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What to see in Vienna alone with the kids?

CHto posmotret v Vene samostoyatelno?

Vienna! Who among us has not dreamed to visit this famous cultural centre, located in the heart of old Europe. That is, historically, Vienna is most valuable for modern tourists from all over the world. However, if your first date with this city it is very difficult to decide what to see in Vienna alone. If time is short, and I want to see as much as possible, we can distinguish two main routes, allowing the fullest to get acquainted with the main Vienna attractions.

The first route is a study tour through Vienna on the first tram, and the second is a walk through its historic centre. It should be noted that each of the proposed routes is calculated only for one day. And if you come to Vienna for a few days, they will allow you to discover this beautiful city.

A walk through Vienna by tram 1

What to see in Vienna for 1 day, and as the most efficient route to cover as many as possible attractions? The first route is a regular tram ride, which runs through the most interesting places of Vienna. It can also be recommended for those who want to navigate and to fully integrate into the urban atmosphere of this beautiful city. Those who came to Vienna for the first time, you can even recommend just to drive around town, watching its inhabitants, and did not even exit the tram. Is this trip just about thirty minutes, during this time, you will be able to see the main attractions located in the right part of town. In addition, they all will be included in Hiking.

Should immediately focus on the fact that in the left part of the buildings of the city are not so interesting as those which are located in the right part.

The exception is, perhaps, only the Hundertwasser house. If you have the opportunity to visit it a must. Route 1 tram passes near this interesting architecture, so it is possible to advise only one: if time permits, be sure to come out and inspect it.

The Cathedral of St. Ruprecht

CHto posmotret v Vene zimoj?
At the beginning of the route we will get acquainted with the Vienna state Opera. The reason why every year thousands of tourists travel to this city. Getting here is very simple: it passes near the route of our first tram, here the eponymous Central metro station. Since the first of September and April, this building is constantly undergoing ballets, operas and various music concerts.

If you come to Vienna specifically for the Opera, about the tickets need to worry in advance, so as to buy them during the season is problematic. When purchasing tickets, please carefully study the map of the location of places, as too cheap places either have very limited visibility, or does not have.

Tickets for the Opera can be purchased at the Opera box office or from dealers that are in a huge amount of wandering around the building.

If you want to see in Vienna, but your financial possibilities are very limited, it can be just a couple euros to buy standing room and enjoy the marvelous sound without special material costs.

The Burggarten is another important landmark, however, in principle, nothing special, he stands out from the other similar places around the world. Initially there are only two things which tend to get here in fact all who were fortunate enough to visit this Park is the famous statue of Mozart and the home of the palm trees.

The Museum of art history can be interesting only to those who is a passionate admirer of painting, and for others, it's just a beautiful place, located in the city.

The Hofburg Palace is a true historical centre of Vienna, it is interesting that all the apartments were once the ruling emperors of Austria.

chto posmotret v vene s detmi

The outer gates of Vienna is an entrance to the historic core of the city.

Natural history Museum – an interesting place that will appeal to those who are interested in chemistry and physics. It also refers to those places, what to see in Vienna with children will be very interesting.

People's Park is one of several parks located in Central Vienna, there is always live music. Here you can just relax, lie a little bit on the grass.

The Austrian Parliament building is a place that is impossible not to visit while in Vienna. Stunning architecture of the building fascinates visitors from the first minute. Inspection of this ingenious structures should be given special attention.

Parks Of Vienna

Park in front of the town Hall and the town hall itself is two wonderful historical relevance of the place. In principle, nothing special, but to miss the opportunity to see them is not worth it.

House Pascualita — famous for the fact that here Mozart was removedthe apartment for as much as eight years.

The administrative building of the University of Vienna – just another beautiful Viennese building.

Votive Church in Vienna is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches of Vienna. At first glance it seems that the building is carved out of wood. This is a truly Grand structure, its height is 99 feet, which is the highest among the Viennese churches.

Burgtheater — the building, striking in its perfect beauty. This is one of the oldest German-speaking theaters in Europe.

The law faculty of the University of Vienna is quite a beautiful building, but yet to go for inspection there is no need, as it can be perfectly seen from the window of the tram.

The Cathedral of St. Ruprecht is one of the oldest cathedrals of Vienna, built in 750.

The Hundertwasser house is one of the places worth visiting Vienna. In fact, it is the ordinary dwelling house, built in the style of Gaudi. This truly fabulous home it will be interesting to visit not only for adults but also for children. Despite the fact that his address can be heard outside the reviews, he, no doubt, will appeal to lovers of unusual architecture. Striking evidence of this are the crowds of tourists visiting it annually.

It should be noted that in the architecture of this building does not have any direct line, she has the most bizarre and dizzying forms, coming at odds with all existing laws of geometry. Its roof planted with beautiful trees and shrubs. Immersed in the greenery and all its balconies and archery. And from the street, visitors can see an unusual fountain, made in the same style with the house. Near the house there is a small shop where you can always buy Souvenirs slightly cheaper than in the city centre.

