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What to see in Riga in the winter, 1 day or 2 days?

CHto posmotret v Rige?

The capital of Latvia at all times attracts a lot of tourists. Business in a truly magical charm of this city, nestled on the banks of the river Daugava. The charm that permeated every building and every street. Because too worried about what to see in Riga, and will not disappoint whether it is a visitor, not worth it. Trip to Riga in winter or summer, for a day or two or a whole week — it's always a true pleasure. The one who at least once will be the local pavement, forever falls in love with this city. Because otherwise can not be.

Originally from Europe

Riga — lightweight, extremely friendly town where every stone felt the imprint of Europe. Natural and cultural beauty is intertwined so tightly that it delights at first sight. It is not for nothing is Riga the experts included in the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO — in the limited list of monuments, that humanity should cherish as the Apple of his eye. When we walk in the streets of Riga, as if instantly transported to the middle ages, and in just a mile — in the 18th and 19th century. And this journey in terms of memories is well worth it.

Where to start your acquaintance with the capital of Latvia? Of course, with the so-called Old town. Riga not so long ago celebrated its 800 years, it is no wonder that it was originally built as a fortress, and later the city centre has acquired the Boulevard ring, where every decade there are more and more fine houses of the nobility, magnificent shopping venues, and various institutions.

In the "heart" of Riga is still absolutely authentic preserved buildings that are worth to see.

Newcomers find their way into the town square, where traditionally is the scattering of stalls with unique Riga Souvenirs. It is impossible not to notice the majestic Cathedral-the Duomo — the same age as the Old town, huge and wonderful. Not in the least loses and St. Peter's Church and beside the statue of the Bremen town musicians is a constant smile.

chto posmotret v Rige zimoj?

Lovers definitely should take a look at twined with thick ivy Powder tower and listen to the saxophonist on a beautiful square in front of another landmark of Riga — the blackheads House. Near albert street, you will forever fall in love with Riga art Nouveau — a magnificent building with unforgettable color and streets, which starred such movies as "the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" with a brilliant Livanov and Solomin in the lead roles, or "17 moments of spring". There is even a hotel, "Eustace", standing in front of the restaurant "Alex".

Enough watching on the wonderful city architecture, visit the local parks. If you start with Central Park Kronvalda, walk along the City canal, and then, towards evening, to look into the famous Riga Opera at a pretty high level.

Most likely, sooner or later, every tourist will be offered a souvenir of the city — Riga balsam. Hand on heart, we have to admit that drinking it in its pure form is very problematic — it is bitter and very strong. For those who does not risk to try it in its original form, in the local bars will easily make a 30-degree mixture of balm with cranberry juice — the so-called shot.

But not an Old city is rich Riga. Modernity also imposed on the Latvian capital imprint — tourists should visit the highest in the European Union, the Riga radio and TV tower, whose height exceeds 300 metres. The observation deck located on it, will allow you to see the beauty of Riga from the bird's eye view. Plus, take a look at the tall Freedom monument, emphasizing the independence of Latvia, and don't forget to go to a fascinating Museum of old cars, where every man becomes a boy with glowing eyes. The highlights of the city are well-equipped zoo, an indoor market located near the Central station and much, much more, which we will describe below is not to be repeated.

chto posmotret v Rige za 1 den?

What to see in Riga in the winter?

Since Riga is located close to the Riga Gulf, in cold season the weather here is quite extreme. Because the question about what to see in Riga in winter, often revolves around weather conditions. In this town a lot of wonderful places where tourists would love to visit, but the winters are not too cold, but there is high humidity and blowing penetrating to the bone wind.

The TV tower is in such circumstances, to rise, of course, not worth it. However, it's worth seeing the monuments of the Old town, even in passing, but they must remain in memory. Further, if we are talking about a trip to the capital of Latvia before Christmas, you can visit the amazing Christmas markets, deployed in all main squares and streets. But if the guests of the city will freeze, they are always welcome in the cozy cafes and restaurants scattered all over the city, likepearls.

chto posmotret v Rige s detmi?

Travel to Riga for 1 day

Someone who is concerned about the catastrophic lack of time during a short trip to the Latvian capital, probably thinks about what to see in Riga for 1 day. In actual fact, even this is enough time to see the historical center of Riga. It's not a huge Moscow. Judging by the reviews and notes of travelers, the most interesting attractions for a short trip to Riga are:

