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How to choose the best suitcase on wheels and which backpacks are of good quality?

kak vybrat chemodan na kolesah horoshego kachestva?

In our world the variety of goods is so extensive, that the eyes diverge before buying any thing. On the shelves many products, both the bad and good quality.

When you are going to travel, then surely the topic of what to bring and how to pack, becoming one of the most important. It is therefore very important to know how to choose a suitcase with wheels good quality.

How to choose a suitcase?

kakoj podobrat?

So, we will help you to Orient correctly and choose the suitable suitcase on wheels, which will become your true friend during the trip.

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The volume and size

Before buying, you need to decide:

  • How many people will use the Luggage;
  • How long you will need it (at what time you travel);
  • Where you go (whether to bring warm clothes).

Now let's introduce you to the type of suitcases:

  1. Small bags ( up to 25 liters, the height is not more than 55 cm);
  2. Average suitcases (volume 25-70 litres, height 55-65 cm);
  3. Large suitcases (volume of 70 liters, a height of 65 cm).

But remember: more is not better! Don't forget: there is such a limitation as one unit of baggage at airports do not exceed the allowable weight of 32 kg. and, a huge suitcase will be uncomfortable to transport.

For the flight the following baggage allowance:

  • Economy class: the size of a suitcase - in the amount of parties - 158 centimeters. Allowable weight of 20 kilograms;
  • Business class: permitted size — 158 cm. Weight 32 kilos.

What should be the wheels?

kakoe kolichestvo koles dolzhno prisutstvovat?

Manufacturers offer us a model with two or four wheels. You should have an idea on what surface will carry your Luggage:

  • For uneven surfaces like sand or gravel suitable two-wheeled suitcase. As you know, roll you will be in a tilted position, so a third of the weight collapses on your hand and the spine. Therefore, a two-wheeled suitcase is ideal for small or medium dimensions;
  • For smooth, flat surfaces you should choose four. However, there is one, but. If you want to drive it on two wheels (in the case of bumps in the road), then you will not succeed, and the movement of Luggage will give you discomfort.

Material wheels will be better than artificial rubber or rubber and wheels made of plastic still cracked and broken.

Do you need a pen?

Handle for suitcase represented at least in three variations: telescopic-extendable, side and top.

obyazatelna li ruchka?

As a rule, careless use of a telescopic handle, the lifting of the suitcase for her and curvature her direction, she would quickly fail. So try as possible to do with thishandle.

It is also worth noting that the extendable handle will last longer if it has fewer joints. That is, it is better to choose a handle with two than with three pull-out sections.

If you have often to lift your Luggage, you should consider the fact that there are handles on the side or top, for which you will hold and transport a suitcase to avoid breakage of the telescoping handle. Plus, the movers won't bother with a telescopic handle, and just kicked out of your suitcase and, probably, something will hurt.

Internal and external component departments and pockets

The internal space can be one or numerous number of pockets. If you have all sorts of small things, it is better to choose a suitcase with various internal departments. Well, if you use vacuum bags, then you can do without pockets. But keep in mind that one little pocket, where to put the little things that can get lost, will not be superfluous.

Exterior pockets provided for, if necessary, to get something not to go inside, and easy to take the right thing. However, it is worth remembering that external pockets a chance to steal becomes more possible. So don't put expensive things.

What kind of zipper to use?

Lightning can be straight or coiled. The first lightning is less reliablethan the second.

The strength of the lightning plays a huge role, as it ensures the safety of your belongings. Well lightning will not disperse nor during transportation or when closing things. Therefore, as mentioned above, choose a spiral zipper.

What combination locks?

prednaznachenie kodovyh zamkov

If your suitcase will be your valuables, you need to buy a suitcase with a security system. There are several options:

  1. The TSA system - if available the suitcase can be opened only by the owner of the suitcase, or security officers using universal tools. This option will be the most reliable for the safety of documents, technology, etc.;
  2. Combination locks - they allow you to install a special combination of numbers. That is, if someone wants to get inside then you need to input the code;
  3. Miniature padlocks - very unreliable and not suitable for high value content.

