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What can you bring from France of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Francii?

Very beautiful moments of relaxation anywhere it is the process of choosing gifts and Souvenirs for friends, relatives.

If you decide to visit one of the most beautiful places on the planet, France, your friends probably expect to hear from you at least a small gift. It's great to give loved ones a joy.

If you don't know what it costs to buy in France, we will tell you how not to spend a lot of money and employee development.

What can you bring from France?

In Paris for wine!

A wonderful gift from the capital of France is wine. But Paris is famous not only for delicious wine drinks, also in France you will be able to purchase good quality brandy or champagne.

The taste of these drinks will be a bit unusual for people who are elite drinks never tried before. Cognac prices are quite high, the cost of good cognac starts from 15 Euro.

But the wine here is inexpensive. There are, of course, very low cost, but such wine beverages is better not to buy.

Minimum price for good wine — from 3-4 euros, pay attention to the fact that the bottle was a deep bottom and a green label near the tube, it indicates the high quality and originality of wine.

The incomparable taste of Parisian cheese

Everyone has heard about French cheeses. They are very unusual, that France is the birthplace of the famous cheese, but when you taste it here you will understand how this taste difference from what you bought in the local supermarket.

It has a bit of sugar to anything, this cheese is wonderful in itself. If among your friends there are foodies, they certainly should buy at least some real French cheese.

Its taste is very peculiar, therefore, to appreciate the taste of this cheese will be able not everyone.

Nesravnennyj vkus parizhskogo syra


Well who has not heard about the incredible smell of French perfume? You just have to buy the perfume in the city of romance and charm. For girlfriend or mother — it will be the greatest of gifts.

In Paris there are whole stores with spirits solely produced in France visiting one of them, you can't go out without fragrant purchase.

Incredible clothes

France is not only known sitesbut also branded items, here they can be purchased at quite reasonable prices.

Paris is the fashion capital, here you will be able to buy things that will look stylish in any time.

To go to France and not visit the famous Avenue des Champs Elysees — a real crime! Because that is where there are most shops with elegant French clothing.

Chocolate — one word, and how much taste!

France should go at least in order to taste the finest chocolate and to bring this delicacy to friends. Here experienced craftsmen know how to impress you with the taste of chocolate products.

Spices for mulled wine

If you love to gather with friends on cold winter days, sipping on a nice hot mulled wine and chat about the news, then you just have to buy the spices in bags from the brand 2 marmottes.

This packaging is very convenient, this way you will be able to make delicious mulled wine as only for one person and for the whole company.

Specii dlya glintvejna


Olive oil — top quality

Many people know that France produces very high quality olive oil. Rarely a tourist will leave without a bottle of this oil.

About the beneficial properties of olive oil it is needless to say, today some people consider it almost a panacea. In France you will be able to buy this product without any additives, cold pressed.

Extract of shiitake mushrooms for good health

One of the main drugs in France is extract from the shiitake mushroom. It can be purchased in almost any drugstore for an affordable price.

Means you can take in the autumn and winter to strengthen the immune system, also with different viral and infectious diseases.

Maybe some of your friends or perhaps for mom extract of shiitake will serve as an excellent tool for health promotion.

Souvenirs from France: what to bring?

Many believe that the best gift from anywhere will be a souvenir. What to bring from France as a souvenir?

Of course, the traditional key rings with the Eiffel tower has not been canceled, their value will be much greater if people bought them not in the shop of his native city and in Paris.

Many people buy in France, cardsare their great abundance, each card — the breath of warm wind from the Champs elysées and the sweet smell of Paris.

Prices of cards are more than affordable, such gift products you can ensure all your friends.

Other (husband or boyfriend) you can buy a lighter with a flashing Eiffel tower, it is long lasting and of high quality, inexpensive, especially if you manage to bargain.

And, of course, how to leave from another country without the magnet? That's right, nothing! Therefore, the magnet is required.

Suveniry iz Francii: chto privezti?

The famous French scarves

Scarf is an indispensable accessory of the Parisian ladies and gentlemen. Here the Holy believe that the scarf gives any image of perfection, but a man of incredible charm and appeal.

If you adhere to this thoughts, then you certainly should buy a scarf, one for myself and another for friend or sister.

The mere fact that the design of the scarf is worked French master, making it incredibly fashionable. Here you will find the scarf that will enchant you with its elegance.

Petroproduccion — Souvenirs from the flea markets of Paris

In the second-hand shops in Paris you can find a lot of interesting things are here and wonderful gifts for your friends.

There are flea markets for postcards with the image of old Paris as well as old editions of booksthat are so pleasant to take in hands and to feel the long bygone era.

Here you can buy CDs with French music and though it's not the most valuable of all kinds of gifts, but they are thereby impregnated with the spirit of Paris.

What to bring from France?

What to bring as a gift?

What gift will please the child?

The children are excited to see macaron from Paris. French macaroons — these are cakesthat are difficult to prepare at home and taste that fascinates from the very first bite.

Generally in Paris, you can acquire lots of different Goodies and sweets as a present for the kids, make their lives even sweeter!

Kakoj podarok obraduet rebenka?

For girls

In addition to scarves one constant accessory Parisians — hat. It sells hats of all shapes and sizes. Any girl will love the cleverly chosen hat on all occasions.

Besides the usual hats there are branded products. And a lot of hats can be found in the souvenir shops, where they were especially colorful design, there are also hats that do not have to use properly, they can serve as a great decoration for the home.

A little above we already wrote about the clothing brand in the fashion capital. Now came the turn of branded handbags (or polubedova).

For example, on the same Champs-Elysees, where you can find many upmarket shops, the merchant in front of one of these stores you can buy a bag from, say, a Louis Vuitton at a price ten times below this. But it will still be valuable, because you bought it in Paris!

For big brands here too, of course, there is no shortage, your friends will be delighted, having received such gift, but such people would be probably quite a bit, since prices for luxury handbags is very high.


For men can you buy cool French perfume with golovkruzhitelnye smell.

Most men areby coffee lovers. Bring to the representative of the stronger sex ricore. Ricore is delicious Parisian coffee.

Many now thought it was whole grain special roasting or grinding, but no, it's instant drink. The whole trick in special proportions of chicory and coffee, thanks to this Ricore has such a delicious taste.

For many Parisians, this coffee is a real morning drug. Take a jar with you to and your family were able to enjoy French coffee.

CHto privezti v podarok muzhchine?

In France you can find lots of different Souvenirs and gifts for relatives, guarantee that none of your shopping trip you will not manage without at least a small purchase.

Showcase Paris and beckon to remove from her purse a few cents or euros and to pay for another key chain or a delicious drink.

This is a great opportunity to bring happiness to friends, any man will be glad of the gift from France, even purely symbolic.

But do not forget that you came to the city of romance and beauty not only to buy Souvenirs, definitely waste your money and your fun.