In principle, the Hundertwasser House – the final point of our journey. Now you can catch the same tram, but moving in the opposite direction, and again enjoy the all memorable places.


This trip we will start from the Park Burggarten, which is the busiest place, located near the entrance is the famous statue of Mozart. Here you can take pictures, listen to classical music while lying on the beautiful green grass. If you fully enjoying all the pleasures of this place, we have to move towards the Hofburg.

Before the entrance to the ancient castle of the Hofburg is another Vienna landmark Heroes square, or Heldenplatz. This is a huge area where Hitler from the balcony of one of the new locks has proclaimed March 15, 1938, the Anschluss and the Third Reich. Quite a majestic place without a doubt worthy to visit it.

Finally, it was time to visit the Hofburg Palace, which is one of the oldest historical centers of Vienna. Here, everything breathes with history and imbued with the greatness of the Habsburg dynasty and other emperors of Vienna. The castle was built in the second century of our era, and for many centuries it was a non-replaceable residence of the Imperial court.

Today, for the tourists are fully open:

  • Imperial apartments,
  • Treasury
  • the Spanish riding school
  • national library,
  • the chapel of the Imperial Palace.

If time permits, be sure to look at all available this splendor with my own eyes, and visit the Treasury and do not forget to look at the stables, where, since the fifteenth century, the dancing white horses. To be honest, this show is simply amazing! But in the treasure you must have at least one eye to look at the silver collection once owned by the beautiful Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria.

Equally remarkable place is the Church.Augustine, that you can visit if you pass through the Swiss arch on the square of the Hofburg and turn right. Here are stored the hearts of all the Habsburgs. However, the entrance to the Church is on an adjacent square Josefsplatz. So when you get to the Church building, you will have to return the signs to get to its entrance. Externally this Church is unremarkable. Perhaps its main advantage is that in the crypt, located inside the Church, kept the hearts of 54 Habsburg.

Continuing the motion down the street from the Hofburg to the State Opera, you can see the famous cafe "Mozart", which sells the world-famous sweet cake "Zecher". If you will not spare money and decide to eat a delicious sweetness and fragrant coffee, then in the process you'll be able to contemplate the Albertina, located directly opposite the cafe.

After a bit you made up for strength and rested, it's time to visit the Albertina. Here you can see the masterpieces of painting, painted by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Rubens, Raphael and many others. This is one of the largest museums of Vienna.

Moving on, you can see burial Vault of the Habsburgs or the second name of this building is the crypt. Three times the name is associated with the location of the tomb: it is in the Church of the Capuchins. Passing by, you should notregret $ 5 and go to this amazing place to feel the power of the Habsburg dynasty. Here you can see the incredible beauty of the coffins, magnificent gravestones and sculptures that are fascinating in their greatness. This crypt will not be able to meet more than in any other European city.

This tomb, perhaps, will be the final point in our Hiking journey and the last paragraph and list of what to see in Vienna for 1 day independently. If you all the next day decide to spend walking around Vienna with children, here you will find a huge number of places that will impress your little fidget.

Stephansdom or St. Stephen's Cathedral is a true symbol of Vienna, which will impress a child of any age. First and foremost, you will need to pay attention to the size and the view from the towers of the Cathedral. Here you can also climb and see the city from the North Tower, not the superfluous will pay attention to the beauty of its bas-reliefs. After visiting the Cathedral, be sure to take a walk to a cab, without which it is virtually impossible to imagine the old vein.

chto posmotret v vene s detmi

Be sure to visit the musical clock, it is very important to do it at noon, since that's the only time the clock will show all the most important historical figures of Austria. For as much as 15 minutes, the pieces will float majestically to the assembled audience.

Vienna is a real musical capital of Europe. With a little fidget you are unlikely to visit the Opera house, but from visiting the House of music you and the baby, no doubt, will receive enormous pleasure. House music – this is an interesting interactive Museum. The most unusual thing here is that each floor of the building dedicated to a particular musical theme, and a separate floor is devoted to the biography of famous composers. A separate part is devoted to experiments with sound effects: natural, electronic, modern and, of course, ethnic.

Equally interesting for children and will be the Museum of the sea. It's a magical place just captivates the kids. Especially interesting for children who are lovers of the tropics, turtles and monkeys. On the top floor of the Museum building features a wonderful observation deck.

It is also interesting to visit the child and Hundertwasser, the main attraction of which is considered unusual different Windows. When you visit this place don't forget kid's pencils and album: it is likely that here he may Wake up an incredible thirst for drawing.

About Vienna I could talk for hours. However, it is better to buy a ticket and go to this wonderful city independently, to see all the sights with my own eyes and not listen to someone's admiring stories about him.