaari, Helsinki is a unique Museum devoted to the sea. The Baltic sea has always had a special meaning for those who lived on its shores. In the collections of the Museum displays household items of these "sea wolves" and lifted from the water artifacts. There you can see the flags of pirates, ancient navigation nature, personal belongings of the crew and passengers of ships, sailors ' chests, and figures that adorned the noses of warlike frigates. Attracts special attention fully restored sailing vessel with a galley, cabins and hold.

See the most interesting sights of Helsinki in this video:


What to see in Helsinki with kids? Go to the zoo. "Korkeasaari" is one of the oldest and largest zoos in Europe. Located on the island, an area of over 22 Hectares. The collection, carefully assembledFinnish zoologists – more than 2,000 representatives of 200 species of animals. To get to the "Korkeasaari" ferry departing from the Market square, or by bus (in winter).

"Korkeasaari" works throughout the year. The summer season opens on the first day of may, when from Helsinki to the island ferries depart first. The zoo workers care about their students and participate in integration programmes for representatives of the fauna in the habitat. Especially to say about the Valley cats. The valley is a Paradise for cats, there are optimal conditions for keeping leopards, lions, and leopards.

Sea Life

Sea Life is a huge aquarium, which often attracts tourists musing over what to do in Helsinki in winter. Glass fish fun playing in the waves of the artificial tide, jellyfish and other amazing creatures.

Tourists love to witness the fish feeding. As a rule, such events are accompanied by explanations in English. There is an exhibition equipped under the ice. Visitors have a unique opportunity to look under the ice and see how they behave fish in the winter. For children, are interesting attractions, the entrance to which is by a single ticket.

Olympic stadium

Fans of modern buildings it is recommended to view the Olympic stadium. The biggest sports arena in Finland is located near Helsinki city centre, so it could fit in a day trip. The stadium can be interesting not only for athletes, as the summer in its territory frequently has events with music.

CHto posmotret v Helsinki s detmi

The Olympic stadium is a complex consisting of several buildings. In one of these buildings is the Museum of sport. Structures adjacent to the 72-meter tower.

Buying a tour of the sports Museum, you can climb the tower and explore the city and the Gulf of Finland from the height of bird flight.

Also a part of the Olympic complex includes a comfortable and affordable hostel for the fans.

The Ateneum Museum

The Ateneum Museum are visited by tourists who prefer other entertainments examination of works of art. In order to get from the station to the Museum, you need only to cross the square Rautatientori, so some guests of the city choose the Museum as an alternative in case of bad weather. The Museum has national significance and represents the eyes of the audience the best examples of global and Finnish culture.

In the collection, "Athenaeum" - more than 20 thousand works created by the greatest artists:

  • Marc Chagall,
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • Edgar Degas,
  • Shishkin I. I.,
  • Repine.P.
  • Isaac Levitan and other geniuses.

On the first and second floors of the building are temporary exhibitions. The first floor is devoted to a permanent exhibition of paintings of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints. Periodically, the Museum hosts events devoted to the work of a master.

CHto posmotret v Helsinki zimoj

Park "Kaivopuisto"

"Kaivopuisto" is the most beautiful Park in Finland, divided in 30-ies of the 19th century almost in the center of the city. "Highlight" of the Park became an artesian well. In the first half of the 19th century here on vacation came a rich Russian crowd. At that time, the Park was built beautiful mansions: the Marble Palace, castle Rock, gallery Cygnus. The southern part of the reserve is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Finland. In the Park there are the Observatory, the remains of stone fortifications of the 18th century, as well as the embassies of some foreign powers.

In the Park "Kaivopuisto" you can not only enjoy the walk, but also to have fun. There are concerts, there are national holidays. Every year may 1 is celebrated Walpurgis night (Vappu). Thousands dressed in the quaint costumes of the people of the city under the sounds of loud music, have some lemonade, sweet wood and alcohol.

Helsinki is a great experience and a lot of interesting discoveries. Have a nice stay!