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What can you bring from India of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Indii?

India is a country which even in the age of computers and smartphones remains some kind of medieval simplicity and originality.

Because it attracts thousands of tourists, and those seeking to bring a piece of India to their relatives and friends.

This is not difficult, as Souvenirs, spices, national jewelry and clothing in India sell everywhere.

What to bring from India?


Buddhism, which preach to the Indians, involves the use of many amulets and talismans. And offer them to tourists as Souvenirs.

The second most popular souvenir – Kashmiri carpets. They are made from pagan times of natural fibers: wool or silk.

The quality was great, and the pattern each time it turned out exclusive, wizards spend on it, to weave this carpet to seven years.

Jewelry and semi-precious stones in India are sold at more than affordable prices. However, customs can be a problem with the export of too many.

Chess ivory in the form of figurines from Hindu mythology are also popular souvenir, as statues of Buddha, Shiva and other Indian gods or miniature copy of the famous Taj Mahal.

CHto privezti iz Indii v podarok: suveniry


In recognition of those who have visited India, conventional clothing is sewn, but it is bad quality as Chinese goods flooded the Russian market in the 90s. But the traditional clothes it turns out they have the highest quality.

Sarees Indian clothwhich women wrapped in a special way. This is the national clothing of Indian women and favorite purchase of European tourists.

Punjabi – a set of light trousers and a shirt casual. All foreigners who set foot on the Indian soil immediately change into these comfy things.

But in Russia they are appropriate to wear except as loungewear or for recreation in the country. Suit Punjabi for new year's costume party or photo shoot.

Wherever in India you can find the right clothes for Oriental dance and belly dance? Here are the ensembles presented in an incredible number of colors and fabrics.

In India, home to many Nepalese. Their textile products are from local higher quality. This applies particularly to national scarves and caps of the six Yak.

Women walk past shops with products made from natural leather. A particularly beautiful variety of handbags, decorated with semi-precious stones or ivory.

Tip: buy clothing items and accessories in India is not in the markets and in shops.

CHto privezti iz Indii v podarok: odezhda

Food and drinks

Primarily, this spices. Thanks to Indian spices Columbus discovered America. It sounds paradoxical, but in fact he sailed to India for spices to the dishes. Cumin, turmeric, saffron, asafoetida – the most popular ones.

Cumin is a spice in the form of small black grains. It is added to rice and other main dishes. The taste resembles the scent of pine needles.

Turmeric powder is light-orange, which taste goes well with tomatoes and fish.

Saffron is a spice with a very strong taste, a small amount which is enough to improve dishes with meat and rice.

Asafoetida in ancient times was considered a magical herb, and today it is added in their dishes vegetarian.

Liquor to the Indians prohibited to use religion, but not to produce wines in a country where many vineyards, it is impossible.

For reviews of experts, here copes with the manufacture of whiskey, gins, Rums. National wine Sula is produced in the southern States where plant different varieties of grapes.

Can not forget about the famous Indian tea. At home it is sold in bulk and in different packing options, including gift.

In Russia Indian tea of the same quality is not found. Everything that we have sold, only vaguely reminiscent of that drink.

Produkty i napitki


Cosmetics in India is of very high quality. The most popular brands – Himalaya, Swati, Khadi, Biotique, Jovees.

All cosmetic companies are famous for their oils for hair, especially coconut. They lubricate the hair after a long stay in the sun and in sea water.

If cosmetics is endemic, it is oil for hairAmla. The Amla is the type of gooseberry, growing only in India.

Amla oil nourishes the hair and gives natural Shine. And the Indians believe that Amla oil is useful to RUB into the scalp to improve memory.

Him – the Indian tree, whose leaves are used to make scrubs, masks, and medicines. They have antibacterial properties.

To cosmetics can be attributed to handmade soap, to which the Indians added extracts of medicinal plants with antibacterial properties.

This soap not only has a unique flavor, but also effectively treat acne in its initial stages.

Indian toothpaste known from the times of total deficit. Then she came out and immediately established itself as an effective tool in the fight against tooth decay.

In India it is made from natural ingredients. As a souvenir you can bring toothpaste black colors, which includes charcoal.

Sandalwood solid perfume – another "feature" of Indian cosmetics. You can buy them the whole set of 6 or 12 bottles.

They contain beneficial ingredients beeswax and aloe Vera that allow you to use perfume and skin care.

CHto privezti iz Indii v podarok: kosmetika


India is one of the world's largest manufacturers of medicines of high quality. They cost at local pharmacy cheap, the export of their country is not prohibited, because you can stock up on drugs for a long time.

But as a gift you could hardly take the package with the antibiotics. But drugs created on the basis of Ayurveda – the ancient science of medicine, which the Indians revered still, good enough for a souvenir.

The medicines of Ayurveda are made from different parts of plants according to ancient recipes. But the view they give is quite modern: capsules, ampoules, tubes.

In our country they are considered food supplements, but the Indians used them for centuries, and quite successfully.

Interesting drug Chyawanprash. It is more like a viscous jam from blueberries and sold in jars. In principle, this is the jam of Amla and use it as a very powerful immune stimulant.

Kailash jeevan ointment, which helps to literally everything, including sunburns, wounds and joint pain. It is still edible.

Shatavari – asparagus extract, remedy for women's diseases, infertility and to improve the condition at the onset of menopause.

CHto privezti iz Indii v podarok: lekarstva

What to give?

The man - markers, tattooing, on the basis of medicinal plants, chess ivory amulet, high-quality alcohol, drugs to increase potency, a gift of the Kama Sutra.

The woman - jewelry, sarees, Punjabi, cosmetics, medicines for women's health, a leather bag with national ornaments.

Child - statue of an elephant or Buddha ivory suit for the performance of dancing girls, soap or solid perfume, boy's t-shirt with national embroidery, or a turban.

So what to bring as a gift to friends or themselves on the memory of India? Easier to list what not to bring. The main thing is to give gifts from the heart.

What I brought back from India. Review.