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How to get a visa to the Czech Republic independently, you can arrange it correctly

Kak poluchit vizu v CHehiu samostoyatelno?

Visa to the Czech Republic in one of two global modes: with tourist companies or on your own. The Embassy of the Czech Republic recommends not using the services of various intermediaries – the last time the cases of the negligent attitude of the staff of such organizations to their duties. So how to get a visa to the Czech Republic on their own, without getting into invisible traps and legal document delay?

General rules

The first thing to do is determine the purpose of the trip to the Czech Republic. Options can be set: treatment, work, sports, tourist, educational process. This decision depends directly on the chosen type of the visa (short term, long term). The visa is made at the visa application centers, embassies or consulates. To apply, in most cases, must be present. In particular embodiments, the variant of the visa power of attorney (notarized). The validity of the statements, to 180 days.

You need to be prepared for additional expenses. The first – a mandatory fee of $ 35 (regular filing of documents), 75 Euro (urgent). If you are going to use the services of visa center, cook an additional 1,000 rubles to pay for his services.

Standard term of consideration of the application – no more than 7 working days. In case of an urgent application is 3 days. In some situations (e.g., when additional verification of information), the review period may be extended up to 30 days.

Types of visas

All kinds of Czech visas can be divided into two groups: short and long term.

Long-term visa is necessary for people whose work is connected with long stay in the country. This can be a training or employment contract. To obtain such a visa must provide proof of the need for long-term residence in the territory of the Czech Republic.

, it is also the tourist visa allows you to enter the country for 180 days from

the date of issue. This person may not be within the Czech Republic more than 90 days. The same visa is issued for students, if their period of training does not exceed the same 90 calendar days.

There are single and multiple short-term visa. When the person issues a visa for the first time – he is likely to issue a document with the possibility of a single entry.

If you have a good Schengen visa history, it is likely the registration of a multiple entry visa (duration – 1 year).

Note that in count-only visas (and without disabilities) in the European state. The entrances to the state outside of Schengen is absolutely not taken into account.

Multivisa in the Czech Republic opens great opportunities of traveling to other Schengen countries. After visiting the Czech Republic, of course.

There is a possibility to enter the territory of the Czech Republic without receiving a visa of this country. You can use the fact that the country is part of the Schengen Union. The presence of a multiple entry visa for any other Schengen countries, will allow to go anywhere in the Czech Republic. The main thing that was the point of entry of the "other countries". Otherwise, it can be interpreted as a violation of the visa regime.

Kak sdelat vizu v chehiu samostoyatelno?

The order of registration of visas

How to make a visa to the Czech Republic by yourself? A brief design looks like this:

  • Gathering information about the necessary documents.
  • The preparation of the documents. Starting with the income statement and ending with photos. More details about the documents.
  • Completion of the interview. Take all the documents and go to the interview. If everything was done according to instructions, it is likely that this will end.

Not always there is a possibility of submitting documents in person. For these purposes, there are three types of mediation:

  • Through a close relative. It is necessary to present a document confirming kinship. To this category belong: the official husband or wife, children, parents, grandchildren, grandparents.
  • Through a Trustee. Method is available if you have already been in the Schengen countries. The original power of attorney must be notarized.
  • Through a corporate representative. As in the previous case, your representative will need the original and a copy of your power of attorney.

What do people who have bad visa history? For the first time – nothing to worry about. Quite likely the refusal of a visa due to errors in the documents. To apply for a visa, even with the baggage waiver is not so difficult. The main thing to observe all the rules of registration of documents. For such people, there are small limitations:

  • unavailable a quick visa. Due to the fact that you need more checks;
  • must pass more than 180 days, after the failure of an unsuccessful visa.

Requirements to the documents

The lack of at least one document from the following list may be cause for denial of the visa. For Czech visa you will need:

1. Application form filled by your hand. Allowed to use blue or black pen. Twoor three places will need a signature. When completing this document allowed a record number of errors. About how to fill out a questionnaire, described below.

2. Passport. You also need to make a photocopy of the first page of the passport containing the personal data of the applicant. It is important to remember that the validity of passport must exceed the date of completion of travel for 90 days. It should be at least 2 blank pages in the presence of pasted photos of children from 6 years.

3. Required old passports, if they are not older than three years. Mandatory photocopy of the first page and information about visas.

4. A copy of your passport.

5. Photo. To the photos there are quite strict requirements. Format 3.5x4 cm Look right in the camera. Not allowed to smile, sunglasses or hats. The background is white or bright. The distance from the edge of the top of head to chin is in the range of 28-32 mm. do Not want to print the photo on your home printer. Employees of the Consulate of the Czech Republic is very picky about photo quality.

