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What to see in Sochi for the winter?

CHto posmotret v Sochi zimoj?

The words "holiday" and "resort" most citizens associated with warm time of the year. And Sochi even more so: the sea, sun and warm beaches. But the resort town is not a poster with a one year old photography, and a book whose contents changes depending on the time of year. And if someone is unclear on what to see in Sochi in the winter, we will reveal the many facets of this Sunny and welcoming city, proving that this resort is a must visit even in winter.

Sochi is not just a city but recreationa area, where each part corresponds to its own spirit, its own attractions and features. Winter tourist, in addition to walking around the city itself, it will be interesting to visit places such as Krasnaya Polyana, Host, and Adler.

If Sochi guest have the opportunity to visit these places, that such an opportunity should not be missed for two reasons: first, in winter you can see what a summer is not enough time for the sea, and secondly, sin is to miss an amazing opportunity to get a lot of positive impressions from the all-Union health resort. For those who have limited time and financial possibilities, will help the following review. With it, every tourist will be able to choose what is closer to him.

Sochi: 7 places to visit

The city was happy to receive guests all year round. No need to ask: - What to see in Sochi for the winter? - you just have to choose where to go to a specific day:

Sochi lighthouse (street Moskvina,10) – the construction of more than a hundred years. During its century-long history, he saw not one enemy ship that tried to sail up to the city. In dark time of day is especially beautiful: it soft green light enveloped the marine lactic haze, creating an atmosphere of fairy-tale vision.

Museum of the history of the city-resort Sochi (Vorovskogo street, 54/11): lovers of history and local lore will be happy to see an interesting exhibition, which presents even space capsule. Fans and sports enthusiasts will gladly spend in the Museum of sports glory, which is part of this complex.

Villa "Vera" (D. Resort, 32) is the first building, which began the resort era of the town. The structure and the Park once belonged to the family of Mamontovyh. The head of the family was fond of cultivation of exotic plants. In winter, the interest is the architecture of the building and interior space.

Library. Pushkin (St. seaside,1) attracts lovers of Gothic architecture. It is noteworthy that this classic European style organically fit into the architectural diversity of the Sochi. The library should pass, even for some of the Windows, which resemble drops of water.

chto mozhno posmotret v sochi zimoj

Khludov's dacha (Riviera Park) – a place in the right-Bank part of the city. Locals call it the monument of modern absurdities: a sad example of good intentions. Demolition of the building followed by a complete recovery has caused a lot of controversy. Blue-Golden roof combined with the bright orange walls will be remembered by every tourist who wanted to see the country Khludov.

Monument "Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin" (St. Grape, 14) – attraction of new time: in 2008, Israeli sculptor Frank Meisler made a gift to the city. The monument to the leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition became a unique monument not only for the city but for the whole Russia. Its Creator presented another instance of England and the United States that became a very symbolic, considering the home of each of the politicians.

The architectural ensemble "Feat in the name of life" (at the entrance to Riviera Park) is a monument dedicated to the medical staff of the city. Marble statues of the doctors, the nurses and nurse's aides reminded everyone that their hands were rescued over half a million soldiers ' lives during the great Patriotic war.

Krasnaya Polyana – a unique natural area

Is a settlement in the valley of the Mzymta, which gave the name to a resort area. In this part of the Caucasus mountains lived a wild tribe of Circassians. They were engaged in raising no less wild insects wild bees. After they ousted the Russian regiment, the government of tsarist Russia made a decision to settle in the valley farmers. But they, unable to withstand the unusual climatic conditions, ran out of there. And only with the advent of Soviet power, the place started to develop.

Krasnaya Polyana – a Paradise for tourists from noisy and dusty city: amazing landscapes, unique mountain-sea climate and excellent infrastructure, which does not disturb the harmony of this place.

The 2014 winter Olympics have popularized this place. Both professionals and Amateurs of mountain skiing, try to get to the trails, famous as the Olympic Champions and world-famous politicians. Lovers of active holidays are waiting for more than 30 cable cars and lifts. Some of them are designed for walking in the dark. Skating built ice arena. The ski school will help budding Amateur athletes to confidently slide on snow. Andextreme jumps for freestylers and snowboarders will delight even those who consider themselves far from active recreation.

In addition to the sports component, there are still plenty of unique attractions. The palm in the number of visits belongs to the research complex "Pyramid". On site scientists have recreated reduced to 29 times a copy of the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. It is built exclusively from wood without a single nail. Researchers work on the study of the effects of pyramids on human health, flora, fauna and even food. The complex is open for visits. Every guest is welcome here. For the most inquisitive visitors give lectures and show films.

