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What you can bring from Italy of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Italii?

Leaving the Peninsula, you certainly won't leave empty handed. In your suitcase surely reserved a place near interesting Souvenirs and gifts for yourself and friends.

But as from the diversity of Italian things to choose something really need and original that will like you and will delight your family and friends?

What gifts and Souvenirs to bring back from Italy?


The famous pasta. Most of Italy is synonymous with pasta and more pasta. For yourself, you can buy a plain spaghetti in a simple packaging, the price is low – about a dollar per pack.

Original pasta shapes and different colors in a beautifully designed box will cost more – about $ 5.

Cheese. Italy is famous for its variety of cheese, so you can treat yourself and family, bringing some rare kind of cheese from a specialized boutique. In addition, each province made its own special varieties.

Olive oil. Italy is considered to be a forerunner for the production of olive oil in the whole world. The variety of olive and craftsmen that transmit experience from generation to generation, allow you to create all-new flavors.

Olive oil in glass packaging is cheaper than metal, but in breakable containers to carry it dangerous.

Produkty pitaniya

Sweets. Italy – a Paradise for the sweet tooth. Sweet shops can be found the abundance of chocolate in a variety of flavors, all kinds of desserts and cookies.

But the most popular Italian dessert is tiramisu. It is believed that in Italy it is made so tasty.

If you stay in the country for Christmas – be sure to bring Christmas cakes Panettone and Pandoro.

Treat yourself to the famous Italian prosciutto ham or sausage varieties of salami. Both are better to purchase in vacuum packaging that products are not spoiled in the way.

And, of course, the world famous Italian coffee. Coffee drinking in Italy was erected into a special cult.

In the country sold an incredible number of varieties of this drink from different manufacturers, but it is better to give preference to the best-known brands - Lavazza and Illy.

Spices and condiments

Very popular in Italy sun-dried tomatoes. Moreover, in retail stores they are expensive – from 6 to 10 dollars per pack. If you want to save – look for them in supermarkets.

Tomatoes can be added to spaghetti or soak in olive oil will make a great savory snack.

Should pay attention to the Italian pestomade from Basil. Italy is the birthplace of this sauce, the people add it to many foods: salads, pasta, meat, etc.

In the markets you can buy all sorts of dried herbs and mixtures of herbs. Popular as a traditional (Basil, parsley, oregano, red pepper), and local, grown in each region.

Specii i pripravy


Italian wines are popular all over the world, and the country enters into the five of leaders in winemaking. Principal Italian wine – white Bianco red Rosso.

In every region of the country has its own wine, which I definitely need to try. You can also purchase classic wines such as Lambrusco, Chianti or Bardolino.

And don't forget about the famous Italian lemon liqueur Limoncello. The original bottles from the gift shops will cost you more than regular containers from the supermarket. And the difference in taste you will not feel it.

What to bring from Italy? Edible Souvenirs.


Campers imported from Italy even drugs, believing that this country produces more high-quality and natural products.

Tourists buy children's cough syrups, various vitamins and supplements to strengthen the immune system, eye drops, thermal water and products based on propolis.

Moreserious drugs dispensed in a doctor's prescription, so in the free market you can hardly see.

Italian cosmetics

One of the most popular brands of cosmetics Italy, called KiKoMilano. This brand features a good quality and budget price.

Good reviews you hear about the Italian Marche cosmetic Collistar, which includes a wide range of nail polishes, mascara, lipstick, blush, etc.

Italyanskaya kosmetika


Standard Souvenirs like fridge magnets or painted plates can be found in any country. But there are cute little things that reflect the spirit of Italy and firmly bound to the people of the country, its culture and traditions.

Carnival mask. Traditionally the homeland of the masks is in Venice, but at present this products can be found throughout Italy. Masks will not only serve as a great gift for loved ones, but also stylish will fit into your interior.

Products of Murano glass. The glass blowers of Murano island since ancient times were famous for their talent to manufacture all kinds of glass ornaments. Say they were even forbidden to leave their abode in order not to take out the secrets of making glass.

Throughout the country you can buy cute trinkets, beautiful jewelry, decorative items, made of Murano glass.

Fashionable scarf. In Italy, the scarf is a must-have daily accessory, so this selection of scarves you will not see anywhere else. The cheapest you can find in the gift shop, where they are presented in different styles and colors.

What to bring as a gift?

Loved ones will thank you, if you forget about them and brought from Sunny countries to a present memory. What else can you bring from Italy as a souvenir? In addition to the options described above, it is possible to come up with some more gift ideas.


For a child is not difficult to choose a gift from Italy. It could be:

  • famous doll Epiphany (Befana), which is similar to the Russian Baba Yaga. Befana is a good witch, she visits the children before the feast of the Epiphany in order to leave them gifts;
  • Pinocchio. This is a fabulous character, which is home to Italy. You can call it Italian Pinocchio. In the country you will meet Pinocchio dolls of various sizes – from small, fits in the palm of your hand, to huge, in human growth.

CHto privezti v podarok rebenku?

The woman

For girls as a present perfect:

  • products of lace island of Burano: lace blouses, tablecloths, napkins and various accessories;
  • souvenir figurines, for example, Romeo and Juliet from Verona or Madonna;
  • known for balsamic vinegar, widely used in kitchens around the world, as well as other condiments and spices;
  • Italian shoes and bagshigh quality.

Also women will be happy to receive a gift of anything from local sweets, a bottle of Italian wine or a set of cosmetics.


Men as a gift like it:

  • writing set antique style folder or wallet made of leather, envelopes or paper with the coat of arms of Italy. All of this can be found at the craftsmen's fair, which are available in almost all areas of the country;
  • Souvenirs with the logo of Ferrari – model cars, trinkets, paintings, etc. a specialty store is located in Milan;
  • football paraphernalia legendary teams, inter, Milan, Juventus.

Italy - the land of attractions and great shopping and there you can find a lot of different gifts for yourself and friends. But the most important thing is to choose a gift with love. Then you and your loved ones will definitely be delighted with the overseas stuff.