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What to take to Turkey with a baby and no - list

CHto vzyat s soboj v Turciu?

For most of our citizens are welcoming Turkey has long been a kind of "all-Union health resort". Antalya Riviera attracts tourists for its clean sea, the generous sun and a diversity of entertainment and hospitality of the locals, which is the key to a quality vacation, leaving only pleasant memories. However, during the holidays none of us are immune from the inconveniences and troubles associated with the absence of a thing, therefore, that the holiday was not spoilt and was perfect, when planning your trip you need to think ahead, what to bring to Turkey.

The list of things

The principle of collecting things for a holiday in Turkey is the same as with any hot country. Most importantly, take care of the comfort, convenience and security of each guest, as well as to save money on buying the things and devices that simply don't will need at home. So, we offer a detailed list of what to take with you to Turkey:

  1. Documents. This is one of the most important points, without which the rest does not occur. First, there must be a passport, which expires not earlier than 2-3 months after the end of your tour. Second, you must have insurance, which is often issued by the tour operator. By the way, save on this is not necessary, because in the presence of insurance policy you will have the guarantee that in case of any unpleasant situation you will provide first aid. Thirdly, it is obligatory documentation on the tour, that is the voucher, which indicates the residence power supply system, the cost of the tour and so the Visa you do not need, because, often, the stay lasts less than 30 days (most tours to Turkey takes 7-14 days). And fourth, at your disposal should be the ticket. To buy a plane ticket today can be either in the airlines or via the Internet. In the case of booking a ticket online you will need to print the itinerary receipt for a check to show it is ticket.
  2. A first aid kit. To protect themselves and their loved ones during their stay you will be able the presence of medicines, you need to take with you. In this case a whole bag of drugs haul is not enough to be drugs first aid (iodine, hydrogen peroxide, band-AIDS, cotton wool, bandage), antihistamines, analgesics, anti-inflammatory and antipyretics. If you have any disease of a chronic nature, do not forget the medicines of admission. To avoid stomach disorders and intestinal infections is to take an absorbent means. Also take care of the protection from the sun. Here that advises to take one of the pharmacies:
  3. CHto vzyat s soboj v Turciu s rebenkom?

  4. Clothing. The important factor of a holiday in Turkey is the season in which you decide to visit this country. Because the weather is different – often dry and Sunny for which you do not need anything but a swimsuit and shale, and sometimes cool and windy, which will have to wear pants and a windbreaker. However, to bring a lot of Luggage should not be – necessary things is quite fit and in one. Since the sun in Turkey are quite hot, the girl who is going to visit the tour, useful linen blouse or tunic with long sleeves that protect the skin from excessive sun exposure. A man on vacation should abandon t-shirts or shirts made from synthetic materials, as they are very bad evacuate sweat and do not allow the skin to breathe – in such clothes in hot weather to be very uncomfortable. Better to give preference to a linen or cotton products free cut. As for shoes, basically you will walk into beach shoes, for fun and also take a light pair of sneakers or other comfortable shoes without a heel. It is also very important to take care of the availability of high-quality sunglasses, beach bags, caps, or straw hats that will protect you from sunstroke.
  5. Bag. Preferably before the trip to look after bag, because this Luggage is not only easy to "carry", but when moving it will not damage fragile items. In addition, the bag should be lightweight by itself, comfortable, practical and have several compartments. Recall that the maximum weight of Luggage is 20 kg. It is very important to consider when collecting things, because the advantage will have to pay. In addition to travel bags, it is advisable to acquire a small backpack or purse on the belt, which, leaving the room, you will make money and other important things.
  6. Money. In Turkey to use Turkish Lira to buy which is problematic. So in a trip it is better to bring dollars or eurosto exchange that local currency will not make any of labor. However, you should check with your tour operator acceptable amount of currency allowed to carry without obligatory Declaration. Using international plastic cards across the border can carry a limited amount, and ATMs, and a well-developed network of terminals in major stores, and all saves travelers from having to carry large sums of cashcurrency. Money is necessary to take into account the fact that you will go on trips, entertainment, Souvenirs or any other products.

