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What to bring from China as a gift, what Souvenirs can you buy?

CHto privezti iz Kitaya?

Since the restructuring of Chinese goods, many citizens of our country associated with junk. Low cost and non-quality are disappointing, forcing to turn away from the Chinese manufacturer. At the same time, the high pace of industry development China and cheap labor attracts global investors who want to save on costs in manufacturing. This explains the fact that today in China there are numerous businesses that offer excellent quality at a reasonable price. So, being in the country, the Tibetan monks, it is only logical to ponder the question what to bring from China and to plunge into the endless markets of the country in search of the very attractive, but, more importantly, original stuff.

Chinese silk – the choice of emperors

Serik. This name is condemned in the China ancient Romans and Greeks, thanks to calcomania of the country. And for good reason. Today China exports more than half of the world total silk fabric, delighting the eye with bright colors, and the body is a delicate quality. The secret of silk production has long been kept under the heading of the forbidden and the penalty of death. It is only known that its production process was revealed about 5 thousand years ago.

Initially, the silk robe was a real luxury that could afford the members of the Imperial family. Today, silk scarves, stoles, dresses, shirts, bed linen and many other things is widely available to different segments of the population. Presented a piece of textile art, you give not only an original gift but also the excellent quality with the "subtext".

You should note that bright colorful paintings on silk goods have private value.

For example, the image of the butterfly symbolizes the serene joy and happiness, and popular in China, the Lotus flowers are a symbol of loyalty. The color scheme also embodies hidden meanings:

  • red shades represent fire and joy
  • yellow – power
  • black – eternity

You can choose a suitable option. National dress qipao perfectly displays the ethnicity side of the country and will become an interesting decoration graceful silk fabrics.

"The Imperial stone"

What to bring from China to the sort of traditional gift that embodies the spirit of the country and reminded about her? China is the birthplace of jade – a symbol of masculinity and power. In Chinese markets you can find many interesting pendants, bracelets and decorative items made of jade, the price of which can fluctuate considerably from quality material.

CHto privezti iz Kitaya v podarok?

The product of the "Imperial stone" differ enviable durability and aesthetics. Today, the Chinese craftsmen carved mineral complicated shape and put a variety of pictures. Buy jade souvenir can be in any part of the country. But should be cautious about his choice, as there are many imitations made of quartz, glass or serpentine. With the help of chemical action fake becomes almost the original appearance of the mineral. Therefore, going shopping at the Chinese market, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable person who will help you to choose the unique appearance and characteristics of the product.

Pearl dust

Gunpowder, compass, paper scissors – a partial list of what has pleased humanity China. One of his chief inventions is the pearls – sparkling stone of different colors, characterized by their pristine beauty. According to the legend, he is then out of the dragon, and inhabitants of heaven. Regardless of the historical traditions, the Chinese merit appreciated natural stone and learned to produce it by artificial means unlimited.

The birthplace of pearls is the city of Vatan, which is located close to the shopping metropolis of Shanghai and surrounded by lakes and cultivated freshwater pearls. At that, the largest pearl market is in Beijing, where he actively finds buyers among the tourists, workers in medicine for the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics.

The famous Hongqiao pearl market is attracting the fairer sex, forcing credit card "squeak" at the terminal. On a market stall you can find a huge range of Chinese pearls. It may be his natural or cultured option. Well, where do without fakes made in China. To distinguish imitation pearls are quite hard, but not really. For this there are 2 ways:

  1. The most common way to scrape the stone on the tooth. Natural pearls will emit a squeak.
  2. Also, you can throw a gem from the height of 30 cm If the stone was not a fake he is like the ball ping-pong table jump a few times, whereas the simulation will lie on the ground.

When buying pearls do not forget about bargaining. Bargain just need it to do. In the end, the final price for the product will be a hundred yuan less. Often, the necklaces and bracelets of pearls are sold without a lock, it desire put on the spot, throwing unnecessary stones to the other thread.

A gift of pearl jewelry is beautiful and always to the point. Because, as you know, the classics are always in fashion.

