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Electronic plane ticket: how to print out and use?

kak polzovatsya elektronnym biletom na samolet?

In recent years, the aircraft began to fly 92 million per year, according to Rosaviatsiya. How many of them have used e-tickets is unknown. But, without a doubt, people are buying via the Internet, electronic plane tickets. How to use them, and what are their advantages? Now learn.

Everything you need to know about e-ticket

vsya informaciya o talone

Shopping online is scary. Afraid to be deceived, especially for the money. When you search for reviews, come across messages Dating back to 2009: "what are the other tickets?", "I like it, very convenient. If you lose the ticket, it will still fly!"

Clearly positive reviews do not answer the question of why it is better to buy the ticket online, not at the airport Desk.

Let's understandwhat this ticket is to make your own opinion.

This is what it looks like?

E-ticket is your booking seats on the plane. When payment has been received, e-mail passenger receives itinerary receipt – it is called the ticket.

On document you will find all what you want to see on this ticket: information about the passenger, the date and time of departure, date and time of arrival, flight.

Itinerary for airlines has no power. She needed to calm the passenger. So, going on in air travel, you can be sure will deliver where it is necessary and right.


polozhitelnye momenty

  • Like to order a pizza at home? So you can with the tickets. Plan the flight yourself with a Cup of your favorite hot beverage in front of a computer. Various remote services will select a few flights left to choose only the cheapest and comfortable.
  • Scared to lose the ticket? E-tickets reduce the number of documents for the loss of which will have to be wary of.
  • Print itinerary receipt an infinite number of times, but not much carried away – to be late for a flight.

  • Mom flies from Peter, and you in Saratov? Not in a hurry to drive mom to the airport. With the service of e-tickets you buy the ticket from anywhere, to anyone, it is important to know the passport data of the person.
  • Love to sit by the window, and nasty airlines in the shove place on the aisle? Sign up for the flight yourself, because the ticket already on hand. In advance , select a convenient place. At the same time will save time at the airport to enjoy the screening.

Ordering online: easy and fast or hard and long?

prosto i bystro kupit cherez globalnuu set

When it is clear that it represents an electronic ticket, and its main advantages are known, it's time to go to order. Free Internet access and an hour of free time is all you need.

How to order?

Search. It all starts with search. Look for sites with the maximum choice of flights and low price.

The sites of the distributors of the tickets feature a search form: specify the city from which you are flying, arrival city, departure date, do you need a return ticket, the number of passengers and class of ticket. Service, after a moment's hesitation, gives all the flights on the selected date. Immediately you can see the airline, to see the transplant, and the total flight time.

Proposed to speed up the search process and take advantage of the easy search form right here. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date and number of passengers.

Better watch flights in advance – a month beforedeparture they are much cheaper than the day.

Defined? It's time to reserve a spot on the plane. Somewhere on the page must have a button "Book now" or "Buy". Use it.

Next you'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire indicating the e-mail address in order to receive the confirmation of payment and reservation.

kak sovershit zakaz?

Only have to pay one of the suggested methods. It can be payment terminals (Qiwi etc.), electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Yandex.Money and the like), credit card or cell phone stores (Svyaznoy, Euroset).

How to fill in the data?

E-ticket, like the ordinary demands of passengers the following information:

  1. Surname, name and patronymic. Be sure to write them in Latin. The correct version of the Latin writing of data is in the passport, look at the bottom row of the first turn. The same information you will find on the card;
  2. Floor flying;
  3. Date of birth;
  4. A series and passport number.

Be sure to enter a valid e-mail. You will receive payment confirmation and itinerary.

Where to get: by courier, by mail or by SMS?

Remember that e – ticket is your booking. In fact, getting a ticket is impossible. The mail after purchase comes the passenger itinerary receipt – information on flights. The form of receipt is very similar to ticket.

Like tangible proof of purchase? You can print a receipt. You will need a printer and 3 seconds to print.

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Recoverable in case of loss

mozhno li vosstanovit uteryannyj?

