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What to see in Kazan 2-3 days on your own?

CHto posmotret v Kazani?

One of the richest sites of cities, which is similar to both the West and the East, is Kazan. Cobbled streets, monumental buildings, Grand cathedrals, etc. embody the beauty, descended from the pages of a guide to the most beautiful cities in the world. Because choosing what to see in Kazan, you need to focus on the favorite destination for architecture and a stock with time.

Travel to cities of the Russian Federation may not be less impressive than the examination of the foreign beauties.

Sightseeing of Kazan can be months, but most often the tourist has from one to three days, which can completely devote to their inspection. Plans inspection notable places of the city complement each other.

Plan sightseeing for a day trip

One day you can visit about 5 interesting places. Choosing what to see in Kazan 1 day, you should pay attention to the most visited attractions of the city.

The Kazan Kremlin

Architecture sights like the murky mirror, shows the main building of the country – the Kremlin. Those monumental buildings, which, it seems, will stand for centuries. And indeed it is. Kazan Kremlin was built the SIXTEENTH century by Pskov masters.

In fact, the Kazan Kremlin is not one attraction, and group. It includes several museums, historical monuments, religious shrines, Annunciation Cathedral, Kul Sharif mosque, Suyumbike tower. In short, if I had to choose what to see in Kazan with children, the Kremlin should be the first point of the trip.

The entrance to the Kazan Kremlin is free, but you can book a tour. It costs about 600 rubles, regardless of the number of people in the group.

Guide can lead the story in Russian, English, French, German, Tatar, Turkish and Italian.

Souvenirs can be purchased in many shops at the Western wall of the Transfiguration tower.

Suyumbike Tower

The tower is in the complex of the Kazan Kremlin. It's unusual the same than the famous leaning tower of Pisa tilt, which is 1.5 m. unfortunately, this design was not conceived by its creators, because the tower is constantly strengthen. Despite this, the Annunciation is an impressive structure.

chto posmotret v Kazani za 2 dnya?

Puppet theatre

Theatre delights with its appearance. Fairytale castle as if specially created for the young visitors, but adults will be surprised. Founded the theatre in 1934, but still remains one of the leading puppet theaters in Russia.

Performances were staged in Russian and in Tatar language. Often present new interpretations of the familiar from childhood fairy tales. Allocates a theatre approach to the use of dolls in production – they are the Central characters along with live actors. In short, if I had to choose what to see in Kazan with children, the puppet theatre should be the first point of the trip.

Universal temple

The temple is visible from afar, because he truly enormous. Each wall, dome and turret surprise with their bright colors, which is rarely used in the construction of religious buildings.

In fact, this building is neither a Church nor a mosque nor a temple. It expresses the unity of all religions. It was built by a local resident on its territory in 1994. In the finish he used the symbols of all religions at once.

In the universal Church is not accepted to pray and many Christians believe that the building offends their sense. Internal conflict can be avoided if you take the temple as a monument of religion in General, not a place of unity with God.

IQ bar

No matter how wonderful was not the tour, but there is a need. That meal was also an interesting trip is to go to a cosy bar IQ. There is an atmosphere of relaxation and rest. Anyone can take a book to taste or to play the piano.

On the ground floor you can sit in the common room or just to run for a minute to drink a Cup of coffee. The second floor is designed for relaxation. Large Windows allow you to view the city. Particularly impressive Kazan looks of the evening, when the lamps and the light it gilds the roofs of the houses and streets.

Plan a two-day trip

Zeal ardent traveler calms for the first day of the city bypass. A list of what to see in Kazan for 2 days supplements the previous less spectacular, but more subtle attractions.

Bauman Street

It was here, under the big old clock, is the meeting place for lovers of the entire city. Going further you can see the funny fountain with four frogs. Walk here often mothers with prams or toddlers. Teenagers also like to gather at the fountain, but this fountain was built on the fairy tale "Water". Girl sitting on the stone, as if calling to cool off on a hot summer day. Young people bring their princesses to another amazing place – the carriage. It was created in honor of Catherine, which gave permission to build stone mosques. Say design made in Paris and then transported to the Bauman street.


Along the Kazan Arbat street, lined with the old buildings. But otherwise, if the street more than four years. Here it is:

  • theatres,
  • the bell tower
  • shopping malls,
  • hotels,
  • many restaurants and cafes.

Peter and Paul Cathedral

Cathedral in Russian Baroque style is located on the street Jalil. Domes beat the Golden rays of the sun because the Cathedral is visible from afar. The age structure has about five centuries. It was built in honor of Peter I. inside you can see a 25-metre wooden iconostasis. It was created by craftsmen hand-cut each bend of decorating it.

Native village

In the middle of the city there is a village. Locals call it "Tugan avylym", which in Tatar means "Native village". This entertainment complex was recently built to attract tourists and promote knowledge about the life of Tatars. Very often such ideas fail, but the "Native village" was no exception. Inside there are many cafes and restaurants, but stored as part of your costume according to ancient villages.

chto posmotret v Kazani s detmi?

The streets are lined with carts and stone figurines of roosters. Rustic entourage generously diluted the evening disco and a summer café. It will be interesting to visit for children and adults broaden their horizons culturally.

Raifa monastery

The monastery can be reached by bus or your car. If you plan a Hiking excursion, it is better not to include this attraction, because on the road you can spend a few hours.

Reify the whole territory is dotted with statues of the characters of the Bible. For example, in front of all the tourists are welcomed by the statue of the virgin. All the statues carefully performed, and the monks maintain their purity. This adds to their weightlessness and makes imbued with respect for local Ministers. They also maintain cleanliness of all walkways and paths, clean up fallen leaves.

In spring and summer on-site reify bloom all kinds of flowers, further accentuates the pure white of the monastery.

Raifa monastery is located within the boundaries of the Volga-Kama reserve. The combination of religious sculpture, stone fountains and natural beauty gives this place a special magic. Want to come back here for inspiration, purification and faith.

Plan three-day trip

Major attractions discussed in the previous paragraphs. On the third day, it is recommended to visit the most distant places. The city is famous for miraculous sites, i.e. nature. Because it is not necessary to think, what to see in Kazan 3 days, it is necessary to move towards natural beauty.

Blue lake

To get to them is difficult because the only signs of civilization: garbage cans throughout the road, car Parking, stairs from wooden Kruglyakov. I hasten to disappoint, but Parking is not at the edge of the water and still have to walk down the path, guibas from branches, and strive to scratch the face. However, at the beginning of the beauty of the lakes is suffering and inconveniences. Near the lake there are benches, so you can just sit, contemplating the water an unusual color. On the shore is also equipped with locker rooms for those who want to swim.

chto posmotret v Kazani za 1 den?

Along the way you can find several streams and springs flowing from the ground. There are small multi-level waterfalls. In principle, the path to the lakes is an enjoyable and impressive.

The Kaban Lake

The lake is named after son of Bulgarian Khan named the Boar, which fled during the destruction, and then built a city on this place. Through time the settlement was swallowed by the lake. More common version is that this is a place to drink, they gathered a lot of wild boars.

There is a version on which the last Khan drowned all his treasures in a certain place of the lake. Then he planned to pick them up, because at that time Ivan the terrible attacked and plundered the land. So Khan wanted to preserve their wealth.

If you come for 1-2 days, then choose what you like and go there. If you set a goal to see all the sights of Kazan, you will need at least a week or two.