Tea ceremony:the age-old tradition in detail

Deserves a separate word Chinese porcelain. This is truly a world of aesthetics, taste and variety. Tea sets, Cutlery, kettles and many other products, from which dazzled. China – the birthplace of porcelain. The people of China have long said that the porcelain should be blue like the sky, thin as paper and clear as a bell.

CHto mozhno privezti iz Kitaya?

Especially popular are Chinese vases. Their amazing painting amazes with depth of thought and spiritual calling. What can you bring from China porcelain? A great option would be set for the tea ceremony. Chinese tea pots differ in shape, color and size. Everyone, without exaggeration, will find a suitable jar "spout". Traditionally, "proper" tea in China is considered izinski produced from ilinskoy clay. According to legend, the first maker of the "purple clay" was created by a monk from the monastery, Jinsha, then they have attained the peak of its popularity and are proud of it to this day.

Chinese tea – another product, which is traditionally driven with China. Its abundance is striking. Green floral, white, PU-erh, Oolong. This is not a complete list. The choice of tea should be approached wisely. It should be noted that the nature of China ginseng is not found. Accordingly, the tea it is better not to buy. The fact that ginseng grown artificially with the addition of huge amounts of fertilizers and pesticides.

The price of tea varies according to its grade. Usually, it is packaged in a stylish box. And finally, unlike puerh, the tea should be "young", up to a year. In a specialty store, you are given the opportunity to taste several types of tea to choose from. Don't be afraid to taste it. It's free.

Chinese painting: beauty conquers

About painting China can talk forever. The preservation of historical cultural traditions and the specific philosophy of China generates its embodiment in works of art. The maximum grace and perfection, the main emphasis of Chinese painting. Purchasing a gift even a small work, you will bring Oriental flavor in the house. Compositions for every taste produced on paper or silk, embroidered and painted in different genres.

Pricing policy in relation to the art of surprise with their diversity. It is important not to be carried out on occasion and "enable" logic to actually evaluate the product.

Gift counter

China and Feng Shui – are two inseparable concepts. The culture and spiritual world of the middle Kingdom is shrouded in many mysteries and secrets of the spiritual side of humanity. A variety of amulets, statues and charms makes curious tourists to open their wallets. So you want:

  • to protect your family from disaster
  • to harmonize relations
  • to increase capital

The greatest demand is the statue of Maitreya Buddha with a big belly, Happy Buddha, Hotei, and the bodhisattva Guanyin. The perfect gift will be a national wall fan or creative umbrella. So what Souvenirs to bring back from China yet?

kakie suveniry privezti iz Kitaya?

Range of Chinese Souvenirs saturated and diverse. In Chinese markets you can find a lot of interesting products that complement the overall interior design or completely change it, adding easy charm and colorful shades.

Pleasant smell sandalwood fans will refresh. This is a necessary thing in a purse in the summer and a lovely decorative accessory at home. Chinese craftsmen pay great attention to the manufacture of fans, or rather his painting, which is striking in its design, character and creativity. It is made of hieroglyphs on various subjects.

In addition to fans from sandalwood, on the shelves in China, you can find a fan made of ivory, bamboo, jade and porcelain.

Street of Wangfujing Dajie, specifically its 820 meters will embody the desires of the most violent shopaholics and lovers of Antiques. This is the most crowded shopping street of Beijing. Here you can find a truly exclusive Souvenirs and surprise your loved ones. The uniqueness of handmade jewelry and vintage tomes will force to forget about everything. The main thing is not to get confused and buy a really original thing, which will remind you of the moments spent in China.

Numerous interior filled up with covers for all home products. This is especially true for remote controls for TV, air conditioner, chairs, or toilet. Cute Panda soft home decor is also noteworthy.

China can be called the residence of the world of shopping. Here you can find everything your heart desires and, notably, at affordable prices. Before you make the purchase, it is important to figure out what you chose and what you need to buy in order to spend a decent amount on the colourful product.

It is advisable to be aware of the customs rules and restrictions in the carriage of baggage. Should definitely keep receipts and packaging properly acquired, since during long transportation is there a chance of damage. But the most important thing is not to forget to bring my owngreat mood and intuition. She will not fail you in choosing original and creative stuff. Enjoy your shopping in China!