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Tips on how to travel without money, hitchhiking across Russia and Europe

Kak puteshestvovat avtostopom?

The country is beautiful and unique, something unique, and something completely unique. Somewhere perfect to relax with children, and in another place, the rest literally created for couples.

But there is one unique place where all love to relax, because recreation is diverse, which means every man for himself until the perfect time.

So we talk not just about Russia, but about how to hitchhike and how will this holiday.

It should be said that the country is literally designed for this area and like adventure. Of course, this and the type of travel is not for everyone, but those who dare will never regret. It is only important to know the specifics of this method and understand that it is not always simple and safe.

What is "AutoStop"?

This word appeared not so long ago, only in the 70s of the 20th century, when people began not just to think about traveling long distances, but also about the economy. This method is more interesting and largely economical. After all, you are not required funds for the journey.

This word implies not just savings, and the minimum amount of money. You will forget about what the train, but learn what vehicles.

Be it any can, after all, know in advance about what you will move is impossible. Sometimes it happens, sometimes a tractor, a bus, anything. In this lies the main intrigue, you go to a certain place, but how this is done remains a mystery.

The secret is that you never know how long you will wait for their companions. In these travels there are no rules, time constraints.

You are free like a bird and thus should never despair. The word itself is already a hint that the stop may not be everything, but because your journey might last much longer than you dreamed:

  1. Sometimes you walk, sometimes you can go ultra-modern car – ahead you will find many interesting...
  2. Your path will not be easy, it will be different.
  3. You will meet many incredible people, hear different stories, stories and even legends.
  4. You will discover a completely different side of traveling, which simply could not know.

The path to savings

As mentioned before, hitchhiking is the first step to saving. It is based on the fact that "good people" to help you.

You simply move forward to the target, and companions take you to the right place. A feature of these trips is that they are all different, repetitions are not. This reason and attracts more followers.

Interesting is the fact that among the "autotoolset" there are many famous and wealthy people. It's not just a trip, it is a special drive, which gives pleasure and positive emotions.

Where and how to travel?

No specific country, city and region – hitchhiking is possible to do good always. You yourself are the leader of your tour, you can change it if need be. This "loose" type of movement gives you complete freedom.

Of course, more difficult to go from one country to another, but it is not a barrier. Equally exciting may be for you hitching a ride on Russia, which will be remembered accurately.

Compare it with other countries does not make sense, because Russia is special in everything. Very often on country roads you can meet foreigners who have chosen this route, there are those whose road runs along the borders of our Motherland.

Why did Russia?

Because for you to open a variety of routes, because this path is unique, it is unique and unrepeatable.

Should start with the fact that Russia is a country with a very interesting history of formation and development, which is reflected in everything.

Any sphere of life has unique facts, in which you can find the most interesting stages of development. If we talk about architecture , she often tells tourists about who rules and when literature can tell everyone about the most interesting love stories of the country.

Here, every landmark, every building, everything matters. So before you travel it is important for you to know as much information as possible about those places where you plan to go.

After all, the essence of hitchhiking is not only how to move, and to reach the most interesting places, to have time to see everything.

Russian tourists have always been called different, because it is diverse. Each city may be of interest to the traveler, so it is very important to study the route of his journey.

As a traveller wishes to experience the freedom, in Russia this would be just, because it is manifested in everything, in life and even traditions.

No less interesting for travel by hitchhiking and the geographic locationthat is truly unique. In fact,it is the geographical position is the main factor for traveling to such a remote, but very interesting places. We consider the most interesting routes.

Everyone chooses his way!

The correct and proper decision before the trip is to identify your way. Using the Internet to do it just because a traveler should always have a map.

The path is defined simplybecause you choose the main points on the map. Perhaps you love the fresh air and the beauty of nature, as if suddenly like the warm sea, then the card will be different.

You can start the road from the very center of Moscow or to a place where they live. So your journey starts with the cards.

What is important to know?

No one has repealed rules of safety, so you need to equip your backpack with the most necessary and important things. However, he should not be overfilled and heavy, it should not be forgotten.

Of course, the exact list, but there are a lot of tips from those who have already traveled this way. So we will talk about those tips that can be useful.

The most important thing – a backpack. Please note that this is not a suitcase or a bag that is durable and reliable backpack. There are different opinions on size, but all agree that the volume should not exceed 35 litres.

So try the alternative that has this indicator, then he will not become your burden, and will guide you. If such thing you have not yet acquired, then you need to buy the model that has a special strap on the back, it serves as an additional element of your comfort. Simple item will help you to protect your lower back from stress, so keep in mind this tip.

Clothing and shoes. Rule one – take what you will be comfortable. In this case, it is desirable to check the weather for a given period of time.