  7. Photos and videos. In any vacation, you must take a camera or camcorder. And especially in Turkey, because it is a country with unique nature, turquoise sea and amazing sights. Even Amateur photographers will be able to find on the coast of Turkey has an incredible camera angles for stunning images. Your page in the "classmates" or "Facebook" will simply be transformed once you put a photo or video report on the trip to the white top of Pammukale or the fabulous scenery of Capaddocia. By the way, people in Turkey be colourful and very juicy, so make sure there is sufficient memory on the card and do not forget about charging for the camera.
  8. The tablet and laptop. Almost all 5 star hotels in Turkey have free access to Wi-Fi. As a rule, to the access point you can connect to the lobby in the reception area, or in bars. This allows you to visit websites, chat on Skype or email absolutely free. In a popular and expensive hotels Wi-Fi and is stretched to the rooms. Thanks to this you can save a few thousand rubles on expensive roaming charges from cellular operators. Therefore, a tablet or a laptop, definitely worth to take with you.
  9. Cigarettes. Smokers who at least once visited Turkey, it is known that Turkish tobacco has a very pleasant taste characteristics and decent quality. Local cigarettes have "special" taste, and the cost of foreign brands due to the high customs duties of at least 20 euros per pack. Much easier and more economical to buy a couple of cartons of your favorite cigarettes before leaving. Moreover, the laws of Turkey loyal to the import of tobacco products. The main conditions are the absolute absence of commercial purpose and the integrity of the packaging. However, with regard to alcohol, the law in this matter is more severe.
  10. Security. To rest to feel confident, do not be lazy and save to phone or write down on a piece of paper the phone numbers of the Consulate (Embassy) of the country and their location in Turkey. Also, do not interfere in any case record the contact details of your tour operator.

Trip to Turkey with a baby

Kid on vacation – it's a big responsibility for parents, it is very important to ensure that Chad was nice and comfortable to relax and he did not feel that he lacks something.

Those who first go on vacation with the whole family often do not know what to take to Turkey with the child, so talk about it.

So, a kid's bag should include:

  1. Clothes. Closet baby, you should consider very carefully. Be sure to take things that the child loved the house, because it means that he feels most comfortable. Definitely useful lightweight summer clothes: t-shirts, shirts, skirts and shorts. Special attention should be paid to the headdress, because the Turkish sun for a child is very tricky. It is advisable to take some hats or Panama in the event of loss of any of them. However Turkey is not eternal heat, and windy weather will need jeans, blouse with long sleeves and a windbreaker. As for shoes, it should be Slippers for the beach and krossovochki for cool weather.
  2. Accessories for care. If the child is small, then clearly he'll need diapers. Take them with you or buy on arrival – each. However, as practice shows, it is better to stay on the first option in case if nearby stores will not regular brand of diapers. Also do not forget about the cotton sticks, sponge and wet wipes. This list also includes sunscreen that will allow you to prevent burns.
  3. Toys and entertainment. Of toys is to take small, but expensive for baby things. It can be sand set, designer, bouncy ball, etc. That the child had the opportunity to take a swim inflatable armbands, baby circles, or even inflatable pool.
  4. Food. Very lucky on the rest for those moms whose crumbs are still breastfed. But for those kids that have passed this period, you should take a good baby food, because in supermarkets and pharmacies Turkey you risk simply not to find. For more of the older children in the Turkish hotels have a diet menus: all kinds of porridge, boiled meat, fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc.

And don't forget to take the birth certificate of the child. In Turkey, he can ask.

Here and collected suitcases for the whole family! Now the main thing not to forget, what to take to Turkey should not only things, but also good mood, because on a positive note any vacation will be exciting and memorable.