Best suitcase firms

We have selected for you some firms the Luggage that can afford almost everyone. And most importantly, all of the following brands have good quality:

  • Leading first place for several years, is a firm Samsonite. She remains in first place for several years. Price-matching is present. Prices range from 2990 to 32500;
  • Wide range and flexible price Samsonite are suitable for a broad range of consumers.

    TOP chemodannyh proizvoditelej

  • Second place goes to a German brand Rimowa. This company provides the bags of the highest class. They are common among celebrities. Price range of 23,000 to 69,000;
  • The uniqueness of the nonsense that each suitcase is attached serial number and passport, so the manufacturers control the quality of the product.

  • The third place is occupied by the brand Ricardo Beverly Hills. Although this company is not famous, but she has very high quality products. There is an important parameter - the ratio price-quality. And the price of plastic bags does not exceed 10,500 RUR;
  • Last place is an Italian brand Roncato. Price niche is not high, quality suitcases good. The uniqueness is that the design of the suitcases is quite unusual. You are unlikely to find a similar suitcase. Price range from 4700 to 25500;
  • Well and completes our list of firm in the United States with American Tourister. The firm has won recognition in many countries due to low, affordable prices and good quality. Unfortunately, in the Russian market, the brand is not common. The bulk of American Tourister suitcases of fabric material, so the bags will not protect your belongings from rain and fire.


An important point when choosing Luggage is the material. Today, the market represented a huge number of Luggage of completely different materials.


Models of tissue are a wide variety of designs and large number of pockets. There are several types of fabric, for example, the most common polyester. This is a very budget choice. Well expensive and quality is polyester combined with nylon. This raw material has high wear resistance, long retains the original appearance.

Cleaning a fabric suitcase that is a minus. But fabric bags can be stretched, which increases the volume and is an obvious plus.


plastikovyj material

By far the most durable ismaterial plastic, curv. This material is made from plastic fibers in a special way intertwined.

Curv is exclusive idea of the Belgian brand Samsonit referred to above. But plastic material can stay cracked after an unsuccessful loading.


For the manufacture of suitcases of this kind is used the metal aluminium. Yes, these bags are a little expensive, but they protect your belongings from external influences. Aluminum suitcase will be protected from fire and from shock. On the surface, as a rule, does not remain scratches and cracks. Of course, this suitcase is on wheels, as the weight together with the things is pretty big.


These bags are the most expensive. They need major care. Therefore, any scratch will be visible. Especially if the cargo ribbon at the airport it will be messy to move, changes in appearance can not be avoided. However, you can use special pouches and films for transport.

What types of waikaka there yet?

No less popular are the travel bags for Luggage. Basically, this type of Luggage is used for travel over short distances.

Bag organizer

This is a very necessary thing. So you have a place for every thing and they will no longer fly in space bags.

Of course the material should be waterproof and easy otstiryvaniya (often choose fabric or leather). Well, she must be of good quality, after washing spread on the ropes. Inside preferably the presence of pockets for small items.

Desirable convenient handles for carrying. Though this criterion is not important, but you should pay attention to it. After all, we want comfort.

Bag with handle on wheels is not particularly convenient, as during transport they often fall over on its side. Accordingly, the bag will always be dirty and will quickly lose proper form.

Foldable handbag

skladyvaushayasya sumka

Foldable travel bag is a great option for a short trip. The compact size of the bag allow you to take only the most necessary. But the small format and the opportunity to fold and hide in the closet brings joy to those who ignored the huge store, which occupies a lot of space in transport and hotel.

When choosing, pay attention to the seams. The better the suture, the stronger will be your bag. The fabric needs to be dense - this is also an important indicator of durability.

Such a thing as a foldable shopping bag, also will not be superfluous in your Arsenal. It will come in handy for trips to the store or to the beach. Its purpose, you define yourself.

It is worth remembering that it is not designed for a big weight (2 kg for her is already considered large).

Portfolio for documents

This is a very important detail to create your business image. Therefore, the choice should be approached with the dawn, really.

  • The most important thing - the material. It is best to buy from a genuine leather. Preferably with a thin coating of laminate to protect it from mechanical damage.
  • To a solid image is better to resort to Italian or Spanish manufacturers. Prices have certainly biting, but the quality is at the highest level.
  • Ethically , will look especially pronounced bags without locks and handles. Artsy attachment - a sign of bad taste.
  • Resistance of the enclosure - the size there should fit A4.

Travel with kids

If you travel with children, especially infants, you need to provide them with maximum comfort. For these trips, manufacturers offer many options: for older children - own little suitcase, and for newborns - bags-cots.


chemodanchik dlya rebenka

The vast majority of children's suitcases is that they are miniature size. But a branded luggages - interesting design that will appeal to every child. And with multiple queues at railway stations, airports are designed so that, if necessary, your child could sit on it.

Remember that children's suitcases, miniature. And you will not be able to safely put in whatever we would like. You manage to cram there the only things in need.

If your child is over 6 years then it is better to buy an ordinary adult suitcase.

Well, if you have decided to buy a suitcase intended for a child, here are a few rules:

  1. Decide on the material of the product. Note, the plastic material will not change shape and size no matter how you tried. A fabric suitcase has the ability to change forms. You can increase its size forthrough additional locks and partitions.

    However, the plastic bag much stronger. Children - restless, they will play with this suitcase before losing momentum. And not just sit on it, so strength plastic suitcase reliable;

  2. Keep in mind that in most cases you will have to carry the Luggage. So buy a suitcase with a retractable handle adjusts for convenience for your height and light enough. Or check small handles or straps;
  3. And finally, when choosing the color, shape and other external factors consider the views of the child.

Team cot

Bag-cot easily folds up and you can take it with you: on vacation, in the airport, on the road, on the train, on the beach, in the plane, at the cottage, in the restaurant, guests and nature.

In addition this bed can be used as a bag, where you can put the necessary for baby things - wipes, diapers, clothes and toys.

The bag has a convenient carrying handle in his hand.

When choosing a bag is a crib note:

  • The number of levels in the crib. For the youngest it is desirable to have two levels;
  • The presence of legs or an extra bottom cover to protect from the elements, cold, wind, drafts;
  • The presence of wheels. For easy transport the wheels are;
  • Special supports-stoppersthat will prevent any movement of bags from the movements of the baby;
  • Additional accessories, like a special mattress or a changing table.

Handbag over the shoulder

Shoulder bags are a very handy thing for travelling with a baby on the plane, which will allow you to quickly get the desired object for the child. Whether it be a bottle, pacifier, toy rattle. Most importantly, pay attention to the volume.

Agree, if your bag will be dimension, you will find it easier and faster to get the desired identity.

Choosing the best backpack in the world - female and male

Backpacks for travel, as a rule, have unisex. That is a big difference for men or for women to choose a backpack for traveling there. There is already a matter of taste.

So, below demonstrated the basic criteria for a good backpack. Relying on them, you will be able to purchase goods with a long service life:

  1. The material from which made the backpack should be waterproof. Well and preferably quick-drying;
  2. To achieve the security and content safety it is better to give preference to backpack with two dogs, or as they are called runners, so that they could hang a lock code;
  3. To ensure comfortable wear and reduce the load on the spine, you should choose a backpack with an internal frame. First, the internal frame looks more elegant, and second, the outer is possible for something to cling to;
  4. Padded waistband and padded straps reduce stress on the back. Plus the straps should be from one single piece of material to product to serve you longer;
  5. As for size, it is better to consider a roomy backpack with a volume range from 40 to 70 liters. This is quite enough for all the necessities to the journey.

For Hiking necessarily the presence of a soft belt, which will give you a guarantee that during the different transitions you won't lose your Luggage.

The category "urban backpack" can already be divided into male and female, they have an appropriate design. For both sexes it is better to choose backpacks medium size with a large number of divisions and pockets to the walk, for example, in Europe, it was easy to navigate and get the right thing.

For flight plane you can buy is not too large backpacks with a volume less than 50 liters. So you will be able to carry it with you into the cabin as hand Luggage and certainly be confident in the safety of things.

We recommend you to watch video tips on choosing quality case