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Where better to relax in Egypt in the winter: December, January and February?

Gde luchshe otdyhat v Egipte zimoj?

When Russia comes a prolonged cold season, the sky is overcast with grey clouds, and the temperature stubbornly refuses to rise above zero in the day, it is not surprising that many of our citizens want to go somewhere to soak up the generous tropical sun for all the January holidays. And best option resort where in winter you can relax in the heat is Egypt. So if you don't want to spend the winter cuddling with a snowman and a radiator, and want a good rest, swim and sunbathe under the warm sun – you should choose where is better to rest in Egypt in the winter and go there, thanks to Jan for this available many free days.

It is worth noting that in Egypt, the winter is mild: while in our country, the savage cold, there are warm days and cool nights.

In the coldest months Egypt will delight you with a stable temperature below 22-25 degrees, as well as the warmth of the sea that will not fall below 20 degrees.

Weather conditions before lunch are often pleased with the gentle warmth that allows plenty to lie on the beach, sunbathe and swim.

After noon the sun starts to fall and the wind picks up, allowing you to change the serene calm of the beach on the nightlife, which provides the bulk of local entertainment. Rainy weather in the winter in Egypt is rarely found, but cloudy days can be quite frequent. It is also necessary to consider that the perception of air temperature is greatly influenced by the wind, which during the cold months in the country blows quite often. Therefore, when the fresh coastal breeze weather with 20 degrees is perceived to be somewhat cool, while at the same 20 degrees, no wind will be felt as hot. In any case, exhausting hell does not happen and the overall feeling of the winter time the Egyptian has much in common with August in the Central Russian region.

Choose a resort for a winter vacation in Egypt

Thinking of where to have a rest in Egypt in January should pay attention to the two most popular: Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Of course, there are other resort areas, but they are still developing. Of these the two most well-known and popular recreation areas is to make a choice in favor of Sharm El-Sheikh for the following reasons:

Gde luchshe otdyhat v Egipte v dekabre?

1. Winter in Sharm El Sheikh happy warmer weather conditions than in Hurghada. If you are looking for, where better to relax in Egypt in December, the best resort for these purposes than Sharm El-Sheikh is not found. This month in Sharm El-Sheikh is characterized by a daily average temperature equal to 20 degrees. This means that during the day the air warms up to 23-27 degrees, and at night holodney to 15-18 degrees. In January gets a little colder and the average temperature may reach 17 degrees, and in February the air becomes one degree higher. At the same time, in Hurghada the average December temperature is about to 17.9 in January it falls to 16.4 in February, equal to 17.3 degrees. On the other hand, due to the cooler climate trip to Hurghada are available at a lower cost.

2. To give the preference to the resorts of Sharm El-Sheikh is also the case if you are planning a vacation in a hotel, and you are not interested in the tourist routes and visits to the pyramids, museums and other antiquities. In this case, you can not buy an Egyptian visa, saving thus about 15$, as in your passport just added the seal, thanks to which you will have the access to the Sinai Peninsula but nowhere more. To the official at the customs control I must say that you are planning to visit only the Sinai Peninsula.

Bathing in Egypt in the winter

Of course, the most exciting question — is it possible in winter to swim and dive in the Red sea? Of course!

The temperature of the red sea even in the cold season day is characterized by stable temperature of about 20-22 degrees. Given that many of our citizens are happy to open the swimming season in the Russian waters, and the seas, while temperatures of 15 and above, it is very comfortable temperature for swimming and diving. Actually in the winter in Egypt, swim and hardened winter swimmers, and small children. And if the surface of the sea gladdens the gentle sunlight and warmth, the local underwater world, and will delight you with stunning beauty, from the trip which you will not stop even cool water.

For traditional swimming under surface of water with mask and snorkel (snorkeling) for half an hour enough of swimming trunks or swimsuit, then how do you plan to conquer the depths, is to rent or bring a wetsuit with full equipment.

