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E-train ticket: how to print from the website of the Railways and to use?

kak polzovatsya elektronnym biletom na poezd RZHD?

Buying train tickets via the Internet allows not to queue at the station and go to the car with only one passport. This is a convenient and reliable method, which every year becomes more and more popular.

The website of the company "Russian Railways" contains all the necessary information for passengers, but is not yet comfortable enough to understand the principle of purchasing an e-ticket on the train Railways, and how to use them.

Electronic ticket on the train Railways

dokument na zheleznodorozhnyj transport

A detailed description of such ticket and statement by buying and printing will help answer all the basic questions of the person who decided to use such a ticket for the first time.

This is what it looks like?

Electronic ticket is a train ticket purchased via the Internet.

After payment confirmation, you can save it in the format .pdf and print from the website on a sheet of A4.

It contains all the basic informationthat is specified and printed on classic paper ticket purchased through the ticket office:

  • surname, name and patronymic of the passenger;
  • the station of departure and arrival;
  • the train number;
  • time of departure and arrival;
  • the price of a ticket;
  • the presence of bed linen, included in the price, or lack of it.

Also unique number and a barcode for which the conductor will be able to read information about the passenger, not referring to the list. It is a guarantee that the ticket is not counterfeit.

chto iz sebya predstavlyaet?

Disadvantages of a paper document

Making a paper ticket has some cons, but only for those who are "friends" with a global network and modern technology. The electronic ticket, in turn, has a lot of positive moments.

Disadvantages of a paper ticket:

  1. may be lost;
  2. purchase requires physical presence at the point of sale of tickets;
  3. at the time of purchase can take a lot of timeuntil the passenger is identified with the car and the place, because he does not see the plan in front of you;
  4. if you buy a paper ticket from the partners of the Russian Railways, it is possible for the Commission;
  5. you can return the ticket is also only in placeby contacting the box office.

Benefits electronic:

  • stored on the website of Russian Railways in the personal Cabinet, so it can always be printed again;
  • does not require physical presence with the purchase, enough to have Internet access and a Bank card;
  • sold on the website without a fee;
  • almost all trains when buying an electronic ticket is an electronic check;
  • when ordering a ticket, the person is able to explore all available seats on the train, to see the class of car, choose the most appropriate shelf;
  • to hand over the ticket in case of cancellation of the trip in the box office (ticket number), and on the website of Russian Railways.

Ordering procedure

Book a ticket on the website is not as difficult as it may seem from the first minute.

Focus is not to make a mistake when you make personal data.

Registration and payment

kakim obrazom oformit zakaz?

To buy a ticket is necessary to visit the site rzd.ru. Next steps are the following:

  1. In the upper right corner you can click on the button "Register" and create a profile;
  2. Then in the section "Passengers" need to enter a search request tickets (departure station and arrival date);
  3. The page will appear one or several trains on specified criteria, among them it is necessary to choose the most appropriate one (press the button "Choose");
  4. Then unfold the window, which will show the number of cars, their typeand availability;
  5. When choosing a specific car (you have to click on the empty circle next to it) will unfold his plan with the location of places;
  6. The picture when you hover the cursor on a specific location will show if the place was free and what cost.

  7. Next you need to click on the button "go to data entry";
  8. A new window will display a field for entering data about the passenger (name, first name and patronymic, date of birth, passport);
  9. People can enter the data of the four passengers maximum, if people ride more, then it will be necessary to repeat all steps again with the other passengers;
  10. Here you can specify whether making insurance (for a fee), bed, whether the passenger is a Union card or bonus card of Russian Railways;
  11. After all information is entered, you can select seats on the plan of the car, and they will become red;
  12. On the right of this page will be information about the cost of all tickets;
  13. If people all agree, you can press the button "Reserve seats";
  14. In the new window you can double-check the passenger details and proceed to payment by Bank card;
  15. Next, enter the data from your card and confirm the transaction by SMS;
  16. After payment is completed, people will be redirected to the members area where you will be able when you need to print your ticket or copy the numbers.

procedura oformleniya i oplaty

It so happens that during the introduction of personal data by the passenger, the right place someone already buys what is necessary to keep in mind. Tickets can be booked at the time of payment only after the moment when you click "Reserve seats".

Save travel

To download a ticket, you have to log into your account using the button in the right upper corner of the website. After entering email and password it will open a window with a tab "My tickets".

It is necessary to select the link "My orders" and go for it. Next, you will presented with a list of upcoming trips for which the passenger has a ticket. A separate line will indicate that it is possible to keep the ticket in two formats: .pdf and .png.

If a person wants to keep the ticket on the phone, it is better to use graphical format .png, because it reads all modern phones without using additional software.

The document format .pdf is better suited for those who want to print out the ticket on the printer.