If somehow you lost the purchased electronic ticket, there is a way to restore it:

  1. For a start you need to register on the website of the airline, the airplane you fly. If you are already registered, very good;
  2. Then you will have to pay for the restoration of a lost ticket one way, proposed by the company;
  3. Make sure that the payment went through, entering back into the personal account of the airline. If the funds are transferred, you will again have access to your electronic ticket.

Can print out the ticket or downloaded an electronic version on your phone or another gadget.

Usage instructions

Now that you have the itinerary receipt, doubts and questions. It is not clear how to verify ticket authenticity, it is not clear how to sit with him on the plane. Not going to rely on the experience of airport staff and ourselves to deal with further steps.

How to find and check the room?

First check that your booking has passed and a seat is yours. In the upper right corner of the document, the location depends on your imagination the seller – look for "Room bookings". The number consists of 6 characters. The next number in the specified system, in which this reservation held: Amadeus, Sirena and others.

Enter the booking code on your ticket and your surname in the Latin alphabet. Some will ask for more and email, which have made your booking.

Want to find reservation by ticket number? Is also possible. Some sites allow it. Since you only have the name and number of the document.

Learn to read the strange symbols

chitaem neizvestnye simvoly

Itinerary / receipt, in addition to information about the passenger, has a lot of obscure symbols. They facilitate the work of the employees of the airlines will be useful for you:

  • Datewhen you booked the place;
  • Room agent – the company staked out a place on the plane;
  • IATA code of the agent;
  • Name flying on English. Next indicate the floor: MR (for men), MRS (female);
  • The name of the airline, which carries in flight the responsibility for your safety;
  • The number of the ticket;
  • BOOKING REF refers to the booking code with which you have been exposed;
  • The weight and number of baggage on the ticket;
  • ST – status of the reservation. Near it write "OK" for all but two years of children. They have on the ticket says "NS", because a separate seat are not supposed to. Mark "RQ" means that the reception will have to figure out a place;
  • The routeby which we fly;
  • The airline and flight number. The airlines are indicated by 2 characters. Company S7 whether their name is not changing. But Aeroflot does not AF as I'd like to think, and SU. The AF assigned to AirFrance. Ural Airlines –U6;
  • CL – passenger class. The letters F, P, A given the first class. The business class is entrenched J, C, D, I, Z. the Rest belong to the economy;
  • Date, time of departure and arrival;
  • What way paid ticket: cash (CASH), Bank transfer (INVOICE, INV), CC (credit card);
  • The cost of the ticket, airport tax fees, their amount.

How to check in and to Board?

If you prefer not to use the Internet, and more trust in the employees of the airport, you should just walk up to the front Desk.

At the front Desk just give the employee my ticket and passport. The rest will be done for you.

registraciya na aviarejs i posadka na bort

If you don't want to stand in line at the airport check-in, you will need Internet and a printer:

  1. Open the website of your airline and click on the tab labeled "online Registration";
  2. In the opened window fill in the required information;
  3. Select the free space in the cabin. If you're traveling with family or friends, then record a few tickets together to choose standing next to the chair;
  4. It remains to obtain your boarding pass by e-mail. Don't forget to print the ticket before departure, to present it on checking Luggage and boarding.

Remember that all airports the time to register different, but on average it 48 hours, and closes two hours before departure, to know for sure is on the airline's website or telephone hotline. It is important to have time to go through the registration within the prescribed period of time.

In order to get on a plane, should pass registration on a special stand (if you have not been online), to hand over the suitcases in the Luggage and wait until the display will show the gate number for your flight.

Helpful information

  • When ordering the airline ticket write value in different ways. Some just specify the price, including fuel surcharge, others add to its already paying;
  • When purchasing online ticket for you reserved for the term from three hours to three days. You need to make payment within the specified period, otherwise the reservation will be charged;
  • Some known airlines such as Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Air Baltic and others provide the service to get a boarding pass on a mobile phone;
  • Online registration at "Aeroflot" is available if passengers are travelling without small children up to 2 years, no Pets and do not require additional services (unaccompanied children, disabled, etc.);
  • The passengers of S7 with children under 2 years of age can register online, but the choice of seats will be limited. Of course, you can then change the location but only in the reception;
  • For self-printing boarding pass at many airports installed terminals, which read the bar code.

Watch video how to look at electronic airline tickets, and what are their advantages: