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What to bring from Israel: travel tips

CHto privezti iz Izrailya?

Israel is a blessed land, uniting representatives of different faiths and attracting pilgrims from all over the world.

There are always many tourists, despite the unstable situation, and all strive to bring something as a gift from the promised land.

And to buy and sell have something: wine, traditional delicacies, kosher foods, gifts, cosmetics and so on.

What gifts and Souvenirs to bring?

Jewelry, icons, Antiques

What can you buy in Israel? Icon is one of the obligatory Souvenirs or talismans, which are imported from Israel. The most popular of them is the icon of the Holy Family.

In Russia, the same will not meet, and in Israel they are sold in every shop and in every design: engraving, carving, painting on canvas etc.

Equally popular virgin of Jerusalem Christ the Saviour, Nicholas. And they are all much more miraculous, as established in the Holy Land.

Antiques in Israel is represented by coins of ancient times, ceramics of the same era, jewelry of gold and precious stones. All of this should be purchased in licensed stores.

Not every Antiques are subject to the free export of the country, all created to the XVIII century, will have to take permission to export antiquities authority and pay a tax of 10% of the value exported.

In Israel often go not only for the sake of visiting the Holy places, but also for purchasing diamonds. They are made by the company Israel Diamond Center, Diamond exchange implements at the Central office and the branches.

Among the jewelry in Israel, a special demand is for silver: dishes, cups, candlesticks, decorations.

Buying silver jewelry, you need to check that it was indeed a precious metal and not plated as the product is plated is much cheaper.

Uvelirnye izdeliya, ikony, antikvariat


Israel located on the shores of the Dead sea, whose water is considered curative, because of the high content of salts and minerals. It is used for the production of cosmetics.

Because it is highly regarded among the ladies. What makeup to buy in Israel itself and to bring as a gift? The best selling creams, scrubs, masks, shampoos, shower gels manufactured by Sea of SPA, Sea of Life, Ahava, Yes to....

Israel. What to bring? My purchases.

Food and drinks

From Israel made to bring coffee, dates, hummus, olives, and kosher products for friends and relatives in Russia who practice Judaism.

The coffee here is special, with cardamom. You need only buy the one drink that is sold in green packaging with the logo in the form of a leaf cardamom.

Hummus – food in the form of a dense mass made from beans with sesame seeds and ground pine nuts and flavoured with spices. Sell it in cans and in bulk.

Since the product is perishable, it should not be taken in large amounts, or not to open the packaging before coming home.

Among gourmets appreciated the olives and figs from Israel. Olives is like Greek and Spanish, which are considered the most exquisite.

Dates in Israel don't know the size and meatiness. Friends in Russia are glad the box of Goodies that North Africa and Central Asia is considered the second bread.

Wine from Israel has a distinctive tart taste. It is produced from pomegranate, currants, grapes. At each winery, and a private winery you can buy it. So you can save considerably.

Kosher products are sold in all Israeli grocery stores. In Russia they can also be bought, but not all, and the prices bite. Therefore it is taken to the promised land of true Jewish dishes.

Produkty i napitki


Clothing in Israel enjoys the same demand as gifts to relatives and friends as cosmetic, decorations or treats.

The most popular brand in the country - Michal Negrin. It has representative offices in the Russian capital, but the prices are much higher.

Michal Negrin primarily manufactures piece goods: exclusive clothing, jewelry. The highlight of the designer,which makes the brand recognizable around the world – white and blue colors of clothing and hand finishing.

Interesting is the national dress of the Israelites. At first glance there is nothing special, and is there national dress of the people, who wandered for hundreds of years?

To date, a typical Jewish man wears a black or white round cap on the top of the head – a kippah or a hat. The sides attach to hat curly hair – sidelocks. All this adds a white shirt, black vest and long jacket.

What gifts and Souvenirs to buy in Israel? A yarmulke or hat with sidelocks buy literally all the tourists for themselves or as a gift. In Russia, men in yarmulkes are not uncommon, and a hat to wear only odious to the Jews.

The national dress of Jewish women copied from Muslim women: wide, floor-length dress with long sleeves and a headscarf. Of special interest to tourists it does not matter.

What to bring as a gift?


With gifts for men and women figured out - it can be wine, jewelry, cosmetics, traditional clothes or branded items. And what about the baby? What Souvenirs from Israel will appeal to the kid and teenager?

First and foremost is the tasty treats, which the national cuisine of the Jews offers a lot.

Older kids love the different amulets. It is possible to buy for a teenager anchovy. It's an ancient amulet in his palm, which depicts the eye.

Hamsa is also called the hand of Mary. The Jews believed that the Hamsa protects against evil spirits. This gift will be happy and adult friends or relatives.

CHto privezti v podarok rebenku?

In children is bound to cause interest of the national game of matkot Jews. It is similar to table tennis, only the table is not needed, and the ball is not plastic and rubber.

In Israel produce an analogue of the famous designer "LEGO". For kids this is the traditional model cars and robots. For high school students – complex structures like the tower of David, of Solomon's Temple or Noah's Ark.

The Israelis have released their for teenagers who in the future are going to be builders or architects.

Board game "Five stones" may be good for both children and adults. It develops a motility of fingers. You can buy a chess or backgammon handmade from tortoise shell or clay.

Israel only at first glance seems closed to prying eyes country. Just, its inhabitants are not in a hurry to open up fully until you realize that it profits from the good.

And even then the Israelis will show all their generosity and will offer the most expensive gifts.