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What to bring from Thailand from Phuket and Pattaya: cosmetics as a gift, Souvenirs, etc.

CHto privezti iz Tajlanda?

During a fabulous trip to Thailand most tourists presents a difficult question what to bring from Thailand as a gift for friends and relatives? In the cities of this country on almost every corner you can find shops and other stores that offer to buy unusual goods and Souvenirs. Before you travel, you are advised to read the contents of this article, it will be tempted to purchase something unnecessary in Thailand is very easy. After all, everything seems so unusual, colorful and interesting.

To buy in Phuket can be fashionable clothes, comfortable shoes made of genuine leather, small souvenir and more. Most often tourists who visited Phuket, bring home small Souvenirs that are very popular lighters of various kinds, magnets, traditional Thai dishes, figurines and t-shirts with Thai symbols.

There are a lot of trays with tropical fruits that beckon tourists. They buy fruits, juices, beverages etc to surprise your loved ones. Not less often bring Thai tea, special spices to the soup Tom Yam. In Phuket goods are not very expensive, much lower than in Russia, so the choice is yours!

Select an inexpensive gift

Almost all the beaches of Thailand you can find vendors, they can offer you to buy interesting products and crafts, hand-made. What to bring from Thailand? Tourists usually buy inexpensive Souvenirs made from sea shells, colorful figurines, interesting masks, headbands and scarves.

If you still are unable to choose inexpensive gift for someone who loves relaxing in the fresh air or a trip to the country, the most appropriate gift for this is a real Thai hammock — it is considered the most popular form of gift, imported from Thailand, here it is inexpensive, within 100 baht.

CHto privezti iz Tajlanda v podarok?

In Thailand there are many rubber trees, not for nothing this country is a large exporter of this kind of wood, Thai markets are filled with different products of rubber and natural latex, such as balls, beach chairs, wheels, mattresses , etc., Such purchase may be the ideal option for a child.

Being in Thailand, pay attention to textiles, they are usually sold in small street markets or in shopping centers: bright tunics, swimwear, dresses, shorts, t-shirts, bed linen can also be a good gift.

The tourists decided to give gifts in the form of a t-shirt (cost about 100 baht), sandals (350 baht), sneakers (200 baht). In addition, great importance is the ability of the buyer to bargain with sellers, it can greatly reduce the value of the gift, sometimes the cost can be reduced even to 50%, as sellers in this country are very generous.

The tropical variety is impressive, there are some types of fruit that your friends or loved ones may not even heard from this title.

To purchase a basket of exotic fruits for children, they certainly will be delighted with this delicious gift, but it will cost a tourist about 300 rubles.

What to give the girlfriend?

If you don't know what to give to his girlfriend as a gift from the fabulous Thailand, fortunately, literally all the "teeming with" good gifts for second half. When you purchase really worthwhile gift for the girl the main thing is to focus on the age and taste preferences of his girlfriend, after which you can safely go on a shopping trip.

The product is made of genuine leather is a great and very expensive gift. Ideal for the true connoisseurs of luxury and quality.

In Thailand there is the opportunity to purchase natural leather with a Stingray, which is unusual in its structure, slightly reminiscent of embroidered with small beads is a beautiful canvas. Here you can buy a huge number of various products made from this extraordinary material, for example a luxury bag or purse. The Stingray leather is considered to be very resistant to wear and tear, accidental cuts or tears the material. So if you want to buy the product of such material, be sure the product is made of genuine leather will be a long time to please the lucky winner, thus reminding her about you.

CHto privezti iz Tajlanda iz Phuketa?

Bag Stingray leather

In addition, do not forget about the crocodile skinthat will not leave indifferent any modern fashionista. Things crocodile high quality, durable and very beautiful. In Thailand you can purchase a variety of products such a skin, for example:

  • bags
  • jackets
  • purses
  • shoes, etc.

The choice of gift crocodile must be approached responsibly, as markets there are a huge number of fakes, instead of the crocodile skin you can slip the skin of a cow, if you are not particularly versed in it. To buy leather, you must select only specialized shopwhere you sell really high-quality material.

Protect yourself from low prices, not "fooled" by a sly suggestions. You need to understand for yourself that good quality goods are very cheap, especially in a country like Thailand. For example, the product of crocodile leather will not be worth less than 2 million baht (equivalent to about 2 thousand rubles), especially if the dimensions are large and the complexity of the work difficult.

If you are targeting a lower cost gift, we recommend you to pay attention to the skin of a snake. A snake's skin is much cheaper, but it is no less beautiful and graceful. Handbag it is possible to buy even for 600 baht. But a snake's skin is thinner, therefore, it's not so durable.

Tourists no small popular homemade silver jewelry — average price of 100 baht.

What a delicious and unusual fruits you can choose?

Exotic fruits in this country very much, they attract tourists for its unusual appearance, unique flavor, bright color of the fruit. If you compare the prices with our fruit, the prices here are very low. Especially if you buy fruit in a market where the product can be taste and to bargain with the seller. Now we present the average prices in the supermarkets, you will have the opportunity to compare prices, given that the exchange rate 1 baht is equal to 1,05 RUB.

By the way, on what money to take to Thailand, read here.

We all know that in Thai pineapple the most delicious in the world (1pc. — 25 RUB.), coconuts (RUB 17 PCs.), sweet oranges (60 RUB. kg.), tangerines (50-90 rubles), avocado, lime, lemon and other tropical fruits.

