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What can you bring from Montenegro of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz CHernogorii?

For a long time, being at the watershed of two civilizations – East and West , Montenegro has absorbed the traits of beauty and chaos of the Islamic world, and the harsh austerity of European civilization.

A special flavour was added to the mountainous topography of the country, a significant part of the cities which stretched a narrow strip along the Adriatic sea, standing out against the high ridges and ledges.

Like all countries that emerged from Yugoslavia, Montenegro has preserved numerous ethnic enclaves, where you can find parcel of the culture, lifestyle and crafts of neighboring countries.

Most of the state is homogeneous and textured – traveler, pretty trains around the country, it's easy to say "this thing is exactly the Montenegrin".

Montenegrins are very hospitable to foreign tourists, all the gifts you can consider and even try.

Hiking for Souvenirs in the streets of the Old town of Budva, Bar and Podgorica, we should not forget cash as payment cards in this country is problematic.

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Gifts and Souvenirs

Montenegrin alcohol

Warm and mild weather, huge sun-drenched mountain terraces Montenegrins do not leave any choice viticulture developed here, and most importantly historically.

Wine Montenegro not so well-known, but very unusual, as, for example, "Krstac". In the production of Montenegrin wines are more likely to use peeled grapes without skin, resulting in white wines.

Absolutely do not be surprised if you see a wine with added fruit, nuts or different herbs.

The inhabitants of the country do not consider wine a national product. For the Balkan countries is characterized by the popularity of the raki – a strong brew made of fermented fruits.

The locals here do not change their national traditions and put in drinks wormwood, roots, mountain herbs.

Alcohol – a welcome gift, and an unusual, strong and aromatic – is a doubly pleasant. To buy wine and brandy can be the producers themselves in the West of the country, either directly in the capital in the corporate and mass stores Plantaze or more elite One.

CHernogorskij alkogol

Cosmetics and natural medicines

Cosmetic art in Montenegro brought the Bulgarians. In addition massmarket a widespread shops Bar-Kod, the locals produce a unique cosmetics of roses.

Every day, the farmers collect the most vivid and lush roses and make rose oil. Further it is used in the production of everything from shampoo to perfume.

Not surprising when you learn that the best cosmetics are labeled as "Bulgarian rose" – the fact that the Montenegrins have preserved ancient traditions and produce cosmetics only from special varieties of Rosa Damascena.

You should look for in stores:

  • Catrice;
  • Golden Rose;
  • Cosmetics.

In depth, in the East, still observed traditional medicine. Its basis is the treatment of infusions and concoctions of mountain herbs and honey. On the ridges of the mountains gather the leaves and fruit of barberry, mountaineer and mountain pine needles.

You can buy dried herbs separately, and the prepared mixture for phyto-tea. Small pharmacies and shops in the markets are the usual places of sale, but on the resort, iskusheniem the West of the country to meet them is quite difficult.

Kosmetika i prirodnye lekarstva


But everywhere you can taste traditional Montenegrin dishes, many of which are certainly worth a take to surprise loved ones.

The most famous Montenegrin delicacy is "Prosciutto", vaguely reminiscent of Spanish ham. Pork foot long smoked over charcoal, not allowing it to dry or to burn. During cooking, the dish is richly flavored with spices, and then just as long to dry in the fresh air.

Walking in Podgorica, it is difficult not to bump into the butcher shop after a hundred meters, so not difficult to choose the right piece as the taste and means.

In addition to meat dishes, inMontenegro prepared nagurski cheese and clotted cream – a cross between a cheese, cream and sour cream. Large milk processing plants is not here, so most cheese is "homemade".

Among higher-status Montenegrin products worth mentioning olive oil. Olives ripen in a climate similar to traditional Greek, with a similar taste, but a lower cost.

Spices, abundantly imported from southern countries, are combined with local traditions to put herbs in everything. In the markets you can buy both, even in the form of ready mixes.

Podarki i suveniry: produkty


The largest markets and the most brisk trade, perhaps, in Budva. That is why it is easier just to buy a fake or poor quality goods.

Vacationing in Montenegro and planning to purchase a real attire or jewelry, it is better to go in Herceg Novi or Podgorica.

In cities coast to a greater extent trade that brought (or supposedly brought) from Italy, separated from Montenegro by a narrow Strait.

From the North, from Serbia or Serbian villages in Montenegro, in the market driven by clothing and textiles, including tablecloths and bed linen with distinctive pattern. From the South, Albania and Albanian villages – carpets.

What Souvenirs to bring from Montenegro? Because Montenegrins are Orthodox, and a majority of the population professes this religion, there are many monasteries, each of which also produces Souvenirsshowing the vicinity of a particular place.

In addition to the amulets and icons, they can buy national bracelet – Bronica, woven by the nuns of the nodules. In the Balkans, Bronica equal to pectoral cross.

Vsyakaya vsyachina

What to bring as a gift?


In addition to the listed cosmetics, should pay attention to products made of fabric and wool. National clothes of the inhabitants of Montenegro are more practical than beautiful, but blankets, thick woollen blankets, popular in the mountain villages are an integral part of the culture of the country.

To find them is a big success, increasing as you move inland.

In the resort you can look at to brought clothes – often it is sold much cheaper than in Italy. Even being fake, it often is not inferior in quality.

Through Turkey and Albania in the country brought many beautiful Oriental jewelry. And if the Turks imported mainly gold, the Albanians, you can buy it silver jewelry, ranging from rings to amazing custom-made tiaras with national ornaments and precious stones.


Montenegrin markets do not bring much joy. Bright magnets, beads and bracelets made of shells, amid the huge selection for adults, will be the likely consolation prize.

CHto privezti v podarok: detyam


Men will love the utility of local clothing. In Montenegro you can buy wool and dense Montenegrin jackets, vests and sweatshirts. Dense and very warm clothes warm long winter and reminds you of the country.

Less useful, but typical for Montenegro headgear – mouth guard – used at solemn occasions, and is also a symbol of national memory of the country.

In the old days, Montenegrins were very warlike, and even managed to wrest its independence from Turkey in the heyday of the latter.

A weapon that is forged in the workshops of the country, richly decorated with silver, often considered it jewelry.

Externally, gift edged weapons reminiscent of Turkish scimitars daggers the length of a cubit. With all the diversity, to bring home this, of course, men's gift is very difficult.

If you are afraid of customs difficulties, you can delay the sword to the side and stop at musical instruments. Montenegrins prefer the harp, which is played with a bow.

They also decorate as precious metals and delicate carvings.

Mix of cultures and styles here bloomed in all its manifestations. Local gifts are warmly welcomed and Souvenirs reminding the country will be not only decoration, but also a very functional thing, reflecting the spirit of this extraordinary people, who grew up surrounded by high mountains and the beautiful sea.

Gifts and Souvenirs from Montenegro. Advice to tourists.