  • The Duomo, founded in the summer of 1211, where there is a huge body with a height of 25 meters — sounding instrument of this size is truly fantastic.
  • After 300 metres away is the Riga castle — the "heart" of the city.
  • After a couple minutes (after 80 meters from the castle), you can wander through the picturesque streets of the Old town, adjacent to the city canal and the Daugava river. There are plenty of clubs, cafes, exhibition and concert halls.
  • If you're lucky with the weather, it's worth the climb to the observation deck of Peter's Church — it is just 300 metres on the previous travel point. Height — 72 meters, the view is amazing, the upstairs guests lift using the lift.
  • The alchemical laboratory, where the produce of the Riga balsam, tricks and smiles are waiting for visitors in colorful bar "Black Magic" — another calling card of the city, you will find a 5-minute walk from Peter's Church.
  • 3 minutes from the bar — the Small Guild. This is a beautiful building before it was the location of the guilds of craftsmen, but now it is a Center of culture and folk art. Next to him on the square you can find a lot of interesting Souvenirs.
  • Very close is a Small and Large Guild — the place of deployment of the modern Philharmonic society. A building with an elegant trim has a rich history right here after the Guild was a place for prayer and shelter, and at one time it served the usual dusty warehouse for grain.
  • And a mile from the Guild district is where tourists are at risk to leave forever its heart (in a good way). So-called "Embassy district", or Alberta street is the center of modernism. Like this style of art whatever you call it art Nouveau, Jugendstil, the only thing I want to say, looking at such preserved architecture: Bravo, awesome Riga!

What to see in Riga in 2 days

With a little more time than for one day trip, you can see a lot more Riga unique charms. And it's wonderful. When seasoned travelers create their own itineraries for a two day trip to Riga, many of them cover and Jurmala. After all, to visit the capital of Latvia and not to go to the sea is, in their opinion, a little bit wrong. Jurmala is only 25 km from Riga, go train, because to get to the coast is not difficult.

And besides, what to see in Riga for 2 days? The choice is great, and miss you here in any case is not necessary. Most importantly, I advise all who have been there, should attend to the selection of extremely comfortable shoes, because the entire Old city is lined with paving stones. So, what else should I see?

House of black cats, or as it is sometimes called, "cat's house". This is not a reminder of the classic fairy tale, and the legendary house, the roof of which has several figurines of black cats. There is a legend that these cats originally were deployed back to the Guild, where no one wanted to take his master, a merchant by profession. A sort of "revenge" stubborn managers Guild. And could not help them even court — cats were turned before only after the adoption of the Guild's eccentric owner of the house. The building is designed in the style of late art-Noir it is worth seeing.

chto posmotret v Rige za 2 dnya?

The second point for the visit must be Dom square — magical shopping place where there are fairs, festivals, and where you can buy that anywhere, apart from Riga, more can not buy.

Restaurant Hospitalis. We stopped in Riga for a few days, be sure to visit the restaurant Hospitalis. It's an amazing place with equally incredible surroundings, the only of its kind in the world. Here fully restored the attributes of the Soviet psychiatric hospitals because going to a restaurant turns into an interesting quest. Guests of the city and its people are in the mood to drink cocktails from test tubes, visitors unexpectedly can put in a straitjacket and escort in a remote, windowless room with soft walls. In this restaurant you can dine in the dental office, and instead of Cutlery to your table served the surgical instruments.

Museum of the automobile. If you visit Riga will have plenty of time still worth a visit to Riga motor Museum — Europe's largest collection of rare cars. In the Museum — armored cars, which went to Brezhnev and Stalin, exclusive models of Mercedes and Rolls Royce, curious motorcycles, buses, fire trucks, sports cars of former times.

The house of the blackheads is a very unusual name for the building. This monument of architecture of the 14th century, 300 years after the building became a meeting place for foreign merchants, and they decorated the front with their own coat of arms —on it was depicted the Holy Mauritius (who was a moor). Take a look at this Riga building is also worth it — his finishing is shocking.

to posmotret v Rige za 1 den

The Latvian Museum of architecture is located in the middle building of the complex, which the locals called "Three brothers". These colorful "brothers" — the three houses interesting buildings erected in different ages. The first was built of white, then yellow, where is the Museum, and green pulled up to the "family" is closer to the 19th century.

The fish pavilion at Riga Central market — a truly legendary place where all must appear foreign celebrities visiting the city. It works daily from 8 am to 17 hours, Sunday and Monday, closes a little earlier — at 16 hours. The place is really big: here you can find everything what a rich Baltic sea.

  • Smoked fish of all kinds,
  • black caviar
  • Riga sprats trading tables Laden with delicious delicacies

And every buyer is definitely taking home a slice of Riga in these gifts of the sea.

And to finish the tour around the city in unique in its kind Skyline bar — its location is sure to prompt the locals, as he is known, respected and loved. First of all, because it is situated on the 26th floor of a large hotel, and there is a unique panoramic view of Riga.

Tips and insights

By the way, the Old town is only a 10 minute walk from the train station and bus station. But if you have to use public transport, it is better to buy tickets at the stops (there are special booths). So trips cost a little less than if you pay the fare directly to the driver.

In Riga a must visit, at least 1 time in life. To see all this magnificence with your own eyes. And 1-2 days is sufficient, because all significant sites are located within a radius of 3 kilometers. The one who saw everything here, like really visited in the past centuries, touching the majestic, almost thousand-year history of Riga. This is a genuinely happy person.