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How to drive and train ride from Moscow to the Crimea: the price of tickets, Railways

kak doehat do Kryma na poezde?

Crimea is an incredibly popular destination for rich and interesting tourism. In the resorts of the Peninsula to relax at any time.

Here will definitely appeal to those who prefer to combine beach and leisure, as well as to enjoy interesting entertainment and activities. Before you travel, you should know how to get to Crimea by train.

To the Crimea by train

na poluostrov po zheleznoj doroge

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Crimea is to get on the train in one of the largest cities of Russia.

Trains travel to the Peninsula often enough, especially in the summer, so the trip shouldn't be a problem.

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How to get from Moscow?

Many were waiting for empty trains to the Crimea, bypassing Ukraine, after all, before the route "Moscow-Crimea" passed through this country. But now there is a great alternative. For tourists allowed the composition, which should be of Russia, and its final stop is Simferopol. Here take passengers train from the capital.

The passenger train runs through Rostov-on-don, making pre-Parking at the "Caucasus" – the closest stop to the ferry. Then, passengers are sent to a passenger ship and disembark at the stop "Crimea" again to change to the same train and proceed directly to the resort.

Large Luggage is left in the wagons, and the composition sinks to the ship. The convenience of this trip is that tourists no need to do complex transplants or long, and to purchase tickets, following composite routes.

poezdka iz Moskvy

Such a route has its disadvantages:

  • The tickets can be purchased exclusively at the box office;
  • Trains depart only from the capital;
  • The train is scheduled only a day;
  • To other resorts to reach from Simferopol.

If you want to get to the other Crimean resort, you should choose the "single ticket" – very best modern service from a company of Russian Railways.

The actual data to train the following:

  1. The beginning of the sequence at 22:18 Kazan station;
  2. The end of the route at 17:05 Simferopol (45 hours);
  3. The cost of the reserved seat for about 5,000 rubles, coupe – about 7 000.

This data is dynamic, so the change from the period in which you plan to visit, and to check their relevance there is an opportunity on the portal of the Crimean railway or portals companies selling the train tickets.

Are there trains from Saint-Petersburg?

doroga iz SPB

More recently, from the SPB to the Crimea set off trains following through the territory. But since the border was closed, and now they follow exclusively on the territory of Russia, St. Petersburg appeared other possibilities, but not always convenient.

The easiest option is to purchase tickets for any of the passenger trains to resorts such as Anapa or Krasnodar. Hitting one of these cities, you need to find the bus station to take the flight to the desired resort.

The trains start from the station every day, and the journey in the train takes about 49 hours. From the bus stationsflights to Yalta, Bakhchisarai, Yalta and Sevastopol. On average, this bus route takes up to 11 hours.

The other way is quite a long drive from the Northern capital to Moscow, and from there catch the passenger train, moving by the route described above. Both options are quite time consuming – only one way can take up to 2-3 days, so a lot of people choose more convenient ways, such as, for example, the service "Single ticket".

The road from Nizhny Novgorod

From the station tourists can get on the Crimean resorts in several ways. The first is a traditional multiple destinations to cities where tourists take buses to Crimea (Nizhny Novgorod - Anapa and Krasnodar).

This option is useful only for those passengers who do not have to take a lot of things.

Then from these cities to the resorts of the Peninsula established bus – tourists take Shuttle buses to the ferry, and from there to the end point.

This route is not always convenient for travelers, because then they will have to buy multiple tickets and spend a lot of time on everything from travel to passport control and waiting between flights. In addition to the basic ticket, you will have to buy a ticket for the bus (within 400-700 rubles) and coupons for the ferry.

A trip from Yekaterinburg

sostavy iz Ekaterinburga

Tourists, who decided in the warmer time to visit popular resorts, reach the Peninsula by train for 65 hours. For this you need to get in and out in Krasnodar (the fare is 5 000 rubles) or Anapa (4 500 p), and then take a bus going to the ferry. Next, trip will occur on the standard itinerary of tourists take in the port of Simferopol.

The trains start from the station of Yekaterinburg up to 5 times per day – the number of trips depends on the time of year and the demand for such a route. In the summer season for the convenience of additional trains. Subsequent travel by regular buses can take 7 to 11 hours, so the whole road in General takes 2-3 days.