Thai cosmetics

What to bring from Thailand from cosmetics? If you already have enough bags and other leather goods, treat yourself and loved ones the best natural Thai cosmetics. On the shelves of stalls and shops you can find an incredible number:

  • natural scrubs
  • cream
  • healing oil
  • a variety of decorative cosmetics

Thai cosmetics have long been known for its quality, it is made exclusively from natural ingredients, so it can be considered useful and necessary gift.

Want to surprise your loved ones with exotic? You have the opportunity to go to the snake farm, where farmers will be able to buy natural cosmetics for face and body. You can agree on a tour of the farm where you will describe in detail, shows that your body is most suitable, and in addition, you will enjoy amazing tea from different varieties of Thai herbs.

Beauty creams are produced on the basis of natural medicinal plants than they are so prized by tourists and locals. For example, a balm made from aloe Vera can be used as a sunblock, its unique components are well moisturize and soften the skin, thereby protecting skin from the hot Thai sun. Tourists also sell interesting toothpaste in small round jars, it is made on the basis of medicinal herbs, the price of toothpaste 25 baht, and buy shampoo herbal can for 50 baht.

It should be noted that Thai cosmetics is much cheaper in comparison with domestic cosmetic: for example, shampoo from the brand Kerastase in Bangkok is around 600-700 baht, the same shampoo in Moscow will be — 1400 rubles.

What spices are best to bring?

Thai cuisine is famous for the variety and taste of their dishes all over the world, and make food so special Thai spices. Being on the island in Pattaya, travelers often wonder what to bring from Thailand from Pattaya? The perfect gift can be a set of spices. In Pattaya there is even a hit called "Music of spice" — "Asion Spici Garden", she is very like Thai tourists.

So why would you not buy, returning to their homeland, some unique and flavorful spices as a useful souvenir? It is worth noting that such a gift will be delighted those who have visited this unique country and became a fan of the local cuisine.

In the Thai markets you can often find a huge abundance of various ingredients for food, namely Thai dishes, Vietnamese and Japanese.

If you are a bit confused among the variety of spices and have not decided what to buy as a gift, try to take currywith this you will not regret it! In Thailand there is a popular proverb in which says these words: "How in the world there are mistresses, so many kinds of lovely curry". And once again it can prove the popularity of this unique seasoning in the kitchens of the whole world. Varieties its really not count, but you can name a few basic ones: yellow, green, red curry and Khao Soi.

Very often bought by tourists cinnamon sticks (not ground), lemongrass, and other Thai herbs and useful plants, the prices of which are lower, respectively, than at home.

What kind of tea to bring as a gift from Thailand?

To visit Thailand and not imported from this country, at least the packaging of tea, it is considered in bad taste tourist. Authentic Thai and Chinese tea sold here at almost every corner, at the same time tea can be considered a popular souvenir for tea connoisseurs.

Of course, Thailand can not be compared with China in terms of sales of tea, but the tea party hereyou can't compare with China. It should be noted that the selection of teas here are easily impressed, like local herbs, imported. Definitely need to try the exotic blue tea, it is considered a remedy for hair and vision, and also should try a tea called Matum, it is prepared from the same tropical fruit.

CHto privezti iz Tajlanda iz Pattaji?

Imported tea from Thailand will surely be a good gift for your favorite co-workers, boss, or to serve as a General gift for the entire workforce at a low cost.

What medications can you buy?

Thai medicines in pharmacies, are relatively inexpensive, you should definitely purchase balms Thai production, they are often sold in tourist locations and pharmacies. It should be noted that to bring from Thailand from Phuket drugs is very simple, for the removal of a certain quantity of drugs, the duty on the border missing.

Thai balms in most cases intended to eliminate pain in muscles, joints, improve blood circulation, speedy wound healing. Due to its useful properties, the balm becomes a useful gift for seniors or for those who lead an active lifestyle, spends a morning jog, is engaged in certain kind of sports and etc.

How to bring from Thailand animals?

Going to rest, a dream to bring back a dog. Animal lovers are well aware that the Thais are the real lovers of Pets, especially dogs. In Thailand often have been breeding a variety of dog breeds, which can be bought here much cheaper than the same breed of dog in Russia.

There are a huge number of specialised shops and markets where they sell a variety of breeds, which we have at home can rarely be found. Special love Thai people have for small dogs, such as:

  • dwarf Spitz
  • Chihuahua
  • the bulldogs
  • pugs
  • husky

There is a very popular local breed — Thai Ridgeback dog, it is very expensive dog, which is to find in ordinary shops is really difficult.

tajskij ridzhbek

Thai Ridgeback

The price of puppies can be completely different. Prices start from 500 baht and end 10-12 thousands baht, the price depends on the breed of pet, age and external beauty. As we have said, it is important to find a common language with the seller of the dog which can give a significant amount of money.

It would not be bad, except that after buying a dog, there are many problems connected with transportation of dogs to their homeland. But if you are really determined to buy a pet in Thailand, it is possible not to be afraid. For a certain value, the dog owner will take care of all registration of dogs, you only have to pay a certain sum of money to pick up the documents and pet. Thai dog will be an unforgettable gift for your household, which for a long time will thank you for the gift.

Thais — unusually smiling and kind people, in rare cases, sellers will impose the tourist their goods, but if need be I'll tell you everything that interested potential buyer, if you have shown some interest in the product. Thailand - is the country where you can find interesting gifts for their loved ones, haggle with friendly sellers, and of course, enjoy the rest!