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What you can bring from the Crimea of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Kryma?

Nothing is expected of us for so long and not be so fleeting, like a well-deserved vacation!

If you happen to visit this summer in the Crimea, what will you take with you the memory of the sunrises, filled with promises of joy, about the heat of the noonday facilities by the dusky-cool cave, smelling of the sea, solemnly scarlet, dressed in blue velvet evenings?

Let's agree: do not buy, do not carry any kitsch clay mugs, collages and shell beads, photo frames inlaid with sea pebbles, well, except that the magnets for the most fanatical metamagnetic.

Your loved ones deserve a lot better, because the Crimea has much to please those who, while you sunbathed, swam, climbed mountains, descended to the sea floor, all this time waited for you, missed you and a little jealous.

Buy Crimea: cosmetics, trinkets, Souvenirs, books and spices

Life is too short to drink bad wine

In the Crimea, where winemaking is more of an art than an industry, bad wines you will not find. Famous not only on the Peninsula wineries Magarach, Yalta, Sudak, Koktebel, Solnechnaya Dolina, Zolotaya Balka, Inkerman produce all-natural, poroshkovye wines and cognacs.

Names of the vines that gave birth to the brands of wine "the Black doctor", "Black Colonel", "Golden fortune duration", "Muscat red Stone", sound like the words of legend: Crown, Kifissia, what Cara, Lara, Kara, and this grape grows only in the Golden Valley in the Crimea.

So valuable in every sense to be a souvenir, a bottle of excellent vintage wines.

What kind of wine to bring from the Crimea as a gift?

A great reminder of the Crimean vacation will be and sparkling (champagnes) wines — all degrees of dryness, from Muscat to the Brut! - "New Light" And "Livadia", "Zolotaya Balka".

To this gift did not disappoint neither the one whom it is intended, you should purchase it in specialty wine stores.

These spa-relative means

"Lavender", "Crimean legend," "black sea breeze", "Oriental sweets"... On the basis of the best natural fragrances presented by the nature of the Crimea, essential oils and plant Absolutes created a collection of solid perfume Crimean manufactory "House of nature".

What can you bring as a gift from the Crimea? Several of these miniature containers in a gift box and souvenir is ready!

And how many proposals of means to care for themselves! Dry mask scrubs with spirulina, kelp, diatomaceous earth, crushed the Crimean herbs; masks and creams based on salts and mud from the Saki.

Natural wax creams with fragrances from essential oils of plants of the Crimean, designed for each cream individually; the line of products on the basis of pollencollected in the Crimean rosaries are on lavender, geranium and sage fields.

Natural handmade soap, cold brewed method, allowing to save useful properties of each of the ingredients: oils of grapeseed, almond and peach kernels, extracts of roses, seaweed and thyme, dirt Saki lake.

Eti spa-sitelnye sredstva

Healing on Saturday morning

Souvenir from the Crimean Peninsula may become a means with healing properties:

  • salt from the brine of Saki salt lake, and in its pure form, and various additives — rose petals, essential oils, extract of pine Crimean pine;
  • mud Saki lake, in different packaging, from-ounce to five-pound tubes neat venerochka;
  • essential oils and balms on their basis for aromatherapy in separate vials, in sets, arranged taking into account the sign of the zodiac and a variety of purposes, and if such a set to add a miniature aromacean on a thin leather cord, a souvenir will be not only useful but also stylish;
  • Crimean herbal teas, bulk and filter bags, separately and as part of tea collections "Hersonissos", "Yalta", "Alushta", "Livadia Palace", "Legend of the Crimea", "cuff"...

    All this diversity is United by the fact that the Crimean herbalists to create healing mixtures gather the young leaves and inflorescences in manual mode, and herbal plants use only the upper part, the most rich in vitamins and essential oils;
  • jam of the petals of the Crimean tea rose — a delicious cure for diseases of the throat and digestive tract, fatigue and insomnia. And yet it is tender and flavorful treat!

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There are Souvenirs!

What makes spices, made in the Crimea, among other spices? All of the ingredients in the spices, collected in ecologically clean regions of the Peninsula, mainly in the Alpine meadows of the array AI-Petri.

Absorbed the mountain air and sunlight, before becoming a Supplement to your favorite dishes, they undergo a thorough technical checkup.

What Souvenirs can you buy? Manufactured and packaged in stylized box with the types of sights of the Crimea, sets of spices "Ayu-Dag", "swallow's nest", "Livadia Palace" will be a welcome souvenir for those who love to cook.

For those who have already purchased as a gift Crimean herbal teas, be superfluous and Crimean sweets.

Halva and pismaniye, candied almonds, and halva, nougat and sherbet, in bulk and in packages-assorted in small boxes and huge bags of it treats premium-class for the most discerning of sweet tooth.

The famous onions! These flattened, even in appearance, juicy, delicious purple-pink bulbs will not confuse with any other plant species. And its taste is incomparable with the usual onion-turnip: no bitterness, no burning.

This dessert, snack and even for sweet wines, and a great addition to vegetable salads.

And to bright, lush braids, woven from the Yalta onionsbecome really nice souvenir, to purchase a bow where he grows up to be really sweet in the villages landslide, Pushkino, a Small lighthouse (the greater Yalta).

I takie byvaut suveniry!

For the lovely, dear, only, favorite

For moms, girlfriends, loved ones as a souvenir, you can choose easy, elegant ornament is handmade from silver with semi-precious stones.

Especially good with silver bright turquoise and milky white mother-of-pearl, symbolizing the colors of the sea waves and foam.

What to bring the girl? Ladies who care about their appearance, can and should give the Crimean cosmetics. Apart from the already mentioned lines means you should pay attention to a series of "Living mask" and "chocolate".

Delicious, vivid description of a product directly charming design of jars and tubes is only one desire — to use this immediately!

Father, brother, best friend can not please one of the best Crimean brandy "Kutuzov". According to experts, even on the peaceful field "Kutuzov" is better than "Napoleon."

The dim autumn evening in the glass will splash molten gold of the summer sun with soft harmonious taste and tart aroma with notes of prunes!

What to bring boyfriend? Having been at the annual joust, the reconstruction in the Genoese fortress (Sudak) and seeing how alive the middle Ages, you'll want to buy small copies of weapons and armor, skillfully executed figures of paladins.

By making a gift to the man, a subtle and clever hint that appreciate it the power of the warrior and the courtly ways of a knight.

For kidswho have not yet seen the sea and know nothing about the underwater inhabitants, you can bring your own sea glass. And not simple, but painted.

Dlya milyh, dorogih, edinstvennyh, lubimyh

Run-sea to the delightful smoothness and roundness, they are the ideal surface on which the artist depicts the colourful fish, seahorses, jellyfish.

But then again, it could be birds, seals, heroes favorite cartoons. Each stone is unique!

What to bring to a child? Handbags! For girls certainly handbags, a variety, in the form of watermelon, oranges, ladybugs, octopuses, funny and fun, made with imagination from èkomaterialy.

Those who already know about the wizard by the name of Alexander green, will be glad of a copy-model of the brig "Secret", the one with the scarlet sails in the world.

Whatever you bring from his Crimean travels, you know, all this is done by the soul and hands of the Crimean people with a love of life, to their land and to you, those who at least once visited the Crimea, sure will be again and again to come back here.