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What can I bring from Georgia Souvenirs?

CHto privezti iz Gruzii?

To leave Georgia without Souvenirs for friends, it is impossible, because there is a whole abundance of different gifts.

The shelves are full of different treats and delicious beverages, as well as Georgia is rich in colorful things, which will be a magnificent interior decorations in any home.

We'll show you how not to get lost in this variety of gift products and buy something really nice for your dear people.

What can you buy in Georgia?


First in the list of gifts — wine, as most often it is this drink purchased in Georgia as a gift for friends.

But due to the large abundance of wines, it becomes extremely difficult to opt for one of the drinks. Ideally — to buy homemade Georgian wine, which is made with great trepidation.

Even in Georgia very carefully treat the vine and have the utmost respect for wine. The composition of the wine here does not contain any impurities like sugar and especially alcohol.

It is best to buy grape drink from friends or on the recommendation, i.e. with it, but if it didn't work out, then go to the market.

Retail prices are usually inflated, and the market you and taste the wine to give, and to bargain can.


Chacha is a very strong alcoholic drink based on grapes. It is made from grape pomace, which is actually a waste after wine making.

In fact, chacha is a moonshineinfused with this cake. Home chacha may be from 40 to 70 degrees, so this gift is needed for strong men who love hot taste extraordinary alcoholic beverages.

But don't forget that customs restricts the transport of excessive amounts of alcoholic products.

CHto mozhno kupit v Gruzii v podarok?

Georgian delicacy and sweetness

What to bring from Georgia in addition to wine? Doing here a lot of stunning sweets that it is impossible to put down. The same churchkhela, which you probably heard on some of the beaches of Russia, for example, has roots from Georgia.

Here also sold a lot of Gusenkov for every taste — a mixture of nuts or seeds with honey, which is made in the form of tiles.

Gozinaki are very popular in any of the towns of Georgia, we are trying to replicate the taste of this delicacy, but because of the use of honey instead of marshmallows just sugar or caramel, the taste is not so wonderful.

Surely you've seen on the shelves of our stores of Goodies called the boys, is a substitute Georgian dessert.

Famous Suluguni cheese

What to bring from Georgia? It is extremely difficult to leave Georgia and not bring the cheese Suluguni. Its taste cannot be described in words.

Find pork in Georgia is very easy, it is sold in most stores at very affordable prices.

Also, chicken you can buy at one of the many Georgian markets where you can taste cheese to taste before buying, and you will also have the opportunity to bargain.

Georgian spices

Many have heard about the delightful Georgian spices that are capable of any dish to create a true masterpiece. To buy in Georgia spice is a must in the tourist's list, they called Khmeli-suneli.

It is best for such purchases to go to market. Maybe you met such spices and in the market your city, but you know — this is completely wrong.

If among your friends there are those who seriously enjoys cooking, ask him what spices should bring, certainly this man voicednot one of the names of those spices that is buy.

However the spices from Georgia will be happy and normal Housewives, who often want to cook something unusual. With such spices any dish sparkle in a new way.

Gruzinskie specii

Spicy Georgian sauce

Sauce made with plum or plum would be a great gift for people who love very spicy and hot dishes.

This sauce can be used as a seasoning for any food and eating, say, potato chips. Georgian sauces are perfectly combined with meat, they can not find anywhere else.

Horn for wine

Horn wine is different in shape and size, and also it's made from different materials. Direct appointment of such horns, as you know, is the use of it grape drink, but if you buy a horn for wine in the gift shop, it will become a good decoration for the homes of your friends.


Of course, we are talking about souvenir weapons. Here there are entire stores that spetsializiruyutsya on selling only such products.

Daggers, swords and other weapons in range. It can be hung on the wall to give the house of prestige.

National costume

Don't have to buy a full set of outfit, but for fun you can buy for a friend hat. In national dress Georgians there are many things that can be purchased as a keepsake of this journey.


Of course, all my friends such Souvenirs are not bought because they have a fairly high cost, but to please a very close one with a nice ring or bracelet from Georgia certainly worth it.

Jewelry products are exclusive, as are made by unique technique. Do these products have master enamel craftsmen, they make them from special cloisonné.

These gizmos you will not find in any country. Don't miss the opportunity to buy something, though small, but is beautiful from the Georgian jewelers.

Uvelirnye izdeliya


Ware in Georgia. There you are unlikely to meet any white or solid plates. Georgian dishes, there are always some unusual intricate patterns, drawings.

There all saying that this makes the meal more enjoyable, this fact is confirmed by many psychologists. Cookware can be a wonderful gift for women or girls, which is your good friend or girlfriend.

Buy a couple sets for your home. These colorful plates make the atmosphere easier, warmer, cozier.

Souvenirs from Georgia

Georgia is rich in Souvenirs. In different stores, here you can find a lot of different key chains and magnets. Your friends will be happy to receive such a gift, even if small.

The most important thing is not the gift, but the fact that you remember about the people who give gifts even when you're hundreds of miles away.

What to bring?

Georgian Souvenirs for girls

All girls love to receive gifts for them, the importance of the gift plays a much bigger role than its cost. So if you are looking for a gift for a friend or acquaintance, focus on the symbolic meaning of souvenir.

Visit the shop with decorations, look for something that would be hard to find in your home country. Any unusual or extraordinary beads bracelet will do the trick and your girlfriend will scream with delight, because it is from Georgia!

What woman can resist a bottle of delicious Georgian wine, so this gift can also be considered as an option.

For the avid Housewives there is no better gift than the one of the most unusual dishes, and even used plates will be only on holidays, anyway, this gift will not go unnoticed.

Gruzinskie suveniry dlya devushek

Gifts for men

A good gift for the representative of the stronger sex will be tobacco from Georgia. Here you can find a tobacco different strength, it is better to take the average. Here it is possible to buy the phone.

In Georgia a lot of smoke, but because to get such a gift — simple. Any smoker will be happy with the gift.

For such people, you can buy an ashtray. In any store of Georgia ashtray is a work of art.

Of course, men are welcome alcoholic drinks, so Georgian chacha or high-quality homemade wine will also be a very good gift from the Sunny country.

For a child

Sometimes the choice of gift for a child becomes a real torment, but not in this case. Ideally, from Georgia baby you can bring sweets.Here in every shop the large quantity of delicious treats.

In ceramics stores , you can find a lot of products that will serve as a toy for a child.

Of Georgia you will not be able to get out with half-empty suitcases. Every store seemed to attract an abundance of impressive products. Look for what can please your friends!

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