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Group transfer in tourism is: what does such a definition of briefly?

chto takoe transfer v turizme?

Tourism – the most popular form of recreation, popular among all people in all countries of the world. Every year, tourists go to different countries to learn customs and culture of their inhabitants and to relax from everyday worries.

Transport service - Shuttle service is available to help travelers. And how is such a service, and generally what is a transfer in tourism, we now face it.

Transfer in tourism - what does it mean?

znachenie transportnoj uslugi

To develop their own tour and worked out a route and booking a hotel room, can far not every.

The definition of briefly

At the development stage of the tour independently, you can avoid significant attractions or overlooked details that could brighten to reveal the specifics of the city or the country.

Modern inhabitant metropolis assistant be actively developing tourism, one of which is transfer.

Transfer - transportation from the airport, train station or other point of arrival to the hotel or other place specified by the passenger.

Being a transportation service, Shuttle service applies to both travelers and Luggage , or things that need to get from point A to point B.

Ways to design

kak oformit?

There are three options for registration:

  1. Self. Solo travelers can request the service while booking the hotel or ticket. Many hotels and airlines offer these services;
  2. With the help of the Manager. When you make a custom tour travel Agency Manager offers this service to clients;
  3. Automatically. When making group tours, operators usually include this service in the list of expenses, and sometimes tourist do not even know about it.


This service will be useful in the following circumstances:

  • If a tourist goes to a new country for the first time and not know the culture, know little of the local language or do not know him at all;
  • If a tourist is in a hurry, and he must be at the required address or carry bulky/valuable thing;
  • Tourists who appreciate comfort and protect your personal space from negative external factors.

The types of transport services

In total, the tourism distinguish three types of transfer. The choice of method of travel/transportation is borne by the tourist.



At the stage of your booking, you choose a car type, negotiate the terms of carriage, the amount of Luggage, number of passengers, the presence among them of children, their age, etc.

In the case of individual transfers you are planning a trip according to your desire.


Similarly, you yourself model your trip. Only here you can choose English-speaking driverwho will meet you not with the sign, and call your name and patronymic, independently finding you among the other passengers. You choose not only the car, but also additional options: alcohol, flowers, food, music, etc.


In the case of group transfer tourist select nothing. He gets along with other passengers, often waiting for them for some time on the bus and sent to the destination.

To order or not?

To use or not transfer often decides the passenger, it needs to decide whether this service is for him a clear advantage.


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The service has a number of characteristic features:

  1. included in the group of additional services;
  2. transportation is by car with a driver, the conditions of carriage specified in advance;
  3. client meet in an agreed location and transported to the destination, similarly escorted;
  4. the selection of cars is possible and depends on the purpose of trip, number of passengers and size of Luggage.

As a rule, interesting group passengers and tour escort. In this case, instead of cars "business" or "comfort" class provides roomy vans.

Advantages and disadvantages

Undoubted advantage of the all kinds of transfer service is the ability to quickly and comfortably arrive at your destination.

The shortcomings can be addressed individually, first and foremost, they relate to requirementsthat are imposed by the client to the trip.

If the client has sufficient amount of money for an individual transfer then this is the best option, as there is no need to expect late passengers, the Shuttle leaves on time and has the possibility to control the process.

If the client wishes more economically to reach the destination, then the only option left for him is a group transfer, where the ride comfort depends on the team and his actions.

Choosing a Shuttle service, remember that attractiveness depends upon the purpose of your trip, your needs and goals that you set.

Assume their own wants and desires, and then the journey will bring you much more fun.

See in this video, what is transfer, and in some cases it is necessary to use: