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How to pass and return e-train ticket purchased on the website of the Railways?

kak sdat elektronnyj bilet na poezd, kuplennyj na sajte RZHD?

E-tickets implemented by Russian Railways are popular because of the ease of choosing seats and simple procedure of purchasing. But what if the ride breaks down, changing its timing, menu, order mistakes were made or there are other important reasons to pass the tickets?

Nowadays client do not have to go to the train station and take the ticket to the cashier, refund of electronic ticket via the Internet using a computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

The conditions of return of the electronic ticket is somewhat more difficult than acquiring it, but they are easy to understand.

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The rules of the Railways for the refund of e-tickets

trebovaniya Rossijskih ZHeleznyh Dorog k vozvratu

When you return the tickets purchased electronically, there are many nuancesassociated with the timing of the refund, class and direction of trains, which carried purchase of the ticket.

When you receive a paper copy of the boarding pass and the passage of electronic check, the refund is made solely at the ticket office of the station. Otherwise, you can return the ticket in the box office, and electronically. If desired, the electronic registration can be cancelled in menu order, which is made on the Railways website or other online services to purchase tickets via the Internet.

In international trains

Rules of refund of e-ticket trains in international class depends on several conditions:

  • Of destination;
  • Return period;
  • From having passed the procedure of electronic registration or not.

When you return e-ticket on the composition, following on the territory of CIS, Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Abkhazia is governed by the same rules as for domestic flights in Russia:

  1. The refund is available at any time to send part of the station where the passenger boards (electronic registration fails);
  2. Refund is made at least 1 hour before train departure from the starting station (passed e-check).

When returning tickets for trains of the international message, with the exception of the above options, the following rules and limitations:

  • You can refund a minimum of 6 hours before departure of train from passenger's boarding station (e-registration not passed);
  • If the registration return is at least 1 hour to send from the starting station and not less than 6 hours from the station departure.

Electronic registration on the website may be withdrawn for this purpose on the website in the order form click the corresponding icon "Cancel register".

The amount of refund depends on the time of registration of delivery of the e-ticket and travel destination.

If the passenger received a paper copy of the registration train international destinations, the refund is made solely at the ticket office of the station.


Claim a refund of an electronic ticket is performed in the following cases:

  1. Missed the train for a period of less than 12 hours;
  2. Late train up to 5 days for a valid reason (illness) with the necessary help;
  3. Appeals to the cashier station lessthan 1 hour before departure of the train.

rekvizity dlya pretenzii

For registration of claim of refund must provide:

  • A written application for refund;
  • A certificateconfirming the cause of the delay;
  • The original and the copythe passport and the additional document;
  • Indication of way to transfer the refund amount (credit card number or other details).

Provided the cashier a receipt for the refund and the claim is sent by mail notice to the address of the station.

You can file a complaint within 6 months from the moment of departure, which seems the ticket. The decision to return is taken by the company Railways in the period up to 1 month, in case of positive decision the funds are returned within 6 months.

High-speed trains and cars upgraded

The refund is carried out on all passenger and Express trains domestic and international connectivity. From high-speed trains of the international class and luxury carriages, there are the following nuances of a return ticket:

  1. It is impossible to bring back 1 ticket purchased from a compartment on the train "Sapsan" and "Allegro", the refund shall be made for all 4 or 2 issued ticket in the compartment;
  2. In the coupe class "luxury" for international trains will only accept returns of all purchased tickets in it;
  3. Return tickets in cars of the premium class (the"soft car") is carried out for all the redeemed in the compartment space.

In addition, because the fare consists of the ticket price and price of a reserved seat, depending on the repayment period varies the amount of money returned to the buyer's account. Reserved seat — the right to use the car, its cost is not included payment locomotive traction and other charges. As soon and the company trains the price of berth above, the sum differs for the tickets returned less than 8 hours before departure.

How to return online?

kak vernut dengi cherez internet?

Refund of tickets through the Internet site is only possible if you have not received a paper copy of the electronic ticket.

If a paper registration form on the train received, the refund and exchange is only possible at the ticket office of the station.

Replaceable travel document

In an electronic exchange is the procedure of refund of the old ticket and buy a new one. The direct exchange of e-ticket is only possible at the box office, there are the following rules for exchange:

  • Charged Commission in the amount of 127 rubles for each ticket;
  • Does not change the conditions of the ticket (same destination and place of departure, the same buyer, the car is owned by a single owner and so on);
  • Commissions and fees paid when the ticket is purchased electronically, will not be returned;
  • Money for the new tickets should be paid in full, money for old tickets will be returned to the Bank card later.

In case if the specified conditions are not suitable, the buyer should issue the refund and purchase the new electronic or conventional paper ticket.

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Step by step instructions on the website of Russian Railways

Return tickets with a single electronic registration is possible, at least 1 hour before train departure from the starting station. When making a refund, you should perform the following actions on the website rzd.ru:

  1. To log in your personal account, which should be recorded when the ticket is purchased;
  2. Click on the icon "My orders" or by his name;
  3. In the menu "My orders" to find the e-ticket (tickets) should be returned;
  4. Click the icon "Request status";
  5. Click the dropped button "refund";
  6. algoritm na sajte

  7. Carefully read the information, which will indicate the amount to be refunded, select an icon "Yes";
  8. Status of ticket is changed to "Status: ready return";
  9. When you click on the icon "Coupon return" appears in the electronic version of the coupon that should be printed out and stored until the moment of transfer of money resources on the Bank card.

Note that to return the ticket on the website if not received a paper registration form at the ticket office or self-service terminal. Otherwise, you should contact the box office return.

The algorithm on the resource tutu.ru

For refund of ticketspurchased through the website tutu.rushould go through such a procedure:

  • Go and log in to your account on the website tutu.ru;
  • Click "My orders";
  • Select the ticket you wish to return;
  • To choose the necessary name of the passenger, the refund is carried out;
  • Click the icon "create return".

Further conditions of refundthe electronic ticket is no different from the return ticket on the website of Russian Railways. If you want, you can call the phonenumber listed on the website tutu.ru and ask to opt out of the operator manually.

The recovery process

The mechanism of refund and the amount held by the company Railways of funds depend on the timing of the return, payment methods, and destination (in case of international trains).

Money transfer

Funds returned to the buyer listed strictly in the same way as was paid the ticket. In the case of the purchase of a ticket with a Bank card, the money will be transferred to her.

perechislenie denezhnyh sredstv

When paying for tickets with the help of electronic money services, such as Yandex.Money, WebMoney, PayPal and others, the money is returned in cash at the cash refund or transferred to e-wallet in the period from 10 to 60 days.

What Commission is charged?

When you return the separately calculated value of the ticket and reserved seat. Reserved seat — tariff, it costs from 30 to 90 % of the full cost of the ticket depends on the class of car and is the price for the use of the car, which in normal cases is provided by the contractor and not owned Railways. To know the cost of the reserved place until the return is impossible. Also list the amount depends on the term processing of your return:

  1. 8 hours before departure refunded the full cost of travel (ticket and reserved seat);
  2. Less than 8, but not later than 2 hours before departure, refundable ticket price and 50% cost of the reserved place;
  3. If before departure remains less than 2 hours, it returns only the cost of the ticket.

For any return period you will be charged a fee in the amount of 192 rubles 70 kopecks for each ticket. A refund of the cost of services (bed linen) and the insurance premium are going on in full size.

In addition, a retention fee in the amount of 90 rubles in the electronic online return.

Paid fees Internet partners of Russian Railways authorized for the sale of tickets for rail transportation, was also not returned.

In the long-distance trains to international destinations (foreign countries) must pay an additional fee of EUR 10 for each ticket. The amount is calculated based on the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia in relation to the Euro at the time of return and must be paid in Russian rubles. Full fare (ticket and reserved seat) is returned when making a refund, not less than 6 hours before train departure from the landing of the passenger.

In the implementation of the return tickets of international routes to the CIS countries, Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Abkhazia returning funds in the following amounts:

  • More than 24 hours prior to departure of the train from the starting station — 100% of fare;
  • 6 to 24 hours prior to departure of train from passenger's boarding station — ticket price and 50% cost of the reserved place;
  • Less than 6 hours prior to train departure from the station of departure of a passenger returns only the ticket price, the cost of the reserved place is kept.


A refund to a customer's Bank card is from 5 to 30 days, typically the money is returned within 7-10 days from the time of processing the refund.

Money paid through one of the e-money back to the electronic wallet of the buyer in period from 10 to 60 days from the date of issue of the refund procedure.

If the claim for refund for undelivered tickets term crediting to the banking card of the customer comes up to 6 months from the moment of a positive decision.

See a video clip about the return of electronic tickets: