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What can you bring from America (USA) out of souvenir as a gift?

CHto privezti iz Ameriki (SSHA)?

Travel is always a lot of positive emotions and wonderful memories, which will last if not forever then for a very long time!

Each country keeps a special features, which no other. The atmosphere of the city, a long tradition, even people living in the country, all very new and interesting to the tourist.

Of course, each countries need to carry something specific and characteristic for it. If you are in the United States of America and don't know what to bring from your holiday, then it is time to understand that as a Yes.

In addition to the memories, and photos brought from home, want to take something that will remind about the place where you have been, for a long time.

In addition, friends and relatives, of course, expect a small giftby which they too can feel a part of the country from which you came.

What to bring from America?


What can you bring from USA? Of course, the wine! California ranked fourth in the world in the wine industry, so, of course, grab a bottle of semi-dry red is a good idea.

Warm and dry climate of this state, allows you to produce sparkling wine with a fruity aroma and delicious taste.

If you are not going to go to California, to get a good wine is also possible in the other States: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

It is recommended to take wines from traditional grape varieties: Merlot, Gros Verdot and Malbec. The most expensive or even a luxury wine is Dominus.

To bring from abroad alcoholic drinks, very popular, besides, the cold night will be pleased to savor a glass of wine, reminiscing about the wonderful time you travel.

CHto poprosit privezti iz Ameriki: vino


To buy cosmetics in America, is not only fashionable, but also profitable, we all know that make-up facilities are in that country much cheaper than in Russia, in addition there is a global selection of different means.

Proven option – cosmetics "Urban Decay Naked 2". There are a huge number of positive reviews about this company. Especially hot ladies discuss stunning mosaic of shadows.

Almost all modern girls are obsessed with eyebrow shaping, but to find a good enough shadow, it is sometimes difficult. So if you visit America, be sure to grab eye shadow for eyebrows firms "Jordana".

Any beauty knows about the wonderful company "MILANI", famous for its delightful blush. To find such in Russia is almost impossible, so you should pay attention to this company in America.


Foreign drugs will surprise you with its great selection. Indeed, there are many kinds of drug analogues from which to choose exactly what you need.

In addition, foreign funds have proven themselves as very effective drugs, with minimal side effects.

Advise certain drugs is foolish, because each person has their own individual afflictions, but the very fact that should opt for the drugs from America.


What man doesn't love a tasty meal? In the United States of America there are such products, which people in Russia can only dream about.

First and foremost is, of course, a variety of sweets! Why not just invented by the Americans, what gastronomic delights are not on their shelves.

Traditional product, which is purchased almost all American families is peanut butter, which we often see in the movies.

They eat it every day for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. This product, an indispensable part of the diet of the average citizen of America.

Then, of course maple syrup is a traditional additive to pancakes, pies and pancakes.

Well and closes the hit parade, Oreo-cookie. Every tourist tries to bring it biscuits home.

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American kitchen – the mixture of various cultures, therefore, some distinctive herbs and spices per se, but you can bring along condiments, which though not traditionally American, but nonetheless very tasty: onion or garlic powder, celery salt, cinnamon and ginger.


What Souvenirs to bring from America? Various kinds of Souvenirs that can only come in the head, full of American souvenir shops.

Very interesting and colorful option is a license plate, not real of course, they serve as decor for the walls. You can choose a room with the name of the state where you have been.

Next popular option – t-shirts, mugs and baseball caps with the inscription "IloveNewYork". You can also buy the stand or dish with popular American sayings.

Souvenirs and gifts

For girls

Every girl dreams of a gorgeous set of lingerie, so if she receives a gift of lingerie from "VictoriaSecret", the delight is not the limit.

You can even consider the option of skin funds of the company "EOS", which are distinguished by their cute design and insanely delicious smells. Speaking of odors: you can still give a girl a real American perfume.

Suveniry i podarki: dlya devushki

For men

With the opposite sex, things are even easier. For men, you can bring some popular games for consoles.

Still, as an option, a good watch. It is also possible to choose from a large number of electronics and gadgets.

Has not been canceled fashion for men, so a good gift will be an elegant tie, shirt or t-shirt.

For a child

What to bring to a child from America? What can please him more than a new toy? Popular video game characters, movies and cartoons, waiting on the shelves of American stores.

For a boy it can be attributes of a film Studio "Marvel", and girls can choose dolls from the collection of "MonsterHigh".

The coloring of America, inspired by us TV shows and movies easily allows you to choose things that you can bring your own from the States.

Souvenirs are an important part of the journey, without them, the vacation seems somehow unfinished.

So, of course, always worth a run to the gift shop and to choose somethingthat can be put on the shelf at home and something that you can give in memory of friends.

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