Sneakers – the perfect shoes, and jeans or tracksuit is the most appropriate clothing. Well, if you can take two types of clothes, because no one is immune from rain or bad weather, so changeable variant of the basic clothing needs to be.

All clothing must be visible, bright and colorful. Experienced travelers say that the t-shirt with the image of the flag of his homeland will be a good item of clothing because your countrymen will gladly accompany you and drive to your desired location.

We must not forget that in all the clothes have to be specially sewn protective reflective stripesthat will make you visible on the road.

Sleeping bag and Mat: the "pros" and "cons"

Mat - this thing is very necessary always and in all situations and no matter whether you have organized a trip backpacking through Europe or other areas, it will always be useful. Might have to sleep under the open sky, or are you just tired in the way – it will be indispensable, so it is a key element of your main things.

The second thing is the sleeping bag. It is also extremely necessary. Do not count on that will spend the night in a decent place, everything can be different.

Headdress - it is inevitable, therefore, be it Panama, cap or bandana – it's just you.

Household chemicals

And it is also very necessary in the way. Does not make sense to take litre bottles of shampoo and stock up on soap, all you will be able to buy more if the need arises.

Small jars, a small tube of toothpaste and one bar of soap – that's enough for the first time. The sponge is also a necessary thing, don't forget to grab her.


This is the most important thing that should be with you. The passport is obliged to be always with you. No matter you are traveling in their home country or outside their home city is the only document which proves the identity.

Take care where going to store, a backpack is not the best place. Chest inner pocket perfect place. It is best to find a sealed bag with latch, which will protect it from getting wet and, consequently, moisture.

Whether to take a right? Most likely, they will not be useful.

The money issue

Do not believe what the person who travels by hitchhiking, no money with me. They need to be, may it be 100 or 200 dollars, but you need them.

To predict the course of events is impossible, so change them into small denominations and use in the case of need. To rely on luck is not worth it, so try to be practical.

The emergency reserve may be you don't use, but it will give you some confidence. If you risk to travel without money, tips for you there are a few others.

The main one is to multiply your estimated journey time is two, because the cases are different. This rule applies more often when you choose little busy roads, where transport is extremely rare. After all, if you don't help, then the help may not come in time.


He needs you! Of course, the question about how often you will be able to charge open, but you are not recommended to be cut off from communication with family and friends. It is important to make sure that it was loaded and to remember that before the trip is necessary to recharge.

Without a first aid kit andmedications no step!

The cornerstone of any camping equipment – first aid kit. To fill it you need that makes sense to take with you. Usually is the standard package, which includes:

  • bandages, adhesive tape;
  • brilliant green, iodine, hydrogen peroxide;
  • aspirin or analginum;
  • no harm can be in the path of the common antibiotics spectrum of activity.

All other medicines important supplements you should form with regard to personal individual characteristics.

And what about food?

This question worries everyone, because without sandwiches to do is difficult. You need a lot of energy, so the reserves you need. To travel by hitchhiking through Europe was not a problem for you, you can take something less dangerous and not so perishable.

Probably the way you'll meet lots of good people who wish to not only take, but also to treat. Also you can visit many of the places where you will be able nice to have Breakfast or lunch.

But you must reserve. Quite a good food product can be nuts, cheese or chocolate. But again, all this is only the first time.

The most important

For each person who chose a hitchhiking trip, it is important to remember the rules of behavior on the road. Among them, of course there are traffic rules for pedestrians, which everyone knows. But there are those that have been created by experienced travellers.

In addition to all other there is one rule, and it relates to the stage as to be able to catch the car. This question is the most important because it is the key to your successful journey.

So remember:

  1. Hand is raised up is the main indication that you are a traveler. If the finger is either hand raised up all the driver aware that you are looking for help. This is a special gesture that informs and that serves as your main assistant in the way. All other gestures are incorrect, so you need to remember.
  2. Stand still or move is a major dilemma. Therefore, always choose the option that suits you. But do not forget that standing in one place, you will notice the transport much faster.
  3. Most often, you will become a companion for truckers, because they move in most of the cases in the desired directions, because they're going towards the big cities.
  4. Not always caught by the machine would be appropriate forsomeone to ask for money, sometimes are not the best company for moving, so you need to be ready for anything. If you see that something does not suit you, do not be afraid not to find another option, no need to spoil your holiday and make it harder. Polite farewell and search for the following transportation – optimal solution.

About how to behave with fellow travelers

So the next thing to remember is how to behave with those who support you. It is important to remain decent and not only thank, but try to pay close attention.

There are people who love to talk, so you must listen and have in stock some interesting history. To smoke in the car without permission, and especially to be rude – is strictly prohibited!

We remind you that in all circumstances travel by hitchhiking in Russia is exciting and interesting, partly unsafe, extreme and very sparingly. So measure your fears – and decidewhether is for you the meaning of this trip.