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How much money to take to Thailand for 7,10,14 days - expert advice

Ckolko deneg brat v Tajland na 7,10,14 dnej?

Probably everyone else from childhood was attracted by the mysterious country with unusual names. Thailand is no exception, its ancient name Siam causes goosebumps to run along the skin. The Kingdom of Thailand is located in the Central part of South-East Asia. For travel there are all conditions: a mild climate, the presence of a friendly population, and a limitless number of attractions and historic sites that are worth visiting. Thailand – a country of ancient and fabulous.

The only thing that worries everyone who is going to visit, it is the amount of money that you want to take a trip. This question should tell you a bit more. So, how much money to take to Thailand for 7 days, 10 days and 14 days?

There is definitely not an accurate standard by which to determine the travel budget whether it be for seven or fourteen days. All especially individually, as some are accustomed to rest in a big way, and some requests are much more modest. Naturally, if you have the opportunity to take a more round sum, you should not deny yourself this pleasure.

The only relevant advice is to count the amount of not less than $ 50 per person per day. This figure includes the cost of accommodation, one meal a day and getting around. It is necessary when counting also pre-determine the place of rest, as depending on the hotel or hotels budget travel can vary significantly.

The most popular resorts in Thailand is Krabi, Phuket or Samui. Naturally, to get there have either water transport, either by plane or by train or by road, depending on the choice of the cost also will vary. When selecting a Phuket resort have the opportunity to save a little, but if you can get there by train and then by ferry so it can be left in the integrity of a fortune.

Transport in Thailand

To describe definitely how much money do you need to take a trip to Thailand is simply impossible. As mentioned earlier, in Thailand extended to all types of transportation evenly, but the weight is more acceptable is by ferry and bus. The main thing in choosing a bus – a nationality that can give an absolute guarantee that you and your Luggage get to the vacation spot safely.

Steam is considered as cheap mode of transport in Thailand, so it is time to schedule the amount can be insignificant. Also very popular tuk-tuks - these are passenger scooters. The rest should focus on location as a pre-planned calculation may lead to undesirable consequences, which sometimes are very sad.

Tuk-tuk v Tajlande

Arriving in Thailand, it is always possible to hire or rent a vehicle for the entire period of stay. This technique is used by most tourists, as this way you can save time and money. The rental value is approximately the same in all regions of the Kingdom, but the fares are paid slightly more.

Money for food

In the calculation of financial reserves for food is first to decide what kind of food you will consume. Naturally, a business lunch in a fancy restaurant will cost at least twice as expensive than the usual dinner or lunch at a café on the street. If you do not take into account the gastronomic delights, the average day for a regular tourist needs to spend:

  • Breakfast from 100 to 150 baht;
  • for lunch – from 50 to 500 baht depending on the place of the meal;
  • dinner – almost the same cost expression, and lunch.

Some hotels include in the price Breakfast, but not everyone can boast of this service.

Naturally, when choosing a luxury hotel you can offer a service "all inclusive", but will have to pay the maximum. All costs are excluding alcoholic beverages, so such a pleasure to be additionally to have an expense line. When summarizing the results of the calculations can be determined that on average, food is necessary to spend 700 baht per day per person (that is, if the needs are modest). Therefore, to calculate how much money you should bring to eat for 7, 10 or 14 days will not be difficult.

Pitanie v Tajlande

Accommodation and entertainment

The last point, but the most expensive is accommodation in a hotel or hotel. Of course, it is not necessary to mention that the price depends on the choice of class and level of hotel. In other words, the more comfortable, the more expensive. It should be noted that according to the standards of government agencies in tourism, the rate will not be calculated for day and for night, and it paid for the period of time from 2 PM to noon tomorrow.

The average price of a room at a hotel with three stars will be from 1500 to 3000 baht. If you move into a cheaper Guesthouse, the amount will not exceed 1,500 baht per person. To book a room on the Internet to be fullyconfident in a favorable settlement.

In relation to entertainment special restrictions no, as everyone can judge their own capabilities and desires. Only on the basis that I would like to see and what to try in terms of sporting or entertainment events we can talk about the budget for this purpose.

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