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What to see in Minsk on 2-3 days in summer and winter independently

CHto posmotret v Minske za 2 dnya?

If you have two or three free days and desire to get acquainted with the capital of Belarus Minsk, – welcome! Bright, modern city consists of two parts – the Historic centre and the Upper town. The old cobbled streets of the historic part of the city with temples to create the atmosphere of the NINETEENTH century. In the center of Minsk are the main museums. More than 60 fountains located in different parts of Minsk. Everyone will find what to see in Minsk for 2 days, because interesting places here a lot.

The main architectural attractions of the city

Let's start our route from the station, and where the falls originally an ordinary tourist. Long construction culminated in the opening in early 2000, ultra-modern railway station. Opposite him, on the two sides of Kirova street, there are two "Stalinist" skyscrapers with two turrets and would represent "gates". If you continue to move along the street Kirov, in the end to come across the main Dynamo stadium requiring serious reconstruction because of its limitations. But anyone remember what were the stadiums of the Soviet era – will appreciate and dive into the world of pleasant nostalgia.

If you do choose the route with reference to the Belarusian state University (BSU), you can walk around a cozy courtyard and see the rector. Close to BSU is the main town square, which gave the name to the main Avenue, – the Independence Square. Here is capable of the House of Government with Lenin monument.

The most popular religious building of Minsk – Red Church. Church of Saints Simon and Helena, built in the early twentieth century, often called the Red Church. Built this pearl of the Belarusian architecture at the expense of the landlord Edward Voinilovich as the memory of his dead children. The draft Divo - the red brick building owned by the Warsaw architect Tomas Pojazdersky. The red Church is the most popular place and Catholic believers, and Minsk. There are concerts of organ music, as well as performances and exhibitions. Traveling can advise not to be lazy and go inside to see the beautifully decorated interior of the building to pray.

CHto posmotret v Minske za 3 dnya?

Pischalauski castle is the only castle in the city. A little snack in a cafe or bistro, shopping centre "Capital"( near Independence square), buying a few Souvenirs in some of the many stalls, you can continue the journey. On the street Volodarskiy is Pischalauski castle, built in 1825. It is easily recognizable by its jagged pinnacles.

At the time of construction of the castle, the city required a new prison because the old wood had deteriorated. The landowner Rudolf Pishchala has allocated 64 814 silver rubles allowed for the construction of a stone prison. So was built the original monolith with notched corner round towers. And so, as the front door of the building faced the street name of Moses Goldstein (alias Volodarsky), the prison immediately found a name – "Volodarka". Belarusian Bastille is famous for its prisoners, including not only the villains, but the color of the nation with revolutionary rebels. Today, the building housed a detention facility No. 1, so to get inside is unlikely.

Architecture of Soviet times

Among the buildings of the Soviet era to Independence Avenue stands out the KGB building. Its after the war in 1945 -47 years has built one of the first. Passing Gum, national Bank and Lenin street, stop near October square. Here tourists usually consider the "Zero kilometer" - a sign indicating the mileage to all regional centres and regional cities of Belarus, as well as to all the capitals of the States next door.

The remarkable chain of structures - Kupala theatre, the gray building of the House of officers, the old national library to meet the monumental style of Soviet realism. Moving in the direction of Victory Square, you involuntarily stop to gaze on the newly renovated Circus building. Today this building is adapted for the demonstration of all the circus genres and content what sorts of animals (even marine). Reconstruction, which lasted from 2008 to 2010, expanded the possibilities of the circus and very different building. If there was one case, now there are three. The interior of the hall is decorated in green tones and embellished Palace style, with crystal, gilded stucco and colourful carpets.

After leaving the circus, you can walk to the Park named after Maxim Gorky, which is just outside the Circus or the Park named after Yanka Kupala, on the opposite side of the Avenue.

Minsk it is impossible to imagine without his cards - Victory Square, on which stands a 40-foot granite obelisk, and near the eternal flame.

CHto posmotret v Minske zimoj?

If we talk about what to see in Minsk for 3 days, then the above attractions, you can add:

  • The observation deck of the National library;
  • Church Of The Virgin Mary;
  • Street Nemiga;
  • The Museum of the book;
  • Zoo andCircus.

Especially unusual look brilliantovye building of the National library that the citizens of Minsk called "ball of Shurik". A beautiful sight opens eyes here in the dark when the lights and the faces 73-metre library begins to shimmer and to create original svetooptika.

The observation deck of the library building in warm, Sunny weather works on the 23rd floor, and in the cold weather and a - 22, you can visit the panoramic glassed-in gallery.

The iconic corners of the Upper town

Walking further, you get in the Trinity suburb. Everything here speaks of the NINETEENTH century. Only the memorial "Island of tears" is the memory of the dead Afghans in the temple with the figures of the mothers, holding in hands portraits of icons and sons.