Therefore, winter swimming in the Red sea is not a hindrance. However, in Egyptian hotels have swimming pools, and with them the situation is not so unambiguous. Local swimming pools under the open sky with the onset of the cold seasons are more the elements of landscape design thanbathing ponds. The water is icy enough — about 15 degrees, although the Russians, coming to rest from the Northern regions of the country, this fact is hardly embarrassing. In addition, a significant number of local hotels have heated pools for swimming especially in the winter. So pay attention to the presence of such a pool in the course of choosing the hotel.

Beaches and tan

But whatever was the case with the sea and the pools, Egyptian beaches year-round pleasure for the tourists, leaving them with the memory of pleasant memories and a bronze tan. Besides, in the winter tourists on the Egyptian beaches are much smaller, resulting in the beaches the whole day are enough places, the winter sun warms gently and carefully, which greatly reduces the risk of thermal burn instead of a beautiful tan. But in any case, before visiting the beach be sure to take care of sunscreens, especially for children and people with delicate white skin. As the sun, in contrast to summer time, not so high above the horizon here in a short time to get a great tan.

Gde luchshe otdyhat v Egipte v yanvare?

Unfortunately, winter in any part of the world makes the daylight hours are shorter, and Egypt is no exception. Here the sun sets quite early, so around 5 PM, unable to attack twilight.


Due to the early nightfall in the winter time along with the beaches of popular entertainment. So, if you decided to go into town and watch the live resorts at night, while in Hurghada you should definitely go to Marina, Hurgada, and Sharm El-Sheikh dine in Soho Square.

Also keep in mind that the winter Egypt is optimal for visiting historical sites and museums. Comfortable in cool weather, it's best to visit the temple complexes of Luxor and the pyramids of the pharaohs at Giza.

What kind of clothes you need to take winter in Egypt?

In addition to t-shirts, swimwear and shorts, need at the beach is sure to grab a set of clothes for the blustery cold weather:

  • jumper
  • hoodie
  • a light jacket,
  • jeans,
  • tight pants
  • sneakers and boots.

As already mentioned, this kind of weather, when you need to wear a jacket and warm clothes are rare, however, to err is In any case, already upon arrival at the airport of destination will become clear what we should wear, and all unnecessary things can be folded into a bag or suitcase. The most adequate and versatile option for winter walks in Egypt – jeans and t-shirt.

The right choice of hotel is the key to successful winter holidays in Egypt

Choosing where to rest in Egypt in February, and what hotel you should consider the following nuances:

1. First of all is the location. The most successful and the ideal is the place where there is the hotel beach, fenced off from the winter wind private Bay. Often the best places for winter recreation are located in old urban areas. For example, hotels Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh is much better guarded from chilly winter winds, than in more modern Nabq. Although there are exceptional cases.

In addition, while reviewing photos of potential hotel note the presence of a wicker fence from the wind on the beach. If they are present on the hotel beach, that means he is subject to frequent winds, respectively, and swim, and lie on the sand here will be somewhat colder.

Gde luchshe otdyhat v Egipte v fevrale?

2. The presence of a heated pool. It may happen that the weather will not allow enough to lie on the sandy beach or the sea seem cold, the warm pool will ensure that you will have a good swim in plenty.

3. Give preference to those hotel complexes where there are rooms in separate buildings or bungalows. Often there are mounted standalone air conditioning system so that you can install in any room a comfortable temperature. While Central air conditioning systems the main buildings in local hotels in the winter, warm is not satisfactory, resulting in room temperature in room is located in the vicinity of 21-23 degrees.

In order not to suffer from blood-sucking insects, don't forget to bring a proven fumigator. Of course, in some hotels is used for the bulk processing of acrid smoke, repellent mosquitoes, but often dark in the room you can hear the familiar annoying buzz, so the presence of the fumigator at hand is an important component of a successful winter holiday in Egypt.

Summing up, we can say with certainty that even such things as windy and sometimes cloudy weather is hardly an obstacle for a good winter holiday in Egypt.