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What to see in St. Petersburg for 3 days or 1 day, in winter and summer, with children and without?

CHto posmotret v Pitere za 3 dnya?

Saint Petersburg is one of those cities that is impossible to open at once. Fill your soul with joyful memories to failure, Peter will show only a small part of their treasures. Choosing what to see in St. Petersburg for 3 days, it is very difficult to determine the route and list of attractions. I want to visit everything – from the Hermitage and St. Isaac's Cathedral and ending with the rivers and canals of this beautiful city. Unfortunately, time is not enough for all. Have to choose only the most famous and iconic sights. In the hope that on my next trip to the Northern capital will be able to catch up.

The main attractions

Before going to the tour programs designed for 2-3 days, you should decide on the list of attractions.

The Hermitage – a real Mecca for tourists. For a detailed study of the Winter Palace with all its exhibits may take several days. This is a very busy place where it is better to come early. Otherwise there is a risk here did not fall. The most popular objects:

  • Golden Peacock clock;
  • St George's hall;
  • the staircase of the New Hermitage;
  • The knights ' hall;
  • "Madonna and child" by famous Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci.

Visit the Hermitage – a great solution if is bad weather, weekdays (will be less crowded) and winter.

Duration of stay: from 4 hours to several days. If you don't know what to see in St. Petersburg in 1 day – go to the Hermitage.

Tsarskoye Selo. Known as a Children's Village.

The recommendation here one – the Catherine Palace. The main purpose of the visit to the Amber room. If the street is good weather, you can enjoy a pleasant walk to a local Park.

When is the best time to visit: weekdays (will be less people). The warm season (from June to October)

Length of stay: active people 5 hours should be enough. If you take a tour slowly, it will take the whole day.

St. Isaac's Cathedral is another place of pilgrimage for tourists of all stripes. This architectural monument is striking in its beauty and uniqueness. The administration of the cultural complex sells two types of tickets: directly at the Cathedral and its colonnade. From the colonnade offers a breathtaking view of the vastness stretching in all directions Peter.

CHto posmotret v Pitere za 1 den?

When is the best time to visit: warm year round. Winter view from the colonnade is not as beautiful.

Duration of stay: 1, max 2 hours.

Peterhof - the analogue of Versailles has a rich history and tremendous architectural value. Fountains of Peterhof has left the bright trace in the soul of many tourists. In addition to these representatives of the water element, there are museums and landscaped parks.

When is the best time to visit: may-September. At this time of year all the fountains of the Russian Versailles. Visiting Palace and Park ensemble at other times, you may not see half of the charm of Peterhof.

Length of stay: the minimum possible length of walk – 5 hours. Although it is very small. At Peterhof recommend allocating a whole day.

Peter and Paul fortress despite its size, the fortress doesn't carry the same glamour as the Peterhof. It is recommended to visit the Peter and Paul Cathedral and Museum of the history of the city. It should be noted, the prison Museum and the exhibition of torture instruments from the middle ages. The grounds of this fortification even now is mint. Lately, many people are in favour of the transfer of the mint to another place.

When is the best time to visit: the season doesn't matter.

Length of stay: not more than 4 hours.

The bridges.
And, of course, white nights. The bridges on the Neva the same business card of the City of white nights, as and Peterhof. To observe this spectacle should be at 1:30 at the Admiralty or the Palace embankment. Despite the late hour, there will be noisy and light – going crowds of tourists to the accompaniment of local artists, performers and musicians. On the Neva river built many pleasure craft to sail under the Palace bridge.

When is the best time to visit: may, June.

Length of stay: several hours

Rivers and canals. A great opportunity to visit what foot you are unlikely to see. And to rest your feet would be superfluous. It is best to choose routes that pass through these channels:

  • The sink;
  • the canal;
  • The Kryukov canal.

They are the most picturesque places of Petersburg.

When is the best time to visit: warm year round.

Length of stay: on average 2 hours.

Aquarium. A true Paradise for your children. Here are collected waterfowl from around the world:

  • piranhas from the Amazon;
  • beautiful inhabitants of the rivers of Africa and America;
  • seals;
  • rays;
  • sharks and many others.

When is the best time to visit: there is no difference. This is your fallback in case of bad weather.

Duration of stay: up to 3 hours.

Walk throughthe Central squares of St. Petersburg. You may wish to visit the following attractions:

  • the bronze horseman;
  • Savior on the Blood;
  • CHto posmotret v Pitere s detmi?

  • the cruiser "Aurora";
  • St. Isaac's square;
  • Summer garden;
  • Palace square.

When is the best time to visit: it doesn't matter what time of year. The main thing that the weather was good.

Length of stay: from 6 hours to a whole day.

The variants of excursion programs

If the duration of your trip to the city on the Neva is limited to 2-3 days, try to take inspiration from this route:

Day 1

  • Nevsky prospect;
  • The Hermitage;
  • Palace Square.

On this walk you will spend about 7-8 hours. To nightfall, you'll still have time to eat and get some rest.

Day 2

  • Savior on the Blood;
  • The state Russian Museum;
  • Peter and Paul fortress.

This tour takes 3-8 hours. You can additionally take a walk through the city center.

Day 3

  • The Grand Palace;
  • Mariinsky theatre;
  • Tsarskoye Selo.

A rich program, which will take not less than 6 hours. If you definitely want to visit Peterhof - it is recommended to allocate the whole day. Differently from the "gallop for the fountains" will be difficult to treat. Look at the interesting cafes and restaurants – you can enjoy a delicious meal in between Hiking.

Peter you can enjoy without spending extra money. For example, visit:

  • Nevsky prospect;
  • Anichkov bridge;
  • The bronze horseman;
  • Piskaryovskoye memorial cemetery;
  • "Vasilievsky island".

If the financial issue is not as important as to have only one day, it can be spent at the Hermitage or Peterhof. Additional day tour program:

1. Nevsky prospect – the Saviour-on-Blood. Then visited Kazan Cathedral and complete the walk Palace square;

2. Summer garden with a visit to the Russian Museum and the Mikhailovsky castle;

3. Enough saturated: the state Hermitage Museum, Palace square with a visit to St. Isaac's Cathedral;

4. Embankment, Cabinet of curiosities followed by a stroll to the spit of Vasilievsky island. Finally – the Peter and Paul fortress.

Winter Saint-Petersburg

With summer city is more or less clear. But what to see in St. Petersburg in the winter causes some difficulties. Obviously, where reigned the summer riot of colour in the winter and not have half of its charm. Because of the climate, Peter looks much better in the winter than in the fall or spring. Underfoot there will be no adverse slush, and the buildings around are dressed in winter white veil.

CHto posmotret v Pitere zimoj?

Tour program should start with the Hermitage. If your craving for cultural values could not satisfy this huge historical site, the Russian Museum certainly finish the job. On its open spaces it contains more than 400 exhibits. Will be able to withstand such a blow art?

Any walk on a winter city can flow smoothly in the Mikhailovsky garden. It is a quiet place with the cleanest pond and a rich architectural diversity. Children will appreciate a modern children's Playground.

Winter Peter, you can admire from the Windows of cosy cafés. Confectionery "North" will spoil you with classic, treats. Some have not less than one hundred years.

Cold time – good time for a trip to the Theatre of Lensovet. Here are the talented actors. Winter on the streets of St. Petersburg held a lot of exhibitions and other cultural events.

The benefits of winter Peter:

  • low prices for services of hotels;
  • much less queues at most museums. If the summer hunting for a ticket to the Hermitage akin to Safari, the winter is almost empty;
  • winter is a time of theatrical performances;
  • a huge number of various exhibitions and forums. Frequent conferences on various topics;
  • winter St. Petersburg has no less beauty and attraction, than the summer.

Peter for kids

It is doubtful that small children will be able to withstand a full tour program for adults. First, they still not interesting to the majority of architectural monuments, and secondly, long walks take too much effort. If you don't know what to see in St. Petersburg with children, then go to the Aquarium. Here you can find real piranha from the Amazon and ferocious sharks. You can rent an audio guide. This is likely to be meaningless – the child is simply not able to perceive the enormous flow of information. Children will enjoy the path around the main aquarium. Standing on it, you can dive into the marine realm you will go through a typical pattern of aquatic life.

Another good place for a child is the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic. A lot of exhibits, a working model of the Northern lights, the driving model of the Arctic – all of this to collapse a stream of useful and interesting information directly on the fragile shoulders of your fidgets.

The Museum of water, the child can learn about how running water and Sewerage. All this is served in an entertaining and interesting way – visitors to the Museum will go the way of water model pipe andsewage treatment plants. It is difficult to describe this Museum – much easier to see.

In St. Petersburg you can find many interesting at any time of the year: museums, exhibitions, monuments, luxury hotels and hotels, extensive public squares, the many picturesque bridges over the canals. All this diversity it is impossible to visit for a few days. You can choose main, trying to squeeze impossible in the limited hours of stay in this Venice of the North.