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How many kilos can I carry in plane Luggage and carry-on baggage?

ckolko kilogramm mozhno provozit v samolete

The long-awaited time of the holiday and many Russians go on vacation on planes. Those who decided to take flight a new airline or who have not yet flown, the question arises: "How many kilos can I carry in plane?". Each airline may have their own norms for baggage allowance.

The surest solution is to know in advance all the useful information, and then to collect the bags. Need to know:

  • What size Luggage for example (bags, suitcases...).
  • What is the free weight allowance of Luggage.
  • What can be in carry-on baggage.
  • What you cannot bring into the plane.
  • Everything about extra weight.

Most often, the airlines applying weight control, although there is quantification of Luggage (number of pieces). For example, a Bicycle, a set of items for Golf, skiing will be regarded as one piece of baggage, the dimensions and weight are not important. In addition to the individual requirements of each company, there is a gradation of classes – the more expensive and higher class, the more Luggage can be carried free of charge on the plane.

Sometimes it happens that the baggage exceeds the permitted limit, in which case you should use the paid-for baggage, paying for weight taken in excess.

All that's going to transport the passenger must be presented at time of check-in. Such measures were being taken to ensure the safety of the flight.

The baggage allowance on most airlines:

  • Economy class – 20 kg
  • Business class – 30 kg
  • First class – 40 kg

These weight limits include the weight of the Luggage and hand Luggage weight.

There are dimensional constraints:

  • Economy class – 158 cm
  • First and business class - 203 cm

In addition to young child up to two years, the standard weight of baggage must not exceed 10 kilograms.

In excess of weight can be carried in the cabin only things:

  • handbag
  • coat
  • umbrella
  • laptop
  • a blanket or scarf
  • cane
  • the camera
  • plastic bag
  • a book or magazine
  • a small bag of food
  • baby carriage
  • a bouquet of flowers

If suddenly you need to transport oversized baggage, when purchasing tickets you must discuss the weight and size and pay the airline's excess capacity. After that you can safely and happily go.