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How to buy a plane ticket over the Internet cheap discounted and where?

Kak kupit bilet na samolet cherez internet?

The pace of life dictates its own rules, and the modern technologies give unlimited possibilities to solve many problems without leaving home. You are going on a business trip, on vacation? You value your time and don't want it to waste? You prefer the speed, comfort and convenience? Then purchase tickets via the Internet is very important for you. How to buy a plane ticket through the Internet, read on.

Search tickets on the Internet

Looking for tickets on the airline's website

The Internet provides a number of services that facilitate the search, booking and purchase of plane tickets from different companies. First of all, on the websites of the companies-carriers, there are search engines that help to solve the problem of ticket purchase. But in this case you need to know exactly which airline can take you to the desired place in the world at the best price.

On the main page any airline has a flight search. Simple technology fill the signs with the airport of departure and arrival, date of departure and return, as well as the number of passengers and children is available to any client. Fill in the required parameters, you can click "SEARCH".

In the resulting list of flights price of tickets, you can choose the option that suits you at the price and time of departure, arrival, and then proceed to booking.

What is needed for booking?

  1. Passport data
  2. Bank card for payment
  3. E-mail address where you will receive your electronic ticket

Don't forget to print the ticket and receipt and bring them with you to the airport.

By the way, many sites of the airlines have online check-in. It is very convenient for hardworking businessmen.

Looking for tickets via search tickets

Available on the Internet search engines, for example, Aviasales or OZON.travel that help independent travelers to find not only cheap flights, but also book a hotel or rent a car. Typically, these search engines do not sell tickets, but only search, and the cheapest tickets and redirects to the airline or online Agency for booking and purchase, which is very convenient!

Quite a popular search engine for cheap tickets is Aviasales. This search engine performs monitoring of tickets in 220 countries of the world among the most lucrative offers from 728 airlines. Search through Asiasales find the most attractive offer.

How does Aviatars?

Step 1

Ticket search does not need special knowledge and superinstructions. Everything is very simple. First, the entire text Asiasales in Russian. Convenient enough interface, links and tips. On the main page in the sign enter installation data:

  • Airport of departure
  • The airport of arrival
  • Date of departure
  • Return date
  • The number of passengers, children

kak kupit bilet na samolet deshevo

Pressing the "Find tickets", you start finding tickets for selected dates and destination. Despite the fact that the monitored information to over 40 agencies, five major reservation systems and 728 airlines have to wait long. After 20 seconds, the search result looks like this:

Step 2

For detail search, you can additionally specify the class of travel (business class or economy), and the presence or absence of a transplant. By the way, if you are concerned about the problem of how to buy a cheap plane ticket, these settings will help you to find the cheapest tickets.

Flights in economy class and transfers is much cheaper than direct flights in business class.

kak kupit bilet na samolet so skidkoj

You should pay attention to the tab "Calendar of low prices". Here you can find the lowest prices on tickets for selected destinations. You might have to adjust the duration of the trip. If you are satisfied with the price, time of departure, flight conditions (direct or indirect), then you can press "Buy ticket". Redirected to a partner site.

Step 3

Now you can start ticketing. You have to fill in information about the passengers:

  • Name
  • Floor
  • Age
  • Passport data

gde kupit bilety na samolet

You can also select in-flight meals. Airlines provide a selection:

  • Vegetarian
  • Asian
  • Children
  • Kosher and many other options

Step 4 - pay the ticket

It is proposed to introduce a credit card:

  • Map view
  • Card number
  • Name card holder
  • The period of validity (month, year)
  • CCV code
  • The name of the Bank

That's why before booking and payment at hand for you except the passport must be a Bank card. That's all! Now, you can press the button "PAY" and wait for email receipt of the electronic ticket.

Be sure to printa ticket and bring with you to registration at the airport.

Airlines are discounts!

Of course, that any traveler interested in minimizing costs for tickets, accommodation, meals. Because then there is more money on excursions, Museum visits, shopping. So the question is, how to buy a plane ticket with a discount is very relevant.

First of all, you should know that any airline with the aim of attracting passengers is developing its pricing policy, using a flexible system of discounts. Most popular discounts for passengers. Almost all airlines have such discounts to the base price of tickets, differing only in the amount of interest. On airport fees and taxes discounts do not apply.

Airlines provide passengers with:

  • Discount for a child. Toddlers up to two years old can fly free or for 10% of the cost of an adult ticket. Children under 12 receive a ticket discount which can be up to 50% (each company has its own tariff);
  • Student discount (most popular). With a student ID you can get up to 30% discount from the base cost of the ticket;
  • Youth discount. Provided to young people 12 years and older. The upper age limit for different airlines varies from 21 years to 27 years. Discount ranges from 10% to 25%;
  • Discounts for pensioners. Some airlines provide up to 25% discount on tickets to people of retirement age at presentation of the pension certificate;
  • Quite original spousal discount. On its European routes and flights to Turkey, you can find form of discounts. It can benefit the couple traveling together in one class. As a rule, offer a discount on a flight in business class and it is up to 25%;
  • School discount for organized groups of schoolchildren. It is up to 30%.

It should be noted that airlines often hold different promotions and discounts on tickets. The active traveler will always have time to catch a cheap ticket because he knows how to find an attractive option:

  • Discounts for early booking
  • Discounts on inconvenient flights (very early or night)
  • Remains of tickets for Charter flights
  • In the "low" season
  • At the weekend
  • When flights connecting flights

As soon as there is action at the airline, attractive prices displayed on the websites of search engines. Do not neglect the tab "Calendar of low prices", which is available in all search engines. In the calendar you can see the lowest prices per month and, accordingly, to adjust their departure and arrival. Savings can be up to 50%. A very nice bonus.

If you have the opportunity to pre-plan their trips, the system of early booking – what you need. Many major airlines already for six months are starting to book the flights at very low prices. Where to buy plane tickets? For example, Lufthansa, Airberlin offer airline tickets on the route Moscow – Berlin – Moscow for 5499 rubles; Moscow – Dusseldorf – Moscow for 6949 rubles. Airline EasyJetperforming mainly flights to London tickets Moscow – London for 30 euros.

Attention! Discounts apply only to base rate. Specify rules for the refund of tickets in case you will take advantage of the discount. Repayment terms can be very tough.

6 reasons to look for cheap airline tickets through Aviasales

  1. Convenient interface
  2. The maximum number of airlines
  3. Quick search
  4. Selection lowest prices
  5. Free use online and without registration
  6. Optional hotel reservation

The Aviasales site: go

How to return the tickets purchased through the Internet?

Return the unused ticket and in return the money only if the ticket is not flagged “NON REF”. This mark means that it cannot be returned and no refunds. As a rule, such restrictions the airline imposes for cheap tickets sold for the action at a special rate and discounts. However, this ticket can be exchanged for another flight.

Remember! The less time before departure, the higher the Commission the airlines and lower the amount of the refund.

To return e-ticket should contact the airline or the Agency where it was purchased.

Buy cheap tickets online and fly worldwide!