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What can you bring from Kazan from the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Kazani?

Anyone who has ever been to Kazan, irrevocably love this city and want to buy something in memory of him.

And to friends and acquaintances also imbued with this beautiful city, and you need them to bring a gift. Hospitable Kazan generous of such gifts.

What Souvenirs to bring from Kazan?


If the gift you have decided to buy clothing, then it should be something national: skullcap for men, the kalfak woman's headdress.

Toupees and kalpaki sell in Kazan on almost every corner. Their value depends on the method of finishing, size and material.

The woman's headdress requires a lot of effort and time, and richer decorated skullcaps, and therefore is more expensive.

Do not remain without attention of the national Tatar shoes with curled up pointed toes leather. They are decorated with national ornament. Wear them and feel like Aladdin or the Little Mukom.

Ichigo – national soft embroidered patterns made of pieces of colored fabric or leather Tatar boots. Combined with skullcap and robe, they look not just beautiful, but also stylish and elegant.

Ichigo acquire for dance groups and ethnic museums.

You can buy in Kazan and modern clothes, especially tracksuits with the symbols of football teams of Tatarstan.

Kakie suveniry privezti iz Kazani: odezhda

Treats and drinks

Special attention deserves the Tatar cuisine. Already it is worth to visit the capital of the Republic.

The king of local sweets – chak-chak. Options for cooking a great variety, and sell it in different variations: cartons, in bulk, in plastic packaging. It is based on fried dough and honey.

Cotton candy Tartar – tackles Kaleva, only to realize its not made of sugar and of honey, so it is denser. Sell it in the form of pyramids. This gift will appeal to children and adults, and the harm from this sweetness is much less than good.

For those who prefer sweets to meat, will satisfy tutira - horse sausage, cooked according to national recipes.

Number of varieties of horse sausage is very large, which allows to satisfy the most refined taste.

From alcoholic national drinks are especially appreciated balms "Bugulma", "Chistay" and "Tatarstan". Their recipe has long been known and includes herbaceous plants that grow in Tatarstan: Hypericum, oregano, calendula, yarrow, bilberry, birch buds, cinnamon and others.

Their production is used for alcohol, past many multiple cleaning. Fortress balm "Tatar" is 45º. As a gift it can bring, both friends and colleagues.

Religious symbols

As in all Muslim countries and republics, religion in Tatarstan paid a lot of attention. For them, religious symbols are indeed sacred, but also as Souvenirs by the Kazan offer their guests.

First of all is the Quran. A gift has rich decoration: velvet cover with inlay, high-quality paper, colorful drawings.

You can bring the Koran is not in the folio, and in separate chapters is depicted on the paper, cloth, canvas.

Religioznye simvoly


Tatarstan is famous for its ceramic products with a national ornament. Production is located in Verkhneuslonsky district, where the carry Souvenirs in gift shops throughout the country, including Kazan.

Among the products of plant saucers, vases, tea sets, animal figurines, statues. Of particular interest are symbolic figures under the name "Kazan cat," "the Orphan Kazan".

Souvenirs Of Kazan

What can you buy at present?

Friend or girlfriend

Girls love to dress up and wear jewelry, but also to use quality cosmetics. In Kazan there is production of cosmetics for skin care, known under the brand "Eco Style".

The prefix "Eco" means that the quality of the ingredients we use natural raw materials.

Inthe company catalogue has products for infants: milk and oil for a against diaper rash. For your favorite girl or young mom's cosmetics "Eco Style" - the perfect gift.

Will not leave indifferent young beauties and Ichigo. These soft boots may not be true of the Tatar, but only to remind them in form and to be decorated on motives of the Tatar national shoes.

Tatar women always wore a lot of jewelry, the weight can reach six kilograms. Today, they are sold as Souvenirs. For their manufacturing of silver, Jasper, coral, amber.

Kazan exclusive – knobby filigree – material for making jewelry. Any of them will become a costly gift that can become a family heirloom.

Podruge ili lubimoj devushke


The man from Kazan it is possible to bring sports clothes with symbolics of club "AK bars" - very popular not only in Tatarstan, but throughout Russia.

If a young person is not a sports fan, you can gift him any accessory with symbols of Kazan: leather organizer, lighter, keychain, phone case.

Together with local balm can give a set of wine glasses all with the same symbolism of Tatarstan and its capital.

Male Manager or business owner can bring Tugra life-size or a magnet in the form of pages from the Koran in a sign of the wishes of wellbeing and prosperity.


Kids love gifts in the form of toys. In Kazan very much in the sale of toys and Souvenirs the form of a cat. Besides the fact that it is one of the favorite Pets of Tatarstan, the cat – hero of the local legend.

She says that the owl Catherine the Great ordered to bring from Kazan cats, so they caught all the mice in the Imperial chambers. Not accidentally, one of the attractions of Kazan is a monument to the cat.

CHto mozhno kupit v podarok: rebenku

A souvenir in the form of a cat will appeal not only to children but also to those who collect figures of such a plan, or as a symbol of comfort and home.

What else you can buy in Kazan tourists? In the souvenir shops of the city are available in soft toys, hand-made of sheep wool. They not only look attractive and like children, but are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Kazan and other cities of Tatarstan are always welcome and are ready to provide Souvenirs and other products of their companies as Souvenirs and gifts.