The upper town is a small district with buildings of Imperial times. Recently ( in the 2000s) on Freedom square, restored city hall, which was demolished in 1861. Spiritual buildings are worthy of attention the Holy spirit Cathedral, the Bernardine monastery(1628 g) and Church of the virgin Mary (1700-10 years).

Interesting street of Nemiga. Earlier in its place flowed the same river. Now the river bound in a pipe manifold and sent to flow under the ground. But when the summer rains, the water level in the river rises so that the street becomes a water channel. Now the street has become a trade.

In the Upper town there is a Music street on which the "House of Masons" , which draws attention for its rich decorative facades.

Two museums

In the summer of 2014 was the opening of the Museum of the great Patriotic war. In the halls of placed planes, tanks, guns, machines of the great Patriotic war. Interactive screens show videos with reenactments of battles.

In the book Museum, on Independence Avenue, saved more than 70 000 unique books. Among the most rare and valuable - the Bible of Francysk Skaryna and the gospel of Peter Mstislavets. The walls of the Museum are saving about 400 folios. The most ancient manuscript of "secret secret" is handwritten in the FIFTEENTH century of the ancient language.

The winter beauty of Minsk

It is best to come to Minsk in the winter in the New year and in January and see the city, and a festive mood to feel. There is something to see in Minsk in the winter and where to relax. All of the above attractions you can also see, because of the winter weather in Minsk is rather favourable – the snow without severe frosts.

The city is filled with outdoor skating rinks, a indoor. The biggest rinks in Minsk-arena and the Ice Palace. If someone wants active guests can visit the ski resorts not far from Minsk as their own transport (there is Parking) and runs from the bus station "Moskovsky" bus. Built in 2005 the complex "Silichi" has descents with a drop of one hundred meters. For guests three ski slopes, a snowboarding, a tubing run and a snowpark with jumps. For children track separately.
Except to Say there are not far from Minsk the complex for a winter vacation "Logoysk" and the Park of active winter and summer holidays "Yakut mountains", Olympic sports complex "Raubichi".

That is possible in Minsk to show children?

To the question what to see in Minsk with the child, the short answer will not work:

Rides. Gorky Park has the largest 54-meter high Ferris wheel. Next roller coaster, the carousel and the race track, shooting range, and a trampoline. Park Chelyuskintsev can offer a ride on a 27-foot "Ferris wheel". In summer the attractions you can visit in the parks of the 900th anniversary of Minsk, 50 years of October, "Dreamland". Victory Park offers a ride on a rented Bicycle, boat or on a catamaran on the lake.

Botanical garden. Except in winter time there is always held informative tours. Popular walks of the arboretum, a lemon house and a greenhouse. Garden collection consists of 9 000 different plants from all over the world. Most of all – colors. And pleasing to the eye, Swan lake, in which live carp and surprise visitors with their jumps out from under the water and flips in the air. Lazy swans on the pond are inferior in the effectiveness of carps.

The puppet theatre.

The Lebyazhy water Park opened in may 2014. Equipped with 4 slides under the open sky (for summer) and swimming pools with slopes, 7 slides and saunas in the premises.

CHto posmotret v Minske s rebenkom?

KazKi gaming centre with slot machines, a maze and a dry swimming pool is located next to the water Park. Who are older, can have fun on ride Dark Ride, firing of the booths from the monsters with aliens.

The zoo is the favorite place of kids, it is not only you can see the unusual animals and birds, but the site pads are allowed to pet and feed goats, sheep and chickens.

Theatre of the young spectator.

Dolphinarium "Nemo" is hosted at the zoo. Pleased with their performances with dolphins, sea lion and seals.

Do not rush to throw a ticket to the Dolphinarium. It is possible to go to the zoo for free.

The aquarium "Open ocean" shows a fish in 5 halls, each devoted to a particular ocean. Aquariums aquarium inhabited by unusual fish. Immediately turtles live in fresh water and glass catfish. Kids here is an interesting educational games.

Museums. In Minsk, you can see the folk culture of Belarus, visiting of the Museum under the open sky – Dudutki and the Lake. If you're lucky to get during the celebration of some national holiday, you can witness the festivities. There is time, visit the Historical Museum of Belarus. Here students can play the interactive game "the one Who searches will find." Art Museum showcases masterpieces of Belarusian and European masters. The Minsk Museum of aviation equipment are happy to present a variety of airplanes.

Children will be given the opportunity to touch equipment hands and feel like a pilot of airplane and helicopter. There is a Museum of theatrical and musical culture, to tell about the history of the theatre in Belarus will show the performance and offered to play detective quest.


Planetarium shows for both young and older children movies about the Universe and space exploration.

Two LEGO-centers L-Club was opened in 2014 for children aged 3-14. Here you can play with educational toys and fold design.

If you come for 1-2 days, then choose what you like and go there. If you set a goal to see all the sights of Minsk, you will need at least a week or two.