6. Document certifying the purpose of travel. Options are possible

  • on a business trip. Requires invitation from a business partner. Can be verified by the Police, the aliens or be on the letterhead;
  • internship. Need proof (a copy) and information about a particular place of residence in the country;
  • training or research activities. Important to have a confirmation about the accommodation and the reality of the study or scientific work;
  • sporting or cultural event. Copies of the documents that report the following information: the host country's invitation, list of participants, General information about the planned event;
  • a tourist trip to the Czech Republic. Suitable documents from a travel Agency, hotel reservation, invitation of the receiving party. It is important to understand that often the data are checked and a message about non-existent armor, could seriously damage the likelihood of opening of the visa;
  • the Czech owners of real estate must provide an extract from the cadastre of real estate;
  • treatment in the Czech Republic. The required document from the medical institution of the Czech Republic, confirming the need for the provision of medical services. The document must report length of stay in the country and projected cost of treatment;
  • children can visit their parents, living permanently in the Czech Republic, with the presentation of the document. You also need an invitation;
  • the founders of legal persons can obtain a visa on the basis of an extract from the commercial register.

gde oformit vizu v chehiu

7. Health insurance. It shall indicate the name and surname of the insured. The validity must cover the duration of the visa. Coverage area – the whole Schengen area. The amount of the coverage should start from 30 thousand euros, this should be an organization that covers all the costs that will arise as a result of health problems of the insured person.

8. Proof of financial solvency. Suitable extract from any of the Bank accounts of the applicant. The document should reflect that the account at least 3 months. The minimum possible amount from 1010 CZK / day (if trip duration up to 30 days) before 38380 90 days of stay. Citizens who are under the age of 18 years, must have twice smaller sums. That is, 19190 CZK 505 and appropriately.

9. The applicant must be able to confirm the itinerary. Suitable tickets or tickets for other kind of transport. When traveling your own car may be required: copy of registration certificate of the vehicle and driver's license. If the machine is leased, a contract.

10. If the person uses the services of the visa center, you must consent to the processing of personal data. Represents a special form that is available on the website of the visa center.

For granting visas to children required a similar list of documents. With the difference that the application form filled by the parent or guardian. Also need 3 additional documents:

  • if the child travels abroad by himself or with only one parent, that requires special consent (notarized) on departure of the child abroad. If one of the parents is absent (death, missing) – need the appropriate document. The type of help depends on the individual case;
  • birth certificate;
  • you have a valid visa of the parents, it is necessary to add copies of certain pages of the passport with the relevant information.

Questionnaire: fill

Form must not contain erasures and corrections. If somewhere there was a mistake – better to print the form again. Basic rules for the filling:

  • it is best to use a ball-pen, blue or black;
  • it is advisable to write in block letters;
  • counts 1, 3-5, 13-15 will be filled according to the passport;
  • dates are written in the format DDMMYYYY. For example, 10.10.2015;
  • addresses are expressed in English or in transliteration. Order recording information: apartment, street, house number, city, country;
  • contact telephone numbers are written in international format.

Here are some of the most problematic sections of the application form:

graph 21 - the purpose of the trip. Mark "tourism" is notyou should if you plan on living with friends or by invitation. Also the trip to the resort is not "treatment". Is tourism. "Cure" occurs only when there is the required document from the health authorities of the Czech Republic;

graph 22 - the country of destination. No options Czech Republic (CZE);

graph 23. Here you should indicate the country through which you will cross the border. That is, if you ride the bus in transit through Poland, you should specify it;

graph 25 – the exact number of days of stay in the Czech Republic;

graph 31 – you need to specify information about the family member that sent the invitation or the details of the hotel;

32 count – empty if you are going for a holiday vacation. If it's work – information about the company that invited the applicant.

Options for unemployed or pensioners

There are several categories of the population who are unable to submit a certificate of their income. This could include children, students, Housewives, pensioners, people that work but are not officially employed. In such cases this will be one of the following documents (for each category of citizens): extract from Bank account; pension certificate; in case of sponsorship statement of his Bank account and the statement of the sponsor. Usually the sponsor is a close relative. Because the necessary proof of kinship. Instead of a Bank account statement, you can submit a certificate from the place of employment. Importantly, the document confirms the solvency of the sponsor.

kak oformit vizu v chehiu samostoyatelno

Common questions and answers

How to apply for a visa to the Czech Republic alone can help a list of common questions and answers.

V. Since July 2013, introduced new rules of entry to the Schengen area. Is this true?

A. Yes. Now the validity of the passport of the person that wants to enter the Czech Republic (as one of the Schengen countries), must be at least 3 months of the date of completion of travel of any type.

Q. My name has changed. Can I use the old passport.

A. No. Need to apply for a new passport.

Q. is it Possible not to go over the paperwork of the visa application centre?

A. Yes. There is possibility of delivery of such documents within Moscow with the help of Fox Express.

Q. I read somewhere information that the visa fee depends on the period of validity of the visa. Is this true?

A. No. The visa fee has a stable price – 35 or 70 euros (for expedited processing)

V. Visa already obtained, but I booked another hotel. If somebody needs this report?

It is Very desirable to notify the Consular Department of the Embassy in writing.

B. I Have a current visa to one Schengen countries, but it is over the limit of entries. Can I get another and a Czech visa?

A. No. Only for the period after its expiration. During the active visa travel in Schengen countries closed to you.

V. Express visas in any visa application centre?

A. No. Only in Moscow.

V. how much time is better to start to deal with the issue of a tourist visa to the Czech Republic?

A. it is best for 3 months. Documents best served within 15 days.