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What to bring from Turkey as a gift from cosmetics, clothes and utensils?

CHto privezti iz Turcii?

Wherever people rest, and he always strives to bring not only bright memories and photos, and Souvenirs to your relatives and friends, no matter whether it is a trite magnet on the fridge or luxury alcohol. Is no exception and the beloved Turkey. This is not only a country with a hot climate, which attracts tourists, but also an amazing cradle of the colorful traditions and customs. Of course, there are a lot of interesting things and always have something to bring from Turkey, and that will not only be a wonderful reminder of the guest stay, but also useful gift. Most importantly, before purchase check written on the product "Made in China", because there is also a lot of goods from China.

Shopping in Turkey

One of the most interesting activities in Turkey is shopping, because many visitors to this country come here just for the quality and inexpensive things. Shopping in Turkey is an art, because while trade sellers play a show, in which you can participate. Thus it is necessary to praise the product, with an emphasis on too high a price, and not "blame" as we passed.

To bargain in this country – it's a tradition, so do not hesitate, because this way you can save considerably. In addition, because of the large number of tourists practically in all shops, trading tents and trays owners deliberately inflate prices.

Choose a gift

What to bring from Turkey as a gift? Many tourists dazzled at the sight of so many Souvenirs available in shops, trading sites, or even in the most ordinary pans. Therefore it is necessary to consider in more detail those things that you should pay special attention to when choosing Souvenirs and other gifts for their relatives and friends.

Hookahs and tobacco

We all know that Turkish fans "suffer smoke", respectively, they know a lot about hookahs and tobacco. Among the huge number of hookahs you can choose a gift option that will serve as a reminder of this country and a good rest, puff it hard enough. At the same time, you can pick up a quality copy which will find their application among those who like to relax thus in the company of friends or loved ones. When selecting such products you should know that functional hookah should have a height of from two feet and the glass bulb, it does not have any cracks and damage.

Many places offer a wide range of TOBACCOS, which include not only one, but "mix". The prices for tobacco in Turkey is much lower, because many domestic entrepreneurs buy the whole lot there and sell them much more expensive.

Food and drinks

Turkey is known for its sweets and it is not a banal chocolate, to which we are accustomed, and an interesting nut and honey products. The greatest demand is :

  • sherbet
  • halva
  • pistachio baklava
  • strawberry, orange and Apple delight
  • jam of rose petals

Traditional dessert Datca is honey almonds, baked with figs or honey. He has incredible taste and a bitter-sweet finish that will long be remembered. In this city the best grown in all of Turkey almonds, so as products you can be sure.

CHto privezti iz Turcii v podarok?

Sweets are the best buy on the market, as they are the most fresh, and the prices on them will be pleased with. Also here, many sellers allow you to first try the product to decide to buy it or not.

If it's not about the sweets that you can bring from Turkey, popular cheeses, which Turkey is made from goat and cow milk. This is a full analogues mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and other Dutch cheeses, although the most popular is a white cheese (white cheese). This type of cheese is considered the best option for Breakfast. Despite the exquisite taste of Turkish cheese, it was sometimes difficult to bring home because of the high temperatures, so you need to choose those species that are tightly Packed and has a long shelf life. Gourmet a good gift would be olive pastethat can be spread on sandwiches or a small package of olives.

In some stores you can find medicinal paste "Mesir", which includes more than 40 components. It is designed for people with respiratory problems, but it can be used without prescription as prevention. After a few weeks you can feel how much easier it became to breathe, while pasta has no contraindications.

Tourists often buy Anisova vodka – raki, which will appeal to fans of exotic alcoholic beverages. It has an interesting taste that do not like Russian vodka, but rather "Tarragon" or "absent". It is often used as an appetizer at banquets and formal dinners.

Coffee, teas, spices

Coffee and tea is another specialty of Turkey. This product can bring home as well to give work colleagues or best friend. The most popular are the Apple and pomegranate teas, which in this country is brewed afterbath "Hammam", even though they are in the menu of almost all cafes and restaurants. Turks prefer to have a coffee Mehmet-efendi, which can also be bought as a gift. Despite the fact that the coffee in Turkey is exported from Brazil, the Turks know a lot about his cooking, so it has a distinct pleasant taste.

Naturally, together with tea to give a beautiful cups in the form of a Tulip, which is very popular among the local population. Along with coffee, you can give the pots (Turku) for the preparation of this aromatic drink, which in this country are made from quality copper and are "personal" or "family".

A good gift for lovers of cooking will become the set of herbs and spicesthat are so famous Turkey. Use these spices to give the dish a pronounced spicy Oriental taste. The most popular is red pepper flour and sumac. Also for lovers of exotic can buy pomegranate syrup, which tastes a bit like balsamic vinegar and is used for marinades, sauces and salads.

Jewelry and amulets

From Turkey got a lot of jewelry and amulets, but the most famous can be called an amulet "Nazar Bonjuk". It looks like a blue eye that has a round shape. This amulet is made as necklace, bracelet, keychain, magnet, etc. Sometimes it can even be seen in the paintings. The Turks firmly believe that it protects from evil eyes, and amulets with his image, the "protection" is better. The sellers are convinced that this amulet absorbs the bad energy in yourself and when it is abundant cracks into pieces, thus protecting its owner from evil thoughts and intentions of ill-wishers.

CHto privezti iz Turcii iz odezhdy?

Compared to our country in the Turkish gold and jewelry are much cheaper. Therefore, if you are confident in the quality of purchased products, of course is to spend money. If the quality is in doubt – it is better not to risk, because there are a lot of crooks that want to earn on gullible tourists. At the same time, you can purchase many inexpensive but quite decent jewelry that will be a great gift for friends, sisters or co-workers.

Turkish textiles

The Turks still manufactures handmade carpets, which are in demand all over the world. This is a very beautiful products that perform not only an aesthetic function, but also household. When you purchase this product it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a special lead seal, which will allow you to take him out of the country.

Also in this country you can buy quality tissue, towels, bedding, bathrobes, tablecloths and napkins, yarn.

The best brands of Turkish textile are "Touch" and "Ozdilek".

As Souvenirs suit and national dress of the Turks. This is a different skullcaps, robes, shoes made of rounded and curved noses. Best places to buy these goods is the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, namely, Sandalova and the Old rooms in the old part of the market.

Cosmetics in Turkey

CHto privezti iz Turcii iz kosmetiki?

Turkish cosmetics – is another way to give a practical gift. What to bring from Turkey from cosmetics? When you select should give preference to olive shampoos, shower gels, soap. Thanks to the natural components of hair gain brightness and become more dense and silky, and the body is soft and tender. In addition, the use of olive oil in soap allows you to get rid of acne, age spots, dead skin particles.

Good cosmetics are produced at the plant Komili and cosmetics Cosmetics in Turkish, the range of which you can find everything from lipstick to nail Polish.

It is worth to mention rose water, which is so like many women. She has an exquisite flavor, giving the mystique and mystery of the female form.

For lovers of baths and saunas the perfect souvenir will be the sponge-mitten, which is made of high quality pure cotton, woven by special technology. Despite the fact that she has no impressive presentable appearance, it is very functional and durable. We must know that it must be used without detergent, pre-steam the skin in the sauna or bath.


It has been mentioned on Turks and cups for tea in the form of tulips, but this is not all that can offer Turkish manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain. It produces high-quality dishes, so buying a beautiful Cup or saucer with a Turkish theme is a good option for a gift. For example, you can buy a plate with views of Alanya, Kemer or side. Also, the country made a gift of backgammon or chess, which is very popular among Russian tourists.

Turkish clothing and shoes

Special attention must be paid to the Turkish clothing and footwear, because this country is one of the main importers of high-quality products. To buy clothes and shoes in special shops in textile factories. Thus, you will be confident in the quality of the purchase, because in most of the shops sell cheap Chinese stuff. More expensive and qualitybrands can be found in large shopping centers, but it is not bargain and do not receive huge discounts.

What to bring from Turkey to wear? A Turkish production is made analogs of the popular brands that the quality is not inferior, but at the same time differ significantly in price. For example, this:

  • Diesel
  • Colin's
  • Dress Code
  • Enneli
  • Dsquared
  • LC Waikiki
  • MEXX

Particular attention of tourists attracted to leather and fur products. In Turkey often hosts various exhibitions and model shows, which presents novelties of the season. Here you can buy a fur coat or sheepskin coat is almost half cheaper than in Russia.

Most importantly, shop in a good mood and the desire to make a pleasant surprise your family and friends. And that it would be a souvenir, not so important, because the main focus, not a gift.