Open-air complex of the Caucasian reserve takes the second place in the top three non-sports entertainment. This is a mini-zoo, which features almost all the fauna of the Caucasian reserve. There are even large animals – bison and deer. Children and adults will be interesting to watch a raccoon and a badger. But this is only the most prominent inhabitants of the menagerie.

Apiary "Mountain garden" - over contact object in the company of leaders. Here you can buy not only real healing mountain honey and learn amazing facts about the grey Caucasian bees. Here tourists of all ages because it is a fantastic opportunity to lead environmentally friendly, healthy and tasty gift for friends and family.

Khostinsky district: neighborhood of communism and the nature of

Part of the greater Sochi, which is located between the center and the Adler - it is the Central district? to him include:

  • coastal towns,
  • sanatorium complexes,
  • the number of mountain caves
  • rocks
  • gorges,
  • waterfalls.

In this part of Sochi there are many objects that you can see in the winter. Among them it is worth to highlight five:

Doors Sochi arboretum is open to visitors all year round. Conditionally it can be divided into 2 parts – a Botanical exhibition and architectural complex. The first part of the Park is tropical and subtropical trees. Southern plants such as palm trees, cypresses, bamboos, Sequoia, and many others, in this climate feel great even in winter.

zimnij sochi

Columns, fountains, arbors and sculptures are striking in their splendor. All these structures are unique to the time in which the Park was built. In the late 19th century, Botanical gardens were a rarity for Russia. And its founder, Mr. Hudenko exceeded the expectations of even the modern and sophisticated tourists: cable car connects the 2 parts of the Park, one of which built viewing platform.

We drove to the village of Khost, around which there are the UNESCO monument – the Tiso-samshitovaya grove. This is the Colchic forest, in which he sought adventures of the legendary Argonauts. The average age of yews is 1 thousand years, and oldest yew – 2 thousand years. On the territory of the reserve is, as the title, Khosta fortress, the ruins of which remain for archaeologists a mystery to this day.

Fans of the esoteric Sciences should be required to visit the Host. The mystery of the Kudepsta cult stone figure still. Guess he went to the Circassians from the earlier tribes.

Dacha of Joseph Stalin (Matsesta)
is a real place of pilgrimage for ardent fans of communism. The structure of 1937 is very much like a modern Italian Villa. And only RAID exotic for the time, reminiscent of constructivism, where was born the architect. Custom dark green color makes argue experts from the field of history and architecture: this was done to mask or mysterious and no less eccentric desire of the owner?

Stalin's personal belongings surprise a delicate combination of exquisite taste and elegant restraint. On the desktop is a unique desktop device. It is a gift of the Chinese associate – Mao TSE Tung. Anyone can take a picture with a wax sculpture of the chief.

Aquarium Matsesta particular interest to nature lovers. It contains representatives of the marine fauna of the coast. Their company was joined by exotic animals – crocodiles, penguins and even a Hippo. On the zoo's website posted feeding schedule. You can visit the aquarium just at this time, at the same time knowing what to feed the Hippo and crocodile.

Adler winter in contrast to summer stereotypes

On many travel sites you can read about that in the cold season, Adler is a transit point. But it can be fun to argue:

  • first, there was built the largest in Russia Oceanarium. More than 4 thousand fishes, including representatives of at least 200 species. Acrylic tunnel with sharks passing by, the tropical forest is not common even in West aquarium. Children and adults brings wild feeding sharks. Daily show 2 show. A trip to a restaurant will leave bright impressions. While in winter, Sochi will be remembered not for one year;
  • secondly, is to look at the Saint Sarkis Cathedral is a modern Armenian Church. Its territory isthe Yerevan monument to the passengers of the plane who died in 2006 on the territory of the Adler;
  • thirdly, the interest of tourists , the building of the point Adler. This pre-revolutionary building which was converted into a restaurant;
  • fourthly, it is necessary to look at the night illumination of the Olympic rings. Each continent represented by a different color. The day is also interesting to see, because it is the Olympic history of Russia;
  • krasnaya polyana roza hutor

  • fifth, it is in Adler Park "Southern culture". It is unique in that staircase and some of the buildings the master of the estate went under the water, creating a unique Aqua-architectural ensemble. Another difference from the majority of similar parks on the black sea coast is situated on a flat terrain.

Those are the places that you can't always notice at the time of hot beaches, but which are worthy the attention of the winter tourist. And if you still doubt, to go or not to go in the winter in Sochi, all of the above objects is a guarantee that your Sochi winter holidays may be huge competition summer impressions of this resort.