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What to bring from Egypt as a gift - gifts and cosmetics from Hurghada

CHto privezti iz Egipta?

Egypt is one of the most mysterious countries. It has a rich history, and residents still use many of the techniques, recipes and traditions of ancient times. Visiting local attractions, it is impossible to return home empty handed, but with many people deciding what to bring from Egypt, long unable to make a choice. You can buy expensive works of art and Souvenirs for a nominal price.

In the midst of endless, colorful rows of bazaars, even the most indifferent people may be confused. Very often these are the cunning sellers for which the tourists - the main source of income. Therefore it is better to go shopping in stores or visit the stalls in the company of a guide who not only will help you recognize the fake, but thanks to the knowledge of the language, bargain for a lower price. Haggling can reduce the price by half.

There is another feature when choosing a gift guide can tell you the value of Souvenirs. For fans to do everything yourself, we offer you to get acquainted with basic descriptions of the most common gifts.

Variety of Souvenirs and their secret values

Interesting fact that the most popular Souvenirs in Egypt are associated with death. The Egyptians perceived her a little differently than we do, for our own countrymen the gift of a sarcophagus or mummy can be unpleasant.

In addition, people who know the symbolism of Egypt, to give on first sight a harmless thing made, indicating the involvement of or connection with the world of the dead. So before buying gifts, remember which of your friends or relatives especially suspicious.

Many esoterics say that ritual and religious figurines imported from other countries, may interfere with the energy of the house. Therefore, they should be wrapped in white silk and leave it in a dark place for a week. Supposedly after that she adapts to a new location and begins to bring good luck into your life.

Some believe that the Sphinx is able to absorb good energy at home, others on the contrary consider him a defender of your home. The sphinxes there are several types and each has its own value:

  • Androsphinx - looks-like creature with a human head. Strengthens the connection of thoughts with the physical implementation.
  • Criosphinx - with the animal's body and RAM's head. Is a symbol of silence. So if you want to have in your home the secret information stored securely - safely buy.
  • Jerkovic - with the Falcon head, will make you have power over others.
  • The classical Sphinx without wings – will increase your power.
  • The Theban Sphinx represents the senseless destruction. It is used for installation in the cemetery, to protect the dead.
  • Minoan Sphinx differs from other by the presence on the head a wreath of lilies. Helps fight animal instincts and be more spiritual.

The sarcophagus is a kind of boat that helps the soul separated from the body transported into the world of the dead so that it does not become lost and not wandering for centuries. Also a quick ferrying souls to the afterlife, to the maximum guaranteed her safety from the effects of mages and spirits.

The Scarab. Depending on how to arrange a Scarab, it is possible to achieve different results. The scarab on the windowsill in company with flower Scarlet or Jade, will make sure that soon your financial Affairs will go uphill.

CHto privezti iz Egipta v podarok?

To combat picky head, place the Scarab face to the boss and he will cling to anyone, but not to you.

The Scarab beetle, need to buy necessarily with legs, bugs without legs is a symbol of death.

The pyramid is the most common symbol and landmark of Egypt. Probably, there is no tourist who left Egypt without her. Despite the fact that it's a tomb, she's the most harmless souvenir. Due to its shape, the pyramid removes the negative energy from any room, and with space attracts positive and distributes it across the room.

Papyrus – these parcels, as before, is made by the same technology. But we must be careful not to buy a fake out of rice paper or palm leaf. Real papyrus is kept century, and, of course, will not crumble and zalamyvaniya. To check the quality, can be transparent to the seller, viewing the figure, to wring the edge of the papyrus, if hall not left any traces – you can safely take. But it is best to buy papyrus at the shop where they are made.

Choosing the papyrus should not act on the principle "like the colors with the picture, so I took it." Each figure and symbol are their sacred significance, the contents of which can be obtained from the seller or the guide.

Cartouche. In ancient times it was considered a very powerful talisman that was worn by the pharaohs. It looks like an oval plate with the pattern on one side and inscription on the other. Often that says make the name of the owner, and the pattern applied is the one which represents the properties, which are lacking to the owner of the amulet.

Such amulets protect from magical influences of the evil eye and just randomtrouble. They can be various sizes and made of any materials. The most advanced Egyptian entrepreneurs draw desired Cartouche on t-shirts and other goods. But the Cartouche looks in the form of jewelry.

Oil perfumes. Many of the perfume factories of Europe buying oil in Egypt. There are virtually any small-time drug dealer, right when you are blending several oils, I repeat the aroma of famous French brands. But still, it's better in the market of oil and the perfume do not buy, so as to earn more money, sellers reduce their
the cost of diluting the oil with glycerin. The smell of them will not be worse, but resistance will be less.

Deciding what to bring from Egypt, of the makeup for my friend - feel free to choose Arabic oil perfumes, they were popular at all times. Recipes are passed from father to son for many years. Indicator of their uniqueness and quality is that their services are used by even the most modern European plants.

CHto privezti iz Egipta iz kosmetiki?

In addition to the magic of the fragrance, you can admire the elegance and uniqueness of the bottles. Bubbles for Arabian perfumes can be put on any exhibition of art glass, as a unique exhibit.

Jewelry. Honestly, the style of the ornaments themselves. whom they delight, but for someone seem to be too heavy and catchy. Gold has a peculiar hue, it just burns in the light. But unfortunately, this color is not an indicator of quality, and the presence of additional impurities.

But silver jewelry and true masterpieces. Each ornament has a complex openwork form, which is not found anywhere else.

When choosing jewelry you need to consider each product up close, as some of them are homemade and made with careful consideration reminiscent of cheap jewelry.

KAF Maryam. For many people, visiting the Egyptian souvenir shops, remain a mystery lying on the counter dry twigs. At first glance they are totally uninteresting and more like herbs that sell grandmother in transition. But if a twig Caf Mariama put into the water, two days later you discover that it is all covered with small blue flowers. KAF Maryam translates as "hand of Mary". Being in the room, it brings good luck to all its residents.

Souvenirs associated with the Egyptian Gods

RA – in Egypt, it is revered as the Creator of the whole World, it is believed that he went to other Gods and inhabitants of the planet. Many believed that the pharaohs were children of the God RA. Most often he is depicted in human form with a Falcon head. Symbolizes light and life.

Bastet. Many are familiar with Souvenirs in the form of a cat, so it is not that other as the image of the Goddess Bastet. It protects the coziness and tranquility of all members of the family from the attacks of evil spirits and the influence of intruders. Buying is only the cats located on a rectangular plate. Cats are placed on the leg like a vessel intended for the tombstones of the deceased, similar to our wreaths.

ISIS is made as with wings, and cow horns. Helps to ensure a great harvest and a variety of the profit of the owner. Will be a good gift to entrepreneurs and gardeners. A symbol of prosperity and exposure to natural elements, according to the needs of the person from whom it is.

CHto privezti iz Egipta iz Hurgady

The Heron epitomizes the image of God Ben, according to legend, he came out of nowhere, by itself. Helps safely recover, even with the strongest turning point in life. Like a Phoenix, is a symbol of immortality and rebirth. If you think what to bring from Egypt as a gift to a friend who is in a difficult situation, stop your choice on the Heron.

God is One – the most mysterious figure among all the gods of Egypt. He was the author of "the Book of the dead", and was also the Creator of many texts of magical rites and made many experiments. It came to trained alchemists and magicians from all countries. Such a gift to the good people involved in magic or spirituality, because such a strong magical personality is not likely to disappear without a trace. Thoth is depicted in human form with the head of an IBIS.

Anubis – his image is found throughout Egypt, as he was a terror to all the inhabitants of Egypt. So as not to attract his wrath, people tried hard to please him. This fear was related to the fact that in the hands of Anubis was not only the earthly life of the people, but their fate after death. He was cast in further degeneration, for someone prepared a simple life, but for someone full of torment. But the worst punishment was that he could leave the soul in the afterlife and find her to eternal torment. He also could capture a person's soul, imprisoning it in a mummy and making their guard. It is depicted in a reclining black Jackal.

Pharaoh – this is one of the most known characters, who needs no introduction. About them written many books and filmed a lot of movies. But there are some caveats when choosing Souvenirs with the image of the Pharaoh. At the time of purchase please note on the beard of Pharaoh. If she is depicted as a straight combedhair – this figure depicts the Pharaoh in life, but if the beard was braided in a pigtail is a picture of him after death.

Treats from Egypt

Spices – this is for those who like to cook, quite exquisite gift. Such fragrant spices exclusive and you will not find anywhere else. Egypt was the first country which was engaged in manufacture of spices and spread them around the world. Recipes and blanks found on the papyri five thousand years ago. As many thousands of years ago, Egypt is a leader in procurement of spices.

The hibiscus tea. The Sudanese rose is celebrated by all Muslims, as its petals represent the five Islamic commandments. Maybe that is why I originally believed in her ability to heal people from any disease. Later, scientists conducted a chemical composition of the drink and found that it combined many unique components, which, depending on preparation and temperature health effect on the body.

Hot hibiscus increases the pressure, and cold lowers.

Possible problems associated with the export of Souvenirs from the country

  1. If your choice of what to bring from Egypt from Hurghada, fell on a natural marine Souvenirs in the form of shells and corals, you need to keep the receipt, otherwise you are in big trouble at customs. In Egypt is prohibited by law unauthorized destruction of marine life.
  2. When buying jewelry, pay attention to precious metals was not more than three thousand dollars.
  3. Absolutely can not export local currency (except a few bills and coins in the form of Souvenirs).