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What to bring from Belarus (Belarus) of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Belorussii?

Belarus - our closest neighbor andreliable ally. Russians make up almost 10%, Russian language - the second state, all of this suggests the further expansion and strengthening, centuries-old, close ties.

Between the two countries visa-free regime, no restrictions on the movement of the inside for us.

Many live there relatives or friends to visit them sometimes necessary, and a tourist in Belarus is something to see: castles, memorable places connected with the last war, the national parks. About Belovezhskaya Pushcha, everyone has heard of.

What to bring from Belarus in the memory about the fascinating trip as a gift to relatives and friends?

What you can buy in Belarus?


In the hands of the Belarusian masters of products of simple material become works of art.

Simple straw is converted into various toys, boxes, various patterns and decorations. Making clothes - cute hats and shoes – sandals.

Wood is toys, snuffboxes, chess sets, furniture. The straw used in the manufacture of wooden crafts, gives it uniqueness and originality.

What to bring from Belarus? The most popular Souvenirs are products from birch bark, local craftsmen are famous for their paintings and engravings.

Souvenirs from Belarus, stylized as the famous Slutsk belts, are also in demand, the secret of their manufacture was lost, and only rare specimens are preserved in museums, but the craft is slowly recovering.

CHto mozhno kupit v Belorussii: suveniry


Belarus is famous for its strong drinks, the famous ZUBROWKA is a vodka infused with grass. Grass "Zubrovka fragrant" grows in the Bialowieza forest and is known for its medicinal properties.

Vodkas produced many: bread, cranberry, berezovytsia (infused with birch leaves), vodka with pepper and honey.

Good local salves ("Belarusian", "Sorcerer", "Polesie") and infusion (the"Bialowieza", "Belovezhskaya Pushcha"), they are infused with herbs, with the addition of the leaves and buds of trees.

We can not say about the Belarusian beer, it's brewed for a long time, exclusively from natural products. Two Beers "Alivaria Extra" and "Olivaria Golden" were awarded gold medals at the exhibition in Brussels in 2013.

Cosmetics and perfume

In the manufacture of these products uses only natural ingredients, no adding any chemical substances that have not undergone rigid inspection.

The advantages of the Belarusian perfumery include low price for their products, like all consumers, not only domestically, but also abroad.

Leaders in production are: hair (hair products, creams for face and hands), TM Vitex and Placental (facial masks, shampoos, balms for hair).

Kosmetika i parfumeriya


Medicines are very cheap, the price more than half of Belarusian medicines less than 60 rubles, a significant part of their domestic production.

Most of the drugs used, the tourist will find something to buy in the pharmacies of Belarus.

Foods and spices

Belarus, the only country in the world where food is grown and produced in the traditional, age-old technology, any supplements are missing completely, hence their premium quality, great taste and high demand for them worldwide.

The government strictly controls everything from the cultivation of agricultural products up to the counter of the store, in the country is very all the hard standards that are strictly observed.

What to bring from Belarus. Canned meat, sausage, milk, sour cream, oil, berries – are a guarantee of quality and taste. And about the Belarusian potato, its characteristics and the price. it's probably just not worth talking about.

Traditional spices and spices are: cumin, coriander, horseradish, mustard, linseed, juniper, cherryand oak leaves.

Souvenirs from Belarus.

Clothes and shoes

What else can you bring from Belarus? In Polissya have long cultivated flax. Linen fabric has long been known, sew any clothes, towels, curtains, tablecloths, all this cheap and free to buy in the country.

Belarus is famous for its knitwear, underwear and dresses were always distinguished by their top quality. A third of all produced in the country of production is exported.

In the country many enterprises in the footwear industry, the products they manufactured are also good known and competitive.


Pastry Belarus: chocolate, marshmallows, candy, jellies, recipes only natural ingredients, they are of excellent quality and can serve as a good gift.

Vsyakaya vsyachina


Very good Belarusian crystal, the production of Berezovsky and the Borisov plant received prizes at many international exhibitions.

Ceramic tableware - comfortable and useful in everyday life, its painted, not inferior to Khokhloma.

Hats and felt boots made in Belarus, is known not only for us, but a place where they are made, finding want to be in the list of cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Imported from Belarus can be a lot of different things, Souvenirs that will suit all family members, relatives, friends and simply good acquaintances. It is a good gift for the upcoming birthday.

What to bring as a gift?

The girl

Girl would be happy Belarusian cosmetics, products from quality satin, the other cotton fabrics. Dress, a beautiful blouse or an original gown will suit her taste.

Underwear is also nice; something you can just bring home a beautiful tablecloth, curtains, bedspread original, all will be accepted with joy.

Of the Souvenirs you can choose the original straw hats, large selection of different boxes, figurines, beautiful, original doll. Chocolate and other sweets would make her happy.


A bottle of good liquor will suit any man, even a non-drinker, you can always present it to your friend, good friend or boss.

Here the choice is very large: sweet grass, many varieties of high-quality vodka, a couple bottles of good fruit wines will not be superfluous.

From Souvenirs suitable box, piggy Bank, purse, figurine of a bison made out of wood or fashioned from clay. Everything was done efficiently and tastefully. Belarusian linen will also be good, especially in winter.

CHto privezti v podarok muzhchine?


Child will be glad of the Belarusian sweets: chocolate, marmalade, pastille, all in bright beautiful packaging and extremely tasty.

From Souvenirs of different dolls lot of animal figurines. Children's shoes manufactured in Belarus are of excellent quality, again linen from natural materials.

A trip to Belarus will bring not only a lot of unforgettable experiences and encounters, but will be beneficial from the point of view of acquiring all sorts of very useful, qualitative and inexpensive things.