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What can you buy from Germany (Berlin)?

CHto privezti iz Germanii?

You go to Germany? Is it possible to come back without gifts for your friends and family? In this country you can find lot of extraordinary thingsthat will interest your dearest friends.

Germany is a wonderful countrywhere you will be welcomed. The shop Windows here are impressive, market stalls crammed with Goodies, and the architecture is underwhelming.

You will never leave this country, not buying gifts for loved ones.

What to bring from Germany (Berlin)?

Beer mug

For anybody not a secret that in Germany are very fond of beer. There without the drink does not pass any one viewing of a football match, Yes indeed, and no evening without it does not pass.

In this country all know a lot about good drink, and is also very sensitive to the choice of a beer mug. Here you will see a large variety of these mugs, they are slightly similar, but each has some zest.

To purchase a beer mug for my husband or work colleagues — a great idea. This gift will be cheap, will stand long service and it may become your favorite beer mug men.

Pivnaya kruzhka

The items with symbols of Oktoberfest

This festival is very ambitious. Many countries celebrate something similar, but it doesn't compare with the Oktoberfest in the place of his birth — Germany.

At this festival you will be able to buy a lot of different pieces that symbolize this event — unusual hats for women and men, beautiful costumes, braceletsand bears in national dress.

The attributes of Oktoberfes can be purchased in Germany at any time of the year, so even if the festival itself, you do not get to cheer like a souvenir of friends option is available.

Definitely need to buy the famous Teddy bears, which are native to just Germany.

Signature service

What else can you bring from Germany? In this country sold a lot of interesting dishes. Here for sale are a sets of the company Meissen, which is a famous manufacturer of high-quality dishes.

To see this shop and it is impossible to pass! There is a lot of interesting and attention-grabbing. However, a significant drawback of this gift is the high price.

If you decide to buy branded detergent in Germany, buy it for the family and the people you love, especially such gifts are suitable for people with high demands.

Alcoholic beverages

Imported from Germany, beer is a somewhat corny. Of course, there is this drink delicious, but need to leave in the suitcase and what else.

For example, in Germany you can buy delightful liqueur Jägermeister. This drink is quite strong, but has a very soft and pleasant taste, it makes a wonderful gift for women and for men.

Another option alcoholic gift — wine Eiswein, often this drink called ice wine. And all because doing it from frozen grapes, this feature Eiswein.

Alkogolnye napitki

Great cosmetics

Germany's famous quality cosmetics. Lipstick, mascara, powder or anything else, such gifts will delight any woman.

Also in Germany sell excellent cream, which really effectively reduce wrinkles, make the skin soft and velvety, they are certainly worth buying.

Cosmetics makes a wonderful gift for girls and Mature women. Most of the cosmetics here is the original funds, which in Russia, or nearby countries could not be found, besides in Germany on cosmetics great prices.

What to bring from Germany from cosmetics? Even if youyou will find the analogue of any funds in the home country, its value will be in two or even three times higher. Undoubtedly pay attention to the products of companies such as Sante, Lavera, Logona.


Almost any grocery store Germany you will meet some delicacy of which you've never heard before. An important aspect of the sweet gifts from Germany — they are incredibly beautiful packaging.

What can you buy in Germany? The first thing I advise is Nuremberg cookies, these are the most popular sweets here. They have yet another name — "Alisina gingerbread".

This title is a legend that you can narrate almost any of the sellers of sweets in Germany.

Germany will not disappoint and lovers of chocolate. The most common chocolate products are treats, Ritter Sport. You can buy a lot of Goodies both for kids and for friends with a sweet tooth.

Sladosti i novogodnie podarki

Vintage items

On weekends, people here love to visit flea markets, they are particularly attractive for touristswho seek new sensations and discoveries. Here you can find Souvenirs that are really exclusive.

Different vintage ornaments, which are very well preserved, rare editions of interesting books, unusual interior — all this can be bought at a cheap price.

What to bring, for example, from Berlin as a gift? At a flea market in Berlin , you can spend half a day without exaggeration. Especially it will appeal to fans of shopping, for them this market is a Paradise.

Christmas gifts

If you go to Germany for New yearthen it's definitely worth to purchase Christmas or have Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Here at Christmas time opens a huge market where there are a lot of interesting and beautiful.

Original toys made of wood, gingerbread houses with mysterious lighting, different Handicrafts and many more interesting things.

What can you bring as a gift?

What a gift to please the child?

If you want to find in Germany, something suitable for the baby, we have a couple of ideas. First of all buy for the kids sweets. Delicious chocolates in any case they will be happy.

In Germany, there are many toys that are very unusual and interesting for a child. Why are only wooden handmade toys that are made in the form of various figures, they are high quality, therefore a long time is not broken.

For older baby perfect baby doll with a porcelain face. The cost of such dolls are rather big, and it will hardly be possible, however, this doll will serve as a wonderful decoration for a child's room.

Be sure to visit the store Toys4Us, where a large variety of toys for kids.

A separate issue — children's clothing. In Germany clothes for kids is made of only the highest quality, so you can safely discard all the fears and focus on the beauty and convenience of this stuff, and not on the quality of the seams and matter.

And of course, for a child a great gift would be some kind of a souvenir from the Christmas fair, if you go to Germany in winter.

Kakim suvenirom poradovat rebenka?

For the ladies

Souvenirs from Germany for girls - what to bring? For girls in Germany you can find a lot of interesting gifts. Take cosmetics — they will cause bouts of joy for any girl.

A wonderful gift would be jewelry, they're here for every taste and color. In Germany a lot of brand jewelry, for example, the famous Swarovski you can buy one and a half times cheaper than usual.

In this country many jewelry stores, you just have to visit at least one of them.

Very beautiful are the German national costumes, for girls you can buy a dress. No doubt, she will be delighted with this gift, because it expresses the rich flavor of German culture.


Men don't like "useless" gift and souvenir products soon disappears. For men you can bring, for example, the German brand mustard.

In Germany the mustard is a famous souvenir, because here are so fond of the famous Bavarian sausage, and perfect sauce to them are just the same mustard. It is sold in very pretty jars, so recommended!

Speaking of Bavarian sausages. Sold in Germany so-called German dinners in special banks. It's such a mixture, the taste of which combines all shades of the traditional dinner inGermany.

In such banks there is a sweet German dessert called Sußer Senf, who will also be delighted by the representative of the stronger sex.

Beer glass and mug , too, will cause positive emotions in men, which you will present such a gift.

Flea market in Berlin.