The journey from Novosibirsk

Trains from Novosibirsk, next to the Peninsula, are exclusively from late April to late September, but their ultimate point of arrival is the station of Krasnodar. Train depart from Novosibirsk at 10:42, guests staying 3 days at 14:19 – travel time takes about 75 hours, and they run once a day. Directly from the station is considered a popular standard route – the bus to the ferry.

A single ticket

In order to simplify the journey to Crimea from Russian cities and also give the opportunity to tourists to save time and money, the company RZD has introduced a "Single ticket".

What is it and what are the benefits?

The service "one ticket" – a convenient chance to travel to the Peninsula not only rare trains from the capital, but also by trains from major cities of the country.

Advantage travel is the lack of unnecessary worries, but also quick access to the popular resorts of the Crimea.

chto takoe edinyj bilet?

Trains and buses at this rate, bring tourists to the popular resorts of the Peninsula. Its use is incredibly convenient, especially if any of the passengers are children, and during travel will have to stop to change the transport.

This service works in the following scheme: you must purchase a regular ticket from the designated route and to the end point (Anapa or Krasnodar). Then within the specified period to take in the car. On arrival, as well as for all transfers, the coordinators will help with further orientation.

"Single ticket" appeared relatively recently, but immediately began to enjoy great popularity. In the rate made from all payments, including, for train tickets, bus, ferry. Therefore, if you use this service, you will not have to pay for everything separately and reconcile the way.

The advantages of this service are obvious:

  • The ability to purchase online;
  • Significant time savings – all arrivals docked;
  • The ability to choose the location in the transport;
  • The tariff included baggage (up to 36 kg);
  • The company representatives guide throughout the way.

Thus, this service has become a great alternative, applicable to all modes of transport to the Crimea, providing the travelers a smooth journey in wagons, on ships to the island and, of course, on the bus.

How to buy?

This service is issued when you purchase a General admission ticket at the cashiers, as well as intravel agencies or online. It is necessary to define the time, choose "Route with stopovers" to watch a convenient place to enter personal details and pay for your purchase. A properly executed card, you must print out and present it when boarding.

If you do not have a printer, then all the important information saved on the phone and also present it.

How much is it?

The cost of the service is formed based on route, date of travel and the comfort of the car. Dynamic pricing and the costs become known only at the time of purchase.

Roughly, price from Moscow to Anapa – 3 T. R., St.-Petersburg to Anapa is 4 T. R. from Moscow to Krasnodar – 3 p m., and from St. Petersburg to Krasnodar – 4 Tr transfer by bus from Anapa and Krasnodar will cost 500-700 RUB and RUB 600-820 respectively.

Other ways to get to the Peninsula

inye varianty puteshestviya

Since Crimea is an incredibly popular trend, and its popularity is steadily increasing, there are many options to reach a desired resorts.


The air gates are located in Simferopol. For several years the terminal has expanded considerably and is ready to accept a large number of flights, especially in summer season. On its territory are planes such major airlines like S7 and Aeroflot, VIM-Avia, Rossiya, Orenburg airlines, Globus.

Aircraft depart from major cities, especially from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Ufa, and Chelyabinsk, Volgograd, Saratov, Krasnodar, Pskov, Cherepovets, Izhevsk and terrible.

Personal transport

A very popular trip. This method allows to adapt the schedule and to follow their own route. To be on the Peninsula, the driver should go from Moscow on the M4 or from St. Petersburg by M10 to Moscow, and then through Voronezh, Rostov-on-don and Novosibirsk to Kerch.

For motorists in port of Kerch has its own entry in the index "seaport".

Before the tickets for the ferry can be bought only at the place that created the global traffic and long waits. Now their purchase can be done in online mode.

By bus

From Moscow and several cities of Krasnodar region sent regular buses under the scheme of "bus-ferry-bus". The convenience is that the cost of the ferry ticket is included in the total price, and tourists at each point meet the coordinators, helping to navigate the place.

On the water

Those who decided to get to the Crimea by water, you should know that a passenger vessel from Kerch depart every hour and the journey time is approximately 40 minutes. But this method is not the only way to the Peninsula are catamarans from Anapa to Yalta and Feodosia.

Thus, to reach by train or any other transport to the Crimea fairly easily, and with the introduction of "one ticket" and other advantages, it can be much easier and more profitable.

See this video tips on traveling to the Crimea by train: