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What can you buy from Finland from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Finlyandii?

The population of Finland is less than in St. Petersburg, but in this country there are a lot of interesting things that are almost impossible to find in other countries.

So tourists are trying to purchase various goods and Souvenirs, sometimes even forgetting about the rules of import and export of certain items and products.

How to navigate the world of Finnish shopping, to please with gifts to friends and acquaintances, and not to get stuck at the border with illegal to export goods?

What can you buy in Finland?

Cosmetics and perfume

In Finland there is his perfume brands, but there are a number of large cosmetic companies, even having a world famous name.

Cosmetics are distinguished by the presence of extracts of Northern plants, great natural ingredients and a focus on the skin of people living in the Northern regions.

Therefore, the Finnish cosmetics valued residents of the North and North-West Russiaand regions with cold and snowy winters.

The most famous Finnish company Lumene. They have a skin and decorative cosmetics. They have men's and children's lines to care for themselves.

Some products are not represented abroad, and in Finland there are the flagship stores of the firm, which regularly hosts sales and promotions.

The second well-known company – CIT. She specializiruetsya in most natural compositions, and manufactures womens skin cosmetics for body and hair.

CIT does not test its products on animals and uses packaging that is subject to further processing.

Among the other good Finnish brands should pay attention to:

  • Dermosil (spetsializiruyutsya on hypoallergenic products for both men and women);
  • LV (cosmetics for children and babies);
  • Erisan (cosmetics and household chemicals for asthmatics and Allergy-prone people;
  • pharmacy firm Favora (means on care of skin and hair).

Kosmetika i parfumeriya


Cold climate, clean water and many berries do Finnish alcohol is one of the best on the market. Finns produces several types of vodka, the most famous of which is Finlandia.

The second – Minttu peppermint liqueur, which is exported extensively to other countries.

The third drink is not related to a particular brand, because it is produced by different companies is various liqueurs and fruit liqueurs.

You cannot leave Finland without a bottle of cranberry liqueur or sea buckthorn liqueur. The most famous manufacturer of such beverages – Lapponia.

Cloudberries, cranberries and buckthorn are the most common ingredients among Finnish berries of alcoholic beverages.

When buying do not forget that to take from Finland and imported to Russia can be no more than 3 liters of alcohol per adult.

See video on what to bring from Finland:

Foods and spices

What to buy in Finland. National cuisine includes many dishes of fish and meat.

And if the export of the latter may have many difficulties, for fish there are no such hard and fast rules. The only thing to remember is that the fish must be in original packaging with label. To carry thus can be smoked and salted products.

Dairy products, including cheese, can be brought out under the same conditions, i.e. farmers unmarked at customs will confiscate.

As far as the herbs and spices to the same fish or meat, they are no different from those that you can buy in Russia. So that you can save.

The second popular group of products – sweets. These include the famous ginger biscuits, chocolate and licorice. Biscuits produces a variety of companies, and it is sold in any store even in the smallest town.

Chocolate magnates among the most well-known two – Fazer and Panda. And Finnish chocolate sometimes has a very unusual fillings – mint,pepper, pear and even vodka.

The widest selection of chocolate presented in Finnish stores before the New year and Easter.

As for the licorice, they are "very Amateur". But as a souvenir it could be an interesting gift for friends.

Produkty i specii

Medications and vitamins

In Finland sold many drugs and vitaminsthat can be found in Russian pharmacies. Manufactured under one brand, they can still differ in place of production.

Russians often buy medicines in Finnish pharmacies, because I think that produced within the EU products have higher quality standards.

From private pharmaceutical companies Suomi-known corporations OrionPharma, Oriola and Verman. With this free you can buy not such a wide selection of products, as in Russia.

Among the means of over-the-counter access include antidiarrheal drugs, ear drops otitis media and cerumen, cold remedies, vitamins for adults and children. Prices are much higher than similar products in Russia.

Clothes and shoes

Almost all Finnish clothing brands can be bought in Russia – FinnFlare, Seppala, Luhta, Marimekko , etc. So go for the brands there not worth it.

The Finnish design, as a rule, as simple as possible, because the Finns do not pay attention to their appearance.

But sales in Finland are held as frequently as in other countries of the European Union, and with the same discounts.

Even in the well-known Finnish chain stores Stokmann, which specializiruetsya selling very expensive items by well-known foreign brands, discounts often up to 70%.

As for shoes, here the Finns tried: they produce the most comfortable and durable models that can survive the harsh Northern climate.

The most famous brand in the country – Kuoma. They manufacture both children and adult shoes.

Let their model will not look good with a feminine dress, but definitely will keep you warm in the cold winter and will serve for an unusually long time.

Souvenirs from Finland

Other interesting things you should pay attention to Souvenirs from Santa Claus, who lives in the North in Lapland and the items with the moosebecause these animals are the unofficial symbol of the country.

When traveling by car to purchase dry food for Pets (1 person not more than 5 kg), environmentally friendly washing powders and cleaning in the house, as well as electronics.

If you catch the sales period, a lot of equipment you can buy is 2-3 times cheaper than in Russia.

Suveniry iz Finlyandii

What to bring as a gift?

For girls

Any girl will be delighted to set the Finnish cosmetics, and as decorative and's skin.

A good gift would be a bottle of the local liqueur: even if she doesn't drink itself, this drink will be an unusual treat for guests.

As another useful gift, you can use a piece of smoked fish or pre-packaged ginger cookies.

In winter widely sold beautiful knitted mittens, and also boxes with non-alcoholic mulled wine. If it warm on the stove, this spicy drink perfectly warm and create a sense of comfort.


What can you buy from Finland man? He should give a bottle of local alcohol is the most universal gift. He's not gonna be a sweet liqueur, so you should pay attention to vodka or mint Minttu.

Lover of winter sports should watch the Finnish set of thermal underwear , or knitted wool sweater with Scandinavian pattern.

And, of course, the man is always nice to get something edible – Finnish cheese, fish or a tin of caviar.

CHto privezti v podarok muzhchine?


The child will be happy all kinds of sweets, but it is better to give preference to the "classic" toppings with nuts or nougat.

Very small children can bring hypoallergenic cosmetics for body care: soap, shampoo, bath foam, etc.

As toys suitable cute plush moose to purchase the gift in love baby store.

If the budget allows, then the divisions with the Finnish clothing you can buy winter pants with straps, a warm jacket or hat – toddler with this outfit will never freeze.

In short, from Finland it's almost impossible to leave empty-handed and, best of all, there really can bring a lot of useful in everyday life things.

The only thing that can stop yourself from spending the high Euro exchange rate. But we should not forget that Finland cares about the quality of the products, sotheir products are really worth their money.

And one last tip: when making major purchases need to be mindful not only of the rules of the export of certain goods from Finland, but also about the rules of importation of goods into the territory of Russia.