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What can you bring from Peter of the Souvenirs in the gift?

CHto privezti iz Sankt-Peterburga v podarok

Having been in unfamiliar, but the coveted place, we always remember him with warmth.

And how nice it is to touch the magnet on the fridge with a picture of your favorite city or country, to feel again the scent familiar to the pain of the air, close your eyes and plunge into a memorable event about which it is impossible to forget...

That's why every tourist will be sure to get and bring home a fraction of what will please him every day. It can be a souvenir, tea with unusual taste, dishes and more.

If you visit Saint Petersburg, you just can't leave without a little piece that represents the city.

And perhaps not stingy, and acquire an entire set of China, famous throughout the Northern capital and beyond. Let's find out what else you can bring from St. Petersburg as a gift.

What you can bring from St. Petersburg as a gift?

That would be purchased in St. Petersburg, may be in your hands, it will remind you about this amazing old town, with high culture, unique smell smelt, fresh, stylish greeting cards with the image of the panorama of drawbridges and, of course, sweet flavor known to all Russians from St. Petersburg candy.

What to choose for yourself and friends in memory from a wide range of Souvenirs and national products?

St. Petersburg wine: responsible for quality!

Sparkling wine in St. Petersburg do their best. Despite the fact that there are grapevines, anyone will easily find the drink a variety of brands.

Conservatives will like the "Russian" and seeking to try out all the new and unknown – "legacy of the wizard. Lev Golitsyn".

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Favorite cosmetics women

Before so many different cosmetics in the afternoon with fire not find. Now the shelves are literally littered with a variety of care products for body and face and accessories makeup. The consumer instantly found European of mascara and eyeliner.

And yet many Russians remain committed to domestic production. One of these is mark "Neva cosmetics."

The producers of "Neva" has added a few new touches to the products.

First, work on packaging, making it attractive for the buyer. Secondly, improved the quality of the products. And, of course, surprised great new products:

  • toothpastes;
  • soap;
  • cream on natural basis.

Izlublennaya kosmetika zhenshin

In rare medicinal plant – in Peter!

In the Northern capital you can purchase a unique plant having the properties of a panacea. Is Goji. Small fruits are sold in pharmacies and are freely available.

Produces Goji berries the company "Solgar", one jar will have to pay around 1200 rubles, but it's worth it. Tibetan medicine responsible for its therapeutic tools and guarantees high quality.

The effect of Goji aimed at reducing the amount of sugar in the blood, the withdrawal of harmful substances from the body, improve the immune system.

In addition, with the healing of the berries to look younger and lose weight. For Goji go to St. Petersburg!

Gastronomy purchase

Adults and kids will love it, if you bring them a delicious chocolate candy factory "North". It treats with a long history – they gladly ate, eat and will be there for a very long time.

In addition to chocolates in the city can buy cakes made by the same factory. Favored by locals and travelers classes:

  • "Scarlet Sails";
  • "Leningrad";
  • "North".

Another sweet delicacy you will be offered factory named Nadezhda Krupskaya. In St. Petersburg you can enjoy a variety of tastes of her chocolate: bitter, milk, with nuts.

"Krupskaya" also available in chocolate paste. The desserts are beautifully gift packaged and makes a wonderful gift for the bestother.

Other products, which no doubt will please the tummies of foodies, called smelt. This St. Petersburg fish. The place of its habitat – lake Ladoga, the Baltic sea and other water bodies.

But you, of course, diving for smelt in the St. Petersburg cold water is not necessary. Fortunately, the fish can be bought in local shops.

The most delicious smelt – fried. However, if you buy it like that, you risk not to take to the destination. Better to buy dried fish, and then it will be possible to please not only themselves, returning from a trip, but many friends and relatives.

Gastronomicheskie pokupki

Lovers of exotic spices – the road to Petersburg

Indeed, in this ancient city, you can find what is not there in many other cities. For example, the real saffron.

Gourmet condiments, aromatic oils, hot spices for cooking, Oriental spices – all these can be bought in a specialty store St. Petersburg "Spice world".

Housewives just spend day and night here, and a born chefs come here to buy a mixture of herbs for a new dish. If you have such friends, you incredibly their delight, giving a rare condiment.

Other tidbits

What Souvenirs to bring from St. Petersburg? A gorgeous gift for couples who appreciate art, will be a canvas painted on it with a picture. St. Petersburg is famous for such paintings.

Manufactures their factory "Wieckie tapestries". The image quality on this tapestry can be anything:

  • view of Tsarskoye Selo;
  • a huge calendar for the current year;
  • the landscape of the Neva river and its banks.

Unique surprise for your friend or relative will be... the St. Petersburg air! Yes, very real.

And you will bring it in a sealed jar, the inscription on which reads that the inside contains an unusual sea air of St. Petersburg. Of course, this souvenir will not leave anyone indifferent.

Finally, porcelain. It has long been produced in large St. Petersburg factory, the Empress Elizabeth.

The unique creations were given to the Imperial house and had no analogues. Now they are represented in the display cases of local museums and are very much appreciated.

Of course, the whole set is hard to buybecause it costs a lot of money. But a separate device or a couple, for example, a Cup with saucer can be purchased.

Also, travelers do not overlook porcelain figurines – elegant, petite, very fine work.

Prochie interesnosti

Taking St. Petersburg gifts closest

Beloved husband, beautiful wife, son or niece will appreciate your gift, after all, that is brought from Peter, truly great. Consider what souvenir to bring from Peter and than you can surprise relatives and friends.

Gift for man

Husband, brother, father or friend can be present an officer's cap. These are sold near the cruiser "Aurora". Especially rejoice in the gift of the one who has been serving in the Navy.

It is possible to be original and give a copy of the bells used on ships.

Football fans will enjoy zenitovsky a scarf, Dudinka, the referee. Patriot of the Motherland, bring a flag, a loose vest, t-shirt with the Russian coat of arms.

In the gift of the young divas

What to bring a young woman or girlfriend? They love all unusual, bright, eye-catching, fashionable and at the same time depicting the daily life of St. Petersburg.

Surprise the girl a colorful t-shirt with chic and stylish, the belt and the image such as the smiling kittens, walking along under the fortress.

A wonderful and necessary gift will be the umbrella-a cane, especially if he is not an ordinary black, and painted or patterned in the art Nouveau style.

Souvenir from St. Petersburg girlfriend at the Institute: "extravagant" notebook, or a set of stickers with emoticons and St. Petersburg civiliki.

Many gizmos are sold in souvenir shops made by master craftsmen and issued in a single copy.

V podarok unoj dive

Enjoy the little artist!

If you have a child or want to see a sincere smile on his nephew's face, make it a gorgeous gift – supplies for the artist:

  • watercolor;
  • gouache;
  • oil paint;
  • high-quality brush.

St. Petersburg's Gostiny Dvor will provide you the opportunity. Here for sale are a sets of "Master class", which encourage every child, without delay, to be creative.

Saint Petersburg is a city which offers opportunities not only to visit the unique attractions, but also for selecting variety of Souvenirs and surprises for themselves and their environment.

Enough to walk onshops and stores, and before you will unfold a rich world of gifts, reflecting the amazing life of St. Petersburg and its inhabitants.

Gifts and Souvenirs from St. Petersburg.