If tickets are bought from the computer and throw the file to another device, the best way to connect it to PC via cable and copy to a USB drive. You can send the tickets in the desired format on the email, go back to the other device and save.

And since Railways website work including phones and tablets, you can just go to the personal account of the site from there and download the ticket, if it is possible to do this using Wi-Fi or mobile Internet.

The company recently launched its mobile app, which allows you to sync your mobile and the profile on the computer. To buy tickets through it is easier than ever.

How to change the normal and get to the station?

E-ticket is of two types: with a single electronic registration without it. At registration you should pay attention to whether or not it, was whether the passenger electronic registration. This option allows you to enter the car with only one passport. If the ticket has no such mark, the person shall print out a paper ticket to a special terminal before you go to the landing.

Sometimes a seal is required for those who need to provide proof of travel to work, those who just collect tickets from their travel, or people who use electronic tickets, and they're not sure. Since, as will be received a real ticket on the letterhead, the email will lose its power.

poluchenie ili obmen cherez terminal

For an ordinary ticket, it is necessary to come to the station or to the center of the sale of Railways tickets. At itself it is enough to have the number of an electronic ticket, which is written in large letters at the top Blanca in its design via the Internet. There is also a barcode, which the ticket should print off or save on your smartphone.

To obtain a physical ticket preferred through a special terminal, usually located at the cash register station:

  • The screen will offer a choice of two options: "print ticket" and "buy ticket", you have to choose one;
  • You will then be asked to enter the ticket number or bring the barcode to a special reader in the terminal;
  • Afteras the ticket code will go into the terminal, it is necessary to wait a few seconds until the device will process the request;
  • The ticket will be printed within one minute, so you'll have to wait a bit;
  • After more e-ticket is not valid.

If the terminal station there, or people for some reason do not want or cannot use, get an ordinary ticket through the cashier. For this we need to tell the operator the number of the ticket, and it will issue the passenger a ticket for a regular form.

Tickets through the terminal are made on thin cardboard, tickets through cash issue on double paper form.

Both tickets are documents of strict financial accountability, so when you make them through the books at work have the same effect.

How to use it?

polzovanie pravom na proezd

Boarding a train can be on the identity document, and a paper certificate for the ride.

Check the number

E-ticket number, passenger self-check can not. As there is a risk that people will take advantage of other's personal information, there is no such option neither in the terminal nor on the website of the company.

To ensure that the ticket is paid and is available only in the personal Cabinet on the website or mobile app. You can also print out the ticket in the terminal, if its number (you need to know the passport details), and it results in cash in the room, but also upon presentation of a passport.

Do I need to show it when boarding?

Take a train e-ticket is very simple. If e-check is passed, then the person is sufficient to approach the conductor with a passport, because the employee trains will have a list with all passengers who have undergone this procedure. He would check the passenger's passport details with those that he has on the form, and people will be able to go to their place and calmly go. No additional action is required.

After the departure of the train conductor will pass through the car to collect the tickets from those who have they bought in the terminal or the cash register, and the passengers with e-registration only check the passport.

If the electronic check fails, the passenger must print the actual ticket at the terminal or at the box office. It's better to do in advance so as not to miss the train. As a rule, all trains internal and some international automatically make an electronic check when buying tickets, but there are exceptions.

When ordering via the Internet on the form always provided that the passenger is required to print your e-ticket or save it on the phone. This form may be required in those cases, if the passenger will not appear in the Explorer list or in one place will qualify 2 people.

Such inconsistencies are rare, but for personal peace of mind it's best to bring proof of ticket purchase.

Union card

privilegii ot profsouza

In Russia there is an organization called "Russian trade Union of railwaymen and transport construction". It protects the interests of all employees of the railway industry, not only employees of JSC "RZD".

What are the benefits?

When you join a Union man receives not only protection and some assurance from the organization, but also a plastic card - electronic Union card, confirming membership. It gives a number of benefits to its owner:

  1. discounts on tours on vacation (Russia and abroad);
  2. reduced prices on goods from partner organizations;
  3. special tariffs for mobile communications , etc.

The map itself is not able to receive the biggest discounts on train tickets than those already available to employees, but it allows you to obtain additional points on the program "Russian Railways Bonus".

For example, during registration the average person only gets 500 welcome points, and a Union member - 1000. To obtain these and other higher scores, on the website RZD, you must specify the number of your electronic Union card.

Where can you use?

After receiving the card must register on the website rpz-card.ru. It is necessary to enter your card details and your contact information, and then confirm the email address in your response.

You can use the card at all partners discounts which can be found on the website of the trade Union.

To take advantage of their privilege, before the payment must notify the seller of a card and to present it at the checkout.

We recommend you to see detailed instructions for booking an electronic ticket